7 Best Free Video Stabilization Software For Windows In 2019

It wasn’t too long ago where creating professional videos was an extremely technical field that required not only years of academia, but tons of experience in film behind someone already weathered in the field. However, while that’s still the case the as far as triple AAA films go, many people are able to create their

Facebook could be working on its very own cryptocurrency

It’s been reported that Facebook is in the process of launching a new cryptocurrency company, referred to as “Libra.” Suspicions regarding what Facebook has been up to began rising last year when it was released that Facebook was collecting data from it’s users. The big question at the time was, “what is it for?” And

7 Best Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallets for Android in 2019

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most talked-about cryptocurrencies in the world, and they are also what cryptocurrency newbies and seasoned veterans alike are most likely to hold for profit and use to make financial transactions. In 2019, there are several excellent Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for Android that allow you to access your digital

9 Best Tablets for Travel in 2019

Tablets are no longer a luxury commodity, thanks to competitively priced offerings available in the market. But what if you’re in the market for a tablet that can easily sustain your endless travels? Well, truth be told, almost every other tablet is designed to travel i.e. offer portability, so while picking out a travel oriented

13 Best Travel and Digital Nomad Laptops of 2019

Laptops as a commodity are necessary for almost every working individual today. While its reliance is not that heavy in underdeveloped regions, it is a crucial accessory for the modern individual. However, as you would know with laptops, not every model is meant to be durable and/or to survive continuous traveling. This is why it

5 Best Printers for Graphic Design in 2019

Graphic design is an intricate process that takes a lot of time and thought. One component that all graphic designers are looking for is a solid printer that can capture all the detail and provide lifelike imagery. However, picking the best printer for a graphic designer is not that easy. This is why we decided

5 Best Printers for Chromebook in 2019

Chromebooks have pretty much revolutionized the way we use computers. By giving users a viable alternative to standard desktop operating systems, Google really set out to change the world. However, given that most hardware, including printers were originally built with Windows or macOS in mind, it can be hard to find a suitable printer that’s

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with delayed touchscreen

A delayed touchscreen on a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus could be a sign of a pretty minor firmware-related problem or a symptom of a serious hardware issue. One way to tell if it’s serious or not is to check if your phone has some signs of physical or liquid damage. If there’s none, then you

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus blacked out and won’t turn on

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus complained that their device blacked out and won’t turn on or became unresponsive. Others panicked thinking it’s a very serious hardware problem because apparently, the phone no longer responds no matter how long the power key is pressed. But the thing is it’s actually just a very

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows “Contacts has stopped” error

The error message “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped” means that the default contacts manager on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has crashed. It might be due to a minor issue with the app or a sign of a serious firmware problem. It’s impossible to pinpoint what the issue really is without doing some troubleshooting procedures. But