Samsung Galaxy S6 Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy S6 Troubleshooting

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  1. when my phone is connected to the Bluetooth device in the car it has a very rough ring and then drops call. the only way I can describe the call is it is “scratchy” have tried it on two different cars where other phones work so I know its not the car system. Have tried rebooting with no luck

  2. I am having an issue with the fast charger adapter. I have two, one that came with the phone and one that I purchased online. The one that came with the phone does not work consistently. Any fixes for this? The charger that I purchased online works consistently but it causes issues with my touchscreen. Using the keyboard while connected to this charger is problematic because when I type one letter it inputs the same letter two or three times (that’s just one example). Any fixes? Thanks for your help.

  3. good morning. wen i log onto skype on my s6 it is always saying updating conversation and thus i cannot have a conversation what can i do?
    also wen on bbm. and i have on the loud speaker the person on the other end cannot hear me

  4. So, i put a fingerprint on my s6 and now it doesn’t recognise it.. and i forgot the backup password too.. what should I do?

  5. After Marshmallow update my phone keeps getting disconnected from my car bluetooth and connects a few seconds later.

  6. I updated my phone Saturday and everything since I’ve no services does anyone know the problem ?

  7. After the latest update to my Samsung Galaxy S6 I can’t connect to the internet without a Wi-Fi connection. Before the update no problem — now a problem.

  8. I recently started having a problem with text messaging on my S6… I am not sure if it coincided with the last update. I have very poor service at home, and when sending texts, I often get a spiral next to the message while it’s sending. Recently, it seems each time I see that spiral, the recipient is getting my messages multiple times… like 4, 5 and 6 times. I am getting this feedback from many people – various carriers. (My carrier is Verizon). It seems like the phone is making several attempts to send the message because of the poor service? I used to just get a “Message failed” notice with a red exclamation point, and would keep re-sending manually until it went through, and the recipient would see the message only once. Now it seems like it’s on autopilot. Is there a way to disable the auto-sending feature? I am annoying the heck out of my friends sending the same messages half a dozen times throughout our conversations!!

  9. how do I stop Samsung gear vr to stop poping up and making my screen go black and cant do anything on it or a couple minutes.

  10. In my new Samsung Galaxy S 6 , I am getting continuously this message Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped and Unfortunately, the process has stopped .Pls help

  11. Hi. I have recently acquired a Samsung S6, 32gig. I don’t know what has happened but I keep getting notifications….just the sound on my phone at random times during the day. I have no clue what the notification is for as nothing is coming up on my panel or top of phone. Please can you help! Thanks

  12. I bought the phone new from dealership yes I’ve dropped it a few times but I have an Otterbox case so that shouldn’t be the problem I hope…’s very frustrating can’t use it very often keeps losing service too ? I’ve Googled n googled lol can’t find help.

  13. The blue light flashes but my phone is like its dead. Used it to send a text. 5 min later I went to check the time and the screen was blank but the blue light was flashing.

  14. Hi Merilee sorry for your bad misfortune.It is very frustating.I am still looking for a fix and will get it to you as soon as i find one.I would like to know did you buy your phone new or used snd have you ever dropped it?I bought mine used on ebay so i don’t know if it had ever been dropped.Makes me a bit upset that the owner did’nt mention the glitch but then dishonest sellers well they are a dime a dozen on ebay.

  15. Hello I’m having the same trouble on my gs6….frustrating I’ve had this cell only two months help me

  16. Hello: I have a new Samsung S6. Upon entering my email address for S Health, I entered an incorrect letter, thus making my email invalid. Also, for any downloading purposes. How can I correct this error, please?


  17. I just found out with the S6 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON ANY NETWORK wi-fi or data to receive texts or calls
    They do have to be only texts -not the super long chatty ones that won’t send on wi-fi just mobile data

  18. Heya, i cant open my fb app on my samsung galaxy 6…it always says ‘unfortunately facebook has stopped’ … it wasnt dowloaded properly as in it didnt sync with any of my contacts or calendar etc. I hsve tried to re-install many times.
    Thank you

  19. My phone will start clicking like crazy and the screen will go small then big then small and so on till i close out all screens.

  20. I have several Bluetooth devices that the S6 can’t seem to find. Namely my Jabra BT2046 headset, my Amazon Echo, and an ION bluetooth speaker. If it were merely old hardware incompatability I get that, but it should at least see the Echo. Any ideas?

  21. I long press on a picture I would lime to save from the Internet and nothing happens. There is not an option to save the picture anywhere. How do I do this?

  22. Hi, I have a galaxy s6 and I need help. My girlfriend has an iPhone 6. Sometimes when she texts me, I get the message. Other times, I get the notification in the lockscreen but when I go to look in my messages it’s not there. And also I never get her messages sometimes. Can you please help me? Thanks!!

  23. Thanks for the suggestion. The problem with this work around is that you now loose notification of any real/unrelated threats. I can’t believe Samsung hasn’t resolved this yet!

  24. Hi, i have the same phone with same problem. I installed package disabler, the free one, from the playstore. Typed in security and disabled the security log agent. So far have not had one security threat warning come up. Hope this helps

  25. My phones been having a problem. Where no matter what app I open. If it’s gallery or messages or just anything on my phone. It automatically sends me to the apool store to download a game or an app. What is going on with this? AT&T has already changed my phone for another one and still doing it. Can you help me out here?

  26. my s6 is not recognising my fingerprint and I can’t remember my back-up password…….help !!!

  27. Hey everyone,
    So I’ve had my phone for a few months now and I just started having this issue a few days ago. I plug in my charger at the end of the day to charge it overnight and about a minute after I plug it in, the phone will either reboot, attempt to reboot over and over but not work, or will just shut down completely. I tried booting in safe mode while on the charge but that still ended up going through its reboot. The phone seems fine when it is not charging, only had this issue while it’s been plugged in. Not really sure what to do from here so I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction.

  28. Not only I am having the mobile data icon disappeared from quick setting. I also have notification reminder failed to work. What more? One of the function in S6 is when the contact is on the display and you put near to your ear, it should call the contact, this function also fail. Phone took 3 hours to charge too. Anyone knows how to solve? Is this another glitch?

  29. Hi. I accidentally set not to allow charges to my GS6 device for messaging. So i cannot access to message anymore. Can anyone help me to enable charges for messaging again?

  30. I got this problem yesterday after my phone hang itself when connected to my car.. Anyone have a solution for this?

    Solution: It´s a software glitch from the latest update of “Samsung TTS”.
    They are working on a hotfix atm. Either you can wait on the hotfix or factory reset your phone and not update “Samsung TTS”

  31. Hi, I’ve had the same problem with the phone not charging and turning on. I even exchanged the phone for another one that came only two days ago. I woke up today and I’m having this problem on a two-day old phone. At this point I think I’ll just get the HTC phone instead. This is my 3rd exchange and I’ve had 3 of the different issues mentioned on your site
    My mobile network with Vodafone disappears when I’m talking on the phone. Also I can’t find the mobile data option at the top of the phone. It’s gone

  32. Hi I’ve had similar problems but mine doesn’t flash. I even got a replacement cos of it and the same thing happened. But I pressed the ‘power, home and volume down key’ simultaneously and it came up with two options, release the keys and just select the volume down key and it’d restart the phone

  33. My data widget in the notification tray has disappeared. I went onto setting to add it back and its not there at all. Tried rebooting device and didn’t work. Any solutions? Thank you.

  34. This morning, I just had my mobile data turn on from quick setting. Now, the icon mobile data disappeared from my quick setting. How to get it back?

  35. Hi anyone here can help me on my Samsung S6? I can’t install the Google Play Services. Unknown error occured during installation. Its error 505

  36. I just recently got an samsung s6 i am current have issue with my phone saying not charging use original charger, and the phone will not be charging or even need to be charged. the screen flashes a few times and then i get a red X over the battery icon at top of screen. And this is happening when it is not charging or needing to be charged.

  37. I’ve got one myself and it is customised to the rafters though don’t get the notification. I would wait till the next security update to see if they really do have a fix. Don’t go back to ios!

  38. Samsung is telling me maybe it was a ‘bad batch’ of phone’s. I’m going to try our 3rd handset tomorrow, if it gets the same notification I’m going back to iPhone

  39. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment. We have also been in touch with the Samsung Knox division that looks after the security aspects and have even gone to the effort to provide them device logs to trouble shoot.

    We were recently advised that they have a fix for this and will release in the next security update…..

    Not sure why they didn’t just give us a “fix” now as we have no idea when the next update is going to happen.

    I thought it might be something to do with email setup of non gmail accounts, but the reality is… So many different apps are constantly pulling intel from our phones. Its just an annoying notification.

  40. -settings
    -lock screen and security
    -screen lock type
    -if you can’t change from fingerprint because it isn’t scanning, it should prompt you for a back up password

  41. I have this same problem on my wife’s phone. A little further information:
    Phonics a white 32 GB S6 Edge
    OS 5.0.2
    Carrier: Telus (Canadian provider)
    I have worked through all of Telus’ trouble shooting; factory reset, deleting 3rd party apps, running in safe mode etc.
    I have even had them exchange the phone for a new one (another white 32gb edge) and i have the same problem.
    Telus says they have never seen this before so i got in contact with Samsung directly they also say they have never seen this before but think it might be one of their factory apps that run in the background. My issues has been escalated to their developers who I’m waiting to hear back from but no one has a solution!
    I’d like to know more about your phone so we can try to get to the bottom of this- if you have a white 32 edge maybe it’s a build issue, if your on Telus maybe it’s part of their bloatware
    Or if you have some how resolved the issue I’d love to know how you did it.

  42. On S6 Edge, Yahoo!Mail is not synching properly with the mail server. Spam messages that I have already marked and deleted on web version show up on my phone. Previously read messages show up as unread and undeleted. Functionality for marking spam is impossibly cumbersome; one has to enter the address yet one cannot copy/paste the address directly from the original email. Help?

  43. I have no idea what happened. My phone suddenly said “No SIM Found” This is the first time I’ve ever seen it and I can’t find anybody who has had the same issue. I checked the SIM and then restarted it. But it didn’t change.

  44. Has anyone had issues with the Device Security? My g/f just got the S6 edge and constantly notifies that a threat is detected and unauthorised actions have been detected, restart the device.

    Scanning the device says no threats found and restarting is only a temporary solution as it reappears every time.

    Any suggestions aside from doing a factory reset?


  45. I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to answer all these questions and extensively go through the device features. I’m relatively adept with tech but get too lazy to go through the whole process of setting up new features on phones, etc. I can’t wait to read through everything you say about the S6, as I’m sure it will be much more succinct (and unbiased) than anything Samsung or Sprint would tell me.

  46. If I use the message+ app and turn off my mobile data, will I get the text’s later after I turn it back on? Or will they just never come in because my data wasnt on when they were sent to me? Orrr will they still come in but through the regular texting app??
    Thank you in advance

  47. Blue LED indicator light continues to blink without messages or notifications. Is there a way to turn this off?

  48. I just received Galaxy S6 and have a problem with connection to mobile network. Connect G3 to TPG service provider for few seconds then drop of service instantly, I could not receive any calls or make. Only few times in last three days managed for few minutes to make very short call .

  49. Anyone have any problems setting up email account? Mine keeps saying ” authentication error ” ?

  50. I have a few blue neon dots on the front camera of my s6 edge. Everytime I try to use the camera, these dots appear. They are also in the photos I take. They appear and then dissappear everyday. Am I the only one with this problem or are there other with it as well?

  51. How to fix the vibration feedback on my gs6 and the and home and menu keys aren’t lighting up please help

  52. I am having issues connecting with mobile data also. How do I fix that? Works fine at home using our wifi. Any suggestions?

  53. I just got the galaxy S6 and it says that facebook and instagram is dowloading but they are already downloading how do i fix that?

  54. I have had mobile data issues (AT&T) with Galaxy S6. Dropped
    Google maps twice today. Checked to see if data worked by using Google to search. Unable to load website.

  55. Hello, i recently buyed samsung galaxy s6 edge and i am having problem with mobile data connection from second day, kindly suggest if some body has solution for this and Wi-Fi is working perfectly.

  56. how to sync facebook photos to samsung galaxy s6 gallery ??? i cant find an option to show phots from facebook in my gallery

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