5 Best eSIM Phone in 2020

There are a wide variety of smartphones available in the market today. Some of them come with eSIM on board in addition to a physical SIM card slot. eSIMs were also used with smartwatches a few years ago by companies like Samsung, while Apple joined the fray subsequently. If you’re unaware of what an eSIM

esim vs simcard

Difference Between eSIM and Regular SIM Card

There’s been plenty of talk about eSIMs and their impact in the long run. There are some obvious myths floating around as well as concerns for users who are looking to make the switch. We try to answer some of these questions in this article with the hope that you learn more about the key

Disinfect Phone

5 Best Ways To Disinfect Phone Without Ruining Screen

Pretty much everyone knows by now that our smartphones are among the dirtiest things we carry with us. This is because we use it practically everywhere, and keep it on practically any public surface, especially while in a hurry. Keeping this in mind, it can help to disinfect your phone every day to make sure

iFCOW Smart Phone UV Sanitizer

9 Best Phone Sanitizers in 2020

Let’s face it, smartphones are some of the dirtiest items we carry on our person every day, certainly, each one of us needs a smartphone sanitizer. While we take good care of sanitizing our hands after a day out, seldom do we consider putting our phone through the same sanitization process.  But this is an

10 Best VPN Router in 2020

Those who use the internet on a regular basis ought to know about the benefits of having a VPN or a virtual private network. This helps with encrypting outgoing traffic from your network, thus making it untraceable by your internet provider, and that’s where a VPN router comes in handy. While there are several top-rated

Apple Watch Series 3

7 Best Smartwatch With SIM Card Slot in 2020

Smartwatches are not particularly new to the industry with multiple manufacturers offering plenty of wearables over the past few years. However, if you’re on the hunt for a smartwatch with a SIM card slot, the choices get significantly narrower. But if you look close enough, you can find plenty of smartwatch with sim card slot.

LG Smartwatch

8 Best Smartwatch for Teenager in 2020

Smartwatches have evolved a great deal since they became mainstream a few years ago. Thanks to wearables like the Apple Watch, there are multiple alternatives available for conventional smartwatches now. But what kind of smartwatches are the best for teenagers? Well, this question is difficult to answer given the number of options available in the

8 Best Printer for Cardstock in 2020

While a standard printer can get printing done on standard paper, it takes a special kind of printer to offer the ability to print on cardstock which includes greeting cards, envelopes, and so on. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t tend to specifically mention cardstock printing on their marketing materials, which makes picking the right offering even tougher

nebula capsule vs mars pro

Nebula Capsule 2 vs Mars 2 Pro Best Smart Mini Projector in 2020

Projectors are a perfect companion to entertain a large group of people at once with movies and TV shows of your choice. While getting projectors was a tough ordeal back in the day, things have changed significantly now. There are portable or smart mini projectors that you can carry around with you practically anywhere, and

12 Best Smartwatch for Nurses in 2020

Nurses perform duties way beyond their reach sometimes, and all of this running around can actually make you forget to take care of yourself. While having a watch is considered quite important for nurses, it is now time to switch to smartwatches. Here’s why. Smartwatches come with more than just the ability to show time

8 Best 4K Video Converter for Windows in 2020 [Paid & Free]

Taking videos today is not just limited to professional cameras. This is because smartphone cameras have evolved a great deal in the last decade. So if you’re someone who likes taking 4K videos, for example, you could achieve it with any modern-day smartphone sold in the market. But what if there’s a 4K file that

How to Create Fake Online Identity

Creating a fake online identity is not an easy task, nor is it recommended by many. There are several reasons for this, including legal. However, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a fake online identity in order to protect yourself from harm or just to stay safe from online financial frauds. Several people have asked

9 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs in 2020

Smart plugs serve a specific purpose, and an outdoor smart plug will make it so much easier when you need an outdoor connection regardless of the weather. They allow you to control old appliances using nothing but your smartphone, tablet, or even with voice commands if you have an Alexa compatible device like the Echo.

Galaxy Buds vs AirPods Pro Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in 2020

Gone are the days of using wired headphones. Today, it’s all about wireless earbuds. Popular among these are truly wireless earbuds, which offers the freedom to move freely without having to deal with wires of any kind. This is why something like the Apple AirPods Pro is dominating the market right now. However, the AirPods

Echo Buds vs AirPods Pro Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in 2020

The Amazon Echo Buds are an excellent pair of truly wireless earbuds, but which are better as we compare Echo buds vs AirPods pro. However, it isn’t without its competition, particularly with Apple’s AirPods Pro currently in the market. It’s natural that several users have wondered what each brings to the table. This is also

transfer photo iphone to pc

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer

If you have ever tried to transfer photo iPhone to pc, you will know that the process can be quite frustrating at times. Many believe that one of the easiest ways to achieve this is via the iTunes software, which is an official Apple product available for free for both Windows and Mac (default app).

Is Using Public WiFi Dangerous and insecure?

Is Public WiFi Dangerous? It’s really no secret that using public WiFi can bring up a lot of concerns, specifically with regards to safety and security. There could be a lot of snooping done without your knowledge, or someone may try to get into your device on an unsecure network. To save yourself from any

How To Watch YouTube TV From outside the U.S.

Watching YouTube TV while you’re not in your home region (U.S.) can be pretty tough. This is because of geoblocking used by YouTube as well as every other major streaming provider out there. Thankfully, there are several ways you can change this, and we’re going to discuss some of those ways. Since geoblocking works on