Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is bricked, does not start

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Some of the problems below are caused by hardware problems and, unfortunately, we can’t resolve them here. Our blog is mostly helpful in dealing with problems that are software or firmware in nature. If you want step-by-step instructions on how to repair hardware problems, please look for other resources in the web. However, if the problems appear to being caused by flawed apps or malfunctioning software, please read on.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fails to start after rooting

Hi! My Galaxy S6 is having an issue with not ever booting up. No capacitive keys light up. won’t go into recovery, just download mode…G925T. T-Mobile. Tried over nad over flashing md5 files. What’s crazy is how this happened. i rooted my phone through odin like, 2 weeks ago. Then, i go to bed and i wake up and my phone is dead and won’t turn on. just a grey flashing battery. I’ve restarted my phone and had my phone die MANY times after I’ve already rooted it successfully anyway. so makes no sense. Please help thanks! — Grayson

Solution: Hi Grayson. Sometimes, customizing the ROM or flashing incompatible Modifications can lead to unforeseen problems including the one you are experiencing. Whatever customization or modification you did, we don’t think your case is hopeless at this point as the phone still allows you to boot it in download mode. This means that you can still flash the stock firmware to it to restore its normal functions. Unrooting an S6 Edge is easy so you should be able to do it with relative ease.

Unrooting your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to stock firmware will delete any of your files stored in the phone’s internal memory. Since there’s no way for you to access them right now, there’s really nothing that you can do much at this point in terms of backing them up.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge showing “The operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Smart Switch on your computer or visit a customer service center.” error

Hi, i tried to check if it was a software update for my phone and received this message: “the operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Smart Switch on your computer or visit a customer service center.” I Google the problem and found a solution — it was to use Smartswitch and do a software update and initialization. After i did this, my phone got stuck on start, where it says Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I cannot pass from there. I did the software update and initialization again and same thing. What can i do? thank you. — Carlos

Solution: Hi Carlos. The error “the operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Smart Switch on your computer or visit a customer service center.” is Samsung’s way to remind a user that an incompatible or potentially problematic app or update has been detected. This usually comes up if you rooted your phone and attempt to download an official update from either Samsung or your carrier. It’s also been noticed that such error pops up if you have installed an incompatible or problematic ROM.

To solve the problem, you can try doing two things:

  • resetting the phone back to factory defaults, or
  • reflashing it back to its original software state.

To factory reset your S6 Edge, simply follow these steps:

  • Turn off your device by pressing the Power button or by pressing it once and selecting “Power off” option.
  • Now, press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home button at the same time.
  • When the blue Android Recovery menu appears on the screen, release all the buttons.
  • To navigate on the screen or highlight an option, simply press the Volume Up and Volume Down button.
  • Highlight, then select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.
  • To select or confirm a highlighted option, press the Power key.
  • Finally, to completely perform the recovery mode, choose Reboot System Now option.

If factory reset will not fix the problem, please follow the steps in this post on how to unroot your S6.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from India stopped working after updating it in Qatar

Hi, I just bought this phone two weeks ago. There was one new update and I updated my phone. The moment I clicked OK after that my phone stopped working. Its just not starting at all. On the screen it’s coming Samsung and logo back to back. I tried to see the solution online but still it dint work.

When I pressed the Volume Down key, Home key, and Power key together, two options are coming which is a custom OS and to cancel.

So what should I do in that case? I bought this phone in India and I live in Doha, Qatar so it’s not easy for me to go to India. Kindly help me. Thank you — Anshuma

Solution: Hi Anshuma. If you bought this device brand new in India, it’s a little strange that an update will soft bricked it. Either the update you tried to install in Qatar is not compatible with the particular version of your device, or some apps have caused the trouble.

Try to boot the phone in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition first. This will ensure that any leftovers from the previous OS or update are deleted. Afterwards, select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option to factory reset the device. In the event that you will be unable to pull up recover mode, try unroot the device using the link provided above.

Problem #4: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t power on

I have bought S6 Edge 3 weeks ago. My phone was running fine until today. Today it just switched off and now it is not turning on. The battery was more than 70% when this happen. The carrier is T-Mobile. I went to a shop and they are also not aware of this. I have not installed any new recent apps this week. Let me know any thoughts on this. — Ankur

Solution: Hi Ankur. Please follow our suggestions in this post: How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t turn OFF

Hi thedroidguy!

I have a boot loop on my S6 Edge, and I found your site from Google, so I decide to give it a try your page here:

And the step are :

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, and Power key.
  3. When the phone vibrates, release the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  4. When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  5. Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  6. Press the Power key to select.
  7. When the wipe cache partition is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  8. Press the Power key to restart the device.

But I cannot turn off my device, how should I try off my device?

I have try press power button for 20 seconds, but it did nothing.

Is there other way to turn off S6 Edge? Thanks a lot! Best Regards. — Anthony

Solution: Hi Anthony. If your phone no longer responds when you press and hold the power button to shut it down, we say you have a hardware problem at hand. The obvious way to turn off you device right now is to completely drain the battery. However, turning it back on will be a new issue, especially if the physical power button is actually not working. Please consider having the phone replaced or repaired for resolution.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge no longer responds

Hi! I have problems with my S6 Edge, which I’ve had for around 2 months now, and all of a sudden it turned off. I was just using, then turned it off. I tried to turn it back on, but it didn’t show any response at all. I have tried charging it, with no avail. The charger does seem to work just fine, and my computer does not recognize it/and or detect it. It was charged before I turned it off. What I mean by turn off, I mean as in a simple sleep mode. It doesn’t show any sign at all of turning back on. Please help me! — DJ

Solution: Hi DJ. Your problem appears identical to Ankur above. If your phone no longer holds a charge, it’s either a battery issue or a hardware problem inside. If this phone is still covered by a repair or replacement warranty, make sure to use it. We really cannot do anything at this point if we have a hardware or battery failure at hand.

Problem #7: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge overheating and draining battery fast

My phone has been overheating while charging and the battery drainage is ridiculous. I cannot get a good 4 hours on a fully charged battery compared to my iPhone which would last me all day. It recently stopped functioning correctly. It will not turn on anymore. When it is plugged in, the back light keeps flashing and stops when it is unplugged. I have been charging it for 2 days now and I noticed that it stopped blinking period. I tried all the trouble shooting there is and nothing seems to work. I don’t want to lose all my contacts and photos and other important things on there. It didn’t seem to back anything up to the cloud. Please help! — Nancy

Solution: Hi Nancy. A non-charging S6 Edge is indicative of hardware malfunction as what I said to Ankur and DJ. You can only do so much as an end-user, and unless you know how to pry the phone open and check the components, the only solution to this problem is to either get a replacement or have someone repair it for you.

Problem #8: Solid blue light on Galaxy S6 Edge but won’t turn on

Hi, I have read through what you have to offer online and am still having problems. My Samsung S6 Edge has a blackscreen and the blue light in the upper corner is solid. It does not blink.

  • I have charged it.
  • I have held the power button for more than 7 seconds.
  • I have held the power and the sound button for more the 7 seconds.
  • I have held the power and home button for more than 7 seconds.
  • I have held the sound buttons down for more than 7 seconds.

I am at a loss. I really don’t have the money to take it in somewhere because I am between jobs and need the phone to hear from them. Please, any help would be great. — Strammell

Solution: Hi Strammell. We’re sorry to hear about your predicament but your phone appears to be totally bricked.  The only solutions that we echo throughout this post can be found here. If these things won’t do make any difference, you really don’t have a choice but to go through a replacement or repair process.


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