How to show battery percentage on Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Are you wondering why your new Galaxy Note10 or Note10+ does not show the battery percentage number in the notification bar? That’s because Samsung hides battery percentage intentionally. There’s no official explanation why that is but don’t worry, if you want to have battery percentage instead of the battery icon only, there’s only a few

Bose Launches Portable Home Speaker with Alexa and Google Assistant

If you thought there aren’t enough portable speakers with voice assistants, Bose is now offering another option. Known as the Portable Home Speaker, this device can offer 360-degree sound along with support for voice assistants like Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa. As you would expect, this speaker runs on battery and connects to

Instagram keeps stopping on Samsung Galaxy A20. Here’s the fix.

Instagram is one of the most used applications today and while it’s well-maintained, there are always times when problems occur. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 have reported getting the error ‘Instagram keeps stopping,’ which prevented them from using the app and all its services. The error literally means that the app has stopped

Samsung Galaxy A10 disconnects from WiFi network. Here’s the fix.

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A10 disconnects from WiFi network without apparent reason or cause, the problem could be minor and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s with your phone. It could be an issue with your network device or just a temporary glitch with the network itself. Things like this occur from time

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A10 that keeps freezing

While the Samsung Galaxy A10 is an entry-level device, it should still work without a hitch as long as everything in it is working properly. However, there are owners who’ve been complaining recently because the device reportedly keeps freezing for some reason. When it happens, they may lose control over the device as it will