How To Fix The Vivo Y91 Can’t Send MMS Issue

Vivo Y91 Can't Send MMS

The #Vivo #Y91 is a budget Android smartphone model which was first released in November 2018. It has a solid build quality made of a plastic body and a 6.22 inch IPS LCD screen having a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels. At the back is a dual camera system (13MP, 2MP) while the front

How to fix slow Galaxy S10 5G | fix for slow performance

The Galaxy S10 5G is an amazing device and that’s because it sports the best hardware and software. But just like any top smartphone, it is not perfect and can encounter problems just as easily as even the cheapest phone today. In this troubleshooting episode, we’ll show you the troubleshooting steps that you can take

How To Fix The Oppo A3s Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi Issue

Oppo A3s Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

The #Oppo #A3s is a budget Android smartphone which was first released in July 2018. It has a solid build quality made of plastic with a 6.2 inch IPS LCD screen having a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. At the back is a dual camera system

Dark Mode for Android Auto is finally rolling out

Google revealed early last month that Android Auto would be getting a Dark Mode, but didn’t provide details on when the redesign would be rolling out. Now, users are reporting on Reddit that they’re starting to see Dark Mode hit their Android Auto software. The new redesign is found in version 4.4.592344 of Android Auto. It’s

OnePlus 7 Pro in Almond launches in the UK

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the premium Almond color of the OnePlus 7 Pro, it’s now available to buy, at least in the U.K. The Almond color looks beautiful, giving you a cream-looking body, with golden accents along the frame. As far as specs go, we’re looking at the same thing

FedEx follows Huawei in suing the US government

Huawei Y9 Won't Turn On

Huawei yesterday filed a litigation against the U.S. Department of Commerce due to telecommunications equipment that was never returned, let alone a decision made on it. But now, FedEx is following suit with Huawei, suing the U.S. Department of Commerce for poor Export Administration Regulations (EAR). FedEx says that it puts an “impossible burden” on

Google Duo gets Snapchat-esque features

Google Duo

There are a lot of different apps out there that are copying off Snapchat’s disappearing photo and videos feature. Now, it looks like Google Duo is the latest to join in on the disappearing photo shenanigans. Duo has first and foremost been a video calling app, a la Skype or FaceTime. But now, users will

T-Mobile Reveals Release Date and Pricing for the Galaxy S10 5G

While multiple carriers have already announced release dates for their versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, T-Mobile has been relatively quiet. However, that changes now with the Magenta carrier offering official word on the pricing as well as availability of Samsung’s new 5G capable smartphone. The carrier’s version of the Galaxy S10 5G will

Huawei takes the fight to the U.S. Department of Commerce

It’s no secret that Huawei has been under serious distress after the United States placed the Chinese-based company on a blacklist awhile back. But now, Huawei has filed litigation against the U.S. Department of Commerce for other reasons, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company is already in a lawsuit with the United States

Sony’s Xperia 2 could have the industry’s largest camera yet

Sony’s handsets certainly haven’t been nearly as main stream as Apple, Samsung, or even LG; however, they might be trying to gain new ground with the Xperia 2. A new render of the phone posted online shows the device as featuring six lenses in the camera module. We haven’t seen another mainstream phone do this yet before,

Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s camera will capture more light for better photos

A new report is saying that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is going to get some upgrades in the camera department, actually upgrading the aperture. Ice Universe, a popular Twitter technology leakster, suggests that the Galaxy Note 10 will actually get a three-stage variable aperture of f/1.5, f/1.8, f/2.4. That’s actually a significant upgrade, allowing exponentially