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  1. hey there! Hope you immediately notice my message. My dad bought me a samsung s8 last June and at first I’m loving it because of its camera and how big the memory of it. But one time I accidentally drop it off but it’s not that hard, none of its parts were broke or crack. But yesterday the screen of it was freeze w/o any reason and it turned off by itself. Then now while I’m playing my music using my phone, I’m about to used it but it freezes again and shows up some glitch on its screen and turns off again. I don’t what is happening to my phone. I already scan my device and the result is good. I don’t want it to complaint to my dad cause I know I’ll be dead. Please help me.

  2. i have samsung galaxy s5, it’s rebooting continuously and stuck on “Samsung galaxy s5″(logo) after restarting many time finally it’s turned on but showing blank screen and can i fix that? please help

  3. How do I pushing an incoming call to voice mail when I am already on another call with Galaxy8?

  4. I have a Samsung S7 but I dropped it and now it has a black screen. I have already tried everything to turn it on. The only thing that turns on are the small buttons next to the Home Button and the lights on the top but the screen is still black. I can hear buzz sounds when i sometimes try to turn it on and when i tap on the screen but it the screen doesnt turn on. Its still black!

  5. Thank you TheDroidGuy for posting the troubleshooting suggestions. My Samsung Galaxy SII turned on after trying Step 2. Thank you so much.

  6. I have an android HTC phone and it keeps restarting constantly and when I try to do a hard reset it just has a insufficient storage error on it and then it keeps on restarting afterwards if you can help me it would mean so much

  7. In your basic troubleshooting for Essential Phone PH-1, you stated one could wipe the system cache in recovery mode. I wonder if any of the troubleshooting steps highlighted where done in practice, because as with Pixel devices, Wipe Cache Partition doesn’t exist on the Essential Phone PH-1.

  8. Several of your fixes say “replace the display assembly”. Can you please be more specific on what this actually means for what needs replacing…; screen glass / digitizer / LCD / etc.?
    Thank you

  9. HI sir, my A5 home button does not respond, press and no home screen appears, use on/off power can help, is it home button switch problem or software problem, please enlighten me.


  10. I have a rooted Samsung galaxy s7. I used to be able to sign in to my verizon jetpack. Now all of a sudden I can’t sign on . Getting authentication error. My laptop signs on no prob
    I can also sign on to my home Wi-Fi but not jetpack. I’ve tried every possible solution. With no luck. I’m hoping I don’t have to restore phone to new and loose all my stuff. Can you help me thank you

  11. I pray that someone calls me today I know it is Sunday but I need access to my cell phone
    again the number is 917-736-7486

  12. Hello for some reason on my Samsung note5 I went and blocked all my apps on my cell phone and now I need to know how unblock it back to normal so that my phone will work when I click on an app
    it asks me for a pin onto which I do not have My cell number is 917-736-7486
    Please help me because I cannot recieve any call in or out

  13. Thank you so much, you just saved my samsung. God will bless you, i was so worried and was thinking of how to repair my new phone

    thank you very much, you guys are an angels

  14. Hello,I need your help. I am using the Samsung Galaxy S5 g900i and i recently upgraded from Lollipop to Marshmallow, when i was installing the update it was stuck on “Android is upgrading” and this was going on for 4 hours and i switch it off to clear the cache, it was still doing the same thing but now it is stuck on the Samsung Logo. Because the Re-activation lock is on, i cannot flash, root or do anything to it.


  15. My galaxy s5 would not update, it kept getting interrupted for some reason. I followed you advice and made sure I had plenty of space on my phone to install the update or whatever. In order to make room, however, I had to in install some bigger apps to make room. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, I can always redownload them after, even if the update still doesn’t work. The update was still interrupted and did not work. I followed your advice and I HD almost 8GB of available space for this update and it didn’t work. So I was just going to give up and deal with the constant failing of the update until I made my way to at&t to see if they could update it somehow. I went to redownload all my apps, and most of them worked, except netflix and hulu. The play store said that “my device isn’t compatible with this version” and I could not install this hose apps. This is really frustrating to me because I had this hose hem before, without the latest version of my software, but now I can’t get them. I work nights and I watch those apps in my breaks. Now what am I supposed to do? Is there anything I can do?

  16. Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I’ve tried to download the latest form of android software. I’ve tried 4 different times and it goes through the whole process (downloading, installing, and optimizing). Then as soon as I start to use my phone again, I get a message that says the new update has been installed. After that, it shows up on the top of my screen that the update is ready to install again. I’m not sure what’s going on. I appreciate any help.

  17. Hello, at first…im aorry for my English.:p
    So i have an S7edge. And it stuck at “downloading……”. I cant turn it off. The problem is, it isnt in the “odin mode’. I cant do with it anything. I tried to install an another software from the same Phone with the “odin mode”. But every software i try to install is failing up. What should i do with my phone….. now i got an S8Plus, but still my s7edge is important too

  18. Re: Galaxy Note 5.
    Friend of mine has a Note 5. I have an iPhone 6+. When we are in a call: I can hear every sound on his phone(Note5), all his videos playing, his calls coming in, sometimes even what his caller is saying faintly, while I’m on hold. Sometimes I hear a repetitive gaming sound (always same), must be from one of the ads on Facebook or Google. Restarting the Note 5 makes the gaming sound go away but not the sound of playing YouTube videos. I can even hear when his phone is going dead and then little clicking when it’s charging. It’s driving us both insane. Please help. We are not on a speakerphone, we always use headphones. The phone is just a year old if that.

    Please HELP

    I found this post on androidcentral forum, but nobody answered it – Samsung user same issue , but without a headset : Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+:
    Why can people on speakerphone,hear my Youtube clips,and text tones? (Post on forum in androidcentral)

  19. hello, my galaxy j7 2017 suddenly switched of and turned to a white screen which just says samsung galaxy j7 powered by android. and i cant turn my Phone off! i bought it new 3 weeks ago

  20. hello, my galaxy j7 2017 suddenly switched of and turned to a white screen which just says samsung galaxy j7 powered by android. and i cant turn my Phone off!

  21. HI I have a galaxy s5 through straight talk wireless. I’m unable to to send or recieve texts. I’ve called straight talk and tried to do a factory reset but hasn’t fixed it and they were no help they just want me to send it to them and they’ll send me a new one. I can send a message if i add a subject or picture but only to some contacts. When I try to send a mms to my sister who has an iPhone it says invalid destination address but if I try to send her just a text it just says failed. Other contacts i try and send to will just say failed or go through with a subject added or picture. i still cant recieve Any at all. Any help would be appriciated! I just don’t want to have to send it back until I know I have tried everything!

  22. Hi’i’m having flickering issue from past update in Samsung A5 2016 i have used your troubleshoot step 1 and 2 but it’s saying cache patition cannot b done. Kindly let me know how to solve this issue. Please

  23. HI, I have a galaxy S5 and i just started having the problem where it says it won’t charge use the original charger. The only charger I use is they original, but I’ve tried to take the battery out for 10 seconds and that didn’t work. Do i need to get a new battery or what? I’m really in need of help.

  24. hey sir. can you give me a link for a stock firmware of Samsung galaxy s6 duos SM-G920FD. because i upgraded via OTA then after it says. an error has occurred while updating the device software. i tried many firmware and it stops at the systen.img. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP SIR

  25. Hello and Good Evening,

    I have read the information about fixing my phone. But I have a problem with my phone as my phone mentions it is “Unable to start” where I have to reset my phone as it will delete my data. I obviously don’t want to risk of deleting my data. I would be thankful if you could fix the solution.

    PS I have no problem with the battery.

  26. Hi I have a android galaxy s5 from at&t that is unlocked and I’m using for straight talk. My phone is not receiving or sending MMS or allowing me to use the Internet but I can receive calls and text messages. I’ve gone through all my settings and I’m not sure what to do. Can you possibly give me a little insite? I fixed the problem when I first got the phone months ago but I just recently did a system update that undid that I suppose. I forgot what to do.

  27. I was unable to use your website as all the adverts made it impossible to read, one advert you have that is on the bottom of articles means that I am unable to read articles. After a few seconds of going to the top of the page I’m dragged back down to the bottom of the page where the advert is. Tried refreshing and opening up the page in new tab and same problem. Bit ironic that I came here to fix a problem only to be faced with another. Anyway hope you can get this fixed.

  28. hi, i have a galaxy egde 6 and it just won turn on any more, iv cleaned the chargeing port, iv done everything i could find online, its like it just died and wont work or turn on, no led lights show for it to charge nothing. please help

  29. I recently purchased a note 4 from a private seller had it about 4 months now and just 3 days ago it started to not fully charge. At 1st it would charge to 95 now it won’t go past 72. It drains really fast. I us all use it for minor game play and Facebook and my battery will be at 20 within 1 hour. When it get to 72 it shows its still charging but number never goes up I had it charge all night. And it’s a new battery. What do you think the problem could be?

  30. Hi The Droid Guy

    I have an HTC M* and after updating the NFC does not turn off and the option does not appear in the settings.

    I have tried to hard reset it several times but to no avail. What can i do? its driving me mad as the battery keeps draining.

  31. Hey there. So i have the newish samsung a5 and its supposed to be water proof. So i took it in the shower mostly to test it and pretty sure I must not have done a good drying job to the port .. because now if the cord is wiggled at all while charging the phone shuts off.. it may be do to water and possible arking maybe the connectors on the charger is fd.. but i dont have another charger atm to check .. it’s so frustrating..

  32. Please get back to me asap I email you my s7 is stuck in recovery mode I’ve tried your steps nothing works call if you can 2054123916

  33. Hello, recently; when I charge my Galaxy s7 edge it overheats and then doesn’t want to turn on. I force restart my phone each time and it turns back on, but I was wondering if there is a way to fix this?

  34. hi my samsung s4 wont boot in any mode not showing its charging nothing.what happend is that i took out the battery while stil on charge and after that is when it wont come on anything i can do to fix it or is there somthing damaged???please help.

  35. Hello,
    My unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 does not work in Germany. Vodafon there told me
    that it is something Samsung did, because so many Germans bought a Samsung phone in the US. Is this true? is there anything that can be done?

  36. My galaxy s3 stucked at samsung logo doesnt boot up and does not enter in recovery mode what should I do please help

  37. Hello there. Earlier today my galaxy S4 made a screening kind of sound and just stopped playing music and died . Have you ever seen a problem like this and might have a fix ?

  38. My Samsung s6 edge has crashed it’s shows a grey screen and the white light is constantly on. Iv tried holding the buttons down to reboot but no joy. It won’t charge it won’t do anything at all. Can you help please?

  39. HI Droid Guy.
    When I take my Galaxy S5 Phone off charge and between 80 and 92% charge it always restarts constantly and doesn’t go past the s5 logo.
    Is it Firmware issue or is it battery problem
    I’ve had battery replaced got it from
    A couple of mnth ago. I’ve just performed a hard reset the night before and still does it.

  40. after i troubleshooted my phone the samsung j3 it has the installing system update and it froze there i’ve tried it so many times and it keeps freezing. it shows the phone logo in the beginning when you start the phone but then after it just freezes. what can i do?

  41. Hi,
    I have an S6500D ( mini2).
    I can’t charge it trough miniUsb cable- 500 mAh- over the car lighter socket.
    The cable works with an older Samsung phone and Nokia phones.
    My phone is charging well trough AC 6 adapter or over PC.
    How to fix this issue ?
    May be a solution to do the folowing steps- Settings – Aplications – Dewveloppe – Repair USB check box, than, when the Android logo appears, pressing ” Connect USB Mode’ ?
    Thank you !

  42. Have a samsung galaxy note 2 will not turn on or power up charge,
    shows the android dude looking dead, wil not reboot

  43. My Galaxy S4 was in my back pocket when I accidentally sat in a puddle of water. Now the screen is totally black and will not light up. The vibration and sound are still there, but the phone will not work at all. Thank you if you have any helpful ideas.

  44. Hi, i just bought a usedboost samsung galaxy j3, when i received it, it had a 33% battery charge on it. I plugged the charger into it and it chargers up to 21 or 22 and won’t charege any farther while its showing its charging but it’s not. I’ve cleaned the port, and nothing happened. i’m wondering if it could be i just need a new battery. Please help asap!!

  45. Your advice on the S8 moisture issue is bogus. Tons of people are encountering it with no moisture exposure. I’ve done the whole blowdrying thing, but it’s not wet. The only thing that seems to help is rebooting. Software error? If you Google Samsung galaxy S8 and moisture, there are at least 13 pages of people experiencing the same issue

  46. I am big fan of Samsung , I have used 2 Samsung mobile. First note 2 , now note 4. Before Rooting , My note 4 usually has black screen and shut down automatically but when I turn on it still working properly and After I rooted my note 4 ,The issue with my android note 4 is never turn on, never charge. I’ve tried a ton of solution but It doesn’t work, I ‘ve bought 2 battery for replacement. But It still the same. I live in Cambodia and there is no Samsung company in my country. Could you tell me the solution? What should I do?

  47. Text Messages not showing recent first in Galaxy S6: My most recent incoming text messages do not appear at the top of my list. It shows I have a new message, but I have to scroll down looking for it. It may be a new message, however the date is out of order. Example: Message received Aug 14, will show below old messages dated back in July

  48. Hi, I accidentally splashed water onto my Samsung S7. I wiped off the water immediately. Later that night, I found out that I can’t hear when receiving or making a call. I have to now put the phone on speaker in order to hear. I thought S7 is water proof and obviously, it doesn’t. How can I fix this problem?

  49. Hello, I have had my phone since release (Samsung galaxy s8) and I’ve just noticed that when the keyboard isn’t on screen, it’s still appearing faintly. Is there a fix to this?

  50. hi,… i have samsung galaxy note 2..its not turning on…when i try to reset it using home key volume down and power key it starts showing screen with message that downloading dont turn off the target …i dont know what is happening help me out

  51. hi guys i have a question for you, I ve got a MI5. The issue started with the phone not charging, I plugged it to my computer and still didnt work so I went to the store and tryed other chargers but still didnt work. Then I went back to the original charger and it started working again, to charge I mean, but then the phone is still not recognized by the computer. So I cant have any access to my phone storage, do you think is the phone’s usb problem or that i can try fixing it changing some settings ???

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  52. Hi,I have a galaxy S5 active,when someone calls me it’s like the speakerphone is on but it’s not on and I can hear them but they can barely or not at all hear me,if I call someone everything works fine like there’s nothing wrong,I put it in safe mode and received a call and it worked fine,I deleted the recent apps that I downloaded thinking it would solve the problem but no luck,any suggestions? Thanks

  53. My wife is using my ex-Samsung Galaxy S3 which still works remarkably well. One problem, I have a 5 device version of Norton internet security. Although her mobile is connected to the internet when she tries to connect to Norton to download Norton to her mobile the message reads “no internet connection”. Any ideas please, we find it most frustrating.
    Many thanks in advance
    Regards Peter Hill

  54. Hello, I’m tempted to get a bargain LG V20 because I love it’s big screen, powerful hardware and all the niceties that brings, aside I’ve read that is very repairable, but I’m not sure if I will get a buggy device because all that bootloop stories and LG’s bad history over it’s latest flagship devices. What do you think? Would you recommend it over, let’s say a Moto G+ 5th? Thanks in advance for your advice.

  55. While providing fixes forover heating issues, why not recommend ditching the case or is this a non factor?

  56. My galaxy s3 has been sitting in a drawer, unused for a few years. It turned on no problem last week. It died and now it won’t turn on. I charged it, and when I hit the power button i will vibrate as if it’s reacting to the press but the screen won’t turn on now.. yet it did no problem less than a week ago :s

  57. Hi
    please I have a Samsung galaxy j8(2006)
    once in a while, most if not all the apps do not respond, am even able to access my setting menu during such times. please what do I do

  58. A couple days ago, my Samsung S6 Edge made a system update overnite and now I’m not able to enter my phone. It asks for the swipe code, but won’t recognize it. After entering various patterns it won’t lock and ask for my pin code. Is there a way to unlock the phone by other means?

  59. Hi
    I have a galaxy edge S6, this morning I went to use it and the screen was unresponsive. All the keys were working but the screen just wouldn’t respond to any touch! I read all the related posts on your page and followed the instructions and still nothing. My last resort was to do a factory reset since I was so frustrated and I read that this could be the last thing I could try by myself without needing it to take it for repair. So I did the factory reset and the problem still did not solve I couldn’t pass the welcome screen since I could not get any response from the screen. I decided it to take it to a repair shop and there they told me it was a screen issue, the cost was so expensive but since it was the only thing left to do I decided to do it. When I walked in to the store the battery was very low but the phone was on. Now I was standing there watching the guy open it and looking at it and he said he would try to check the cable if it’s just a connection issue but that did not do anything so he said he would try a new screen. As he was doing it the phone just died on him and he went to charge it he said that this was not a screen issue it’s an issue with a motherboard and he can’t do anything about it’s very complex he said. So he put everything back together and said that this phone is useless nd it needs to be replaced. I was so mad because I walked in with a screen problem that could ve been easily solved and I walked out with a dead phone “broken motherboard” .I tried to tell him that my phone was on and was operating when I walked in how come you give it back to me not working at all! He said I’m sorry I can’t do anything about it and he kept telling me to go and buy a new phone!

    Could he have done something that created the motherboard issue? What can I do now to fix it. I paid a Lotta money for it I’m so mad that not even 6 months later I find myself without a phone a d I don’t have insurance or anything because I bought it brand new in another country.

    Please help!

  60. Hi, my galaxy s4 edge froze and it did reboot it by holding power key and volume down key but then ask me password to restart but now it can’t type password because touch screen doesn’t work. Please could help to fix this.

  61. My samsung c7000 lose its charge upto 5-6% during night.. when i wake up… i reset my phone to factry but stil the same issue…checkd up in safe mood bt stil same problem..please help me out…i bought this new branded smartphone 2 weeks ago!

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  63. I just wanted to thank you, because I just bought a Samsung S7 Edge with the latest firmware installed and the phone was restarting frequently. But after I read this article “How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that restarts randomly after the system update [Troubleshooting Guide]”, I deleted the cache partition and after the reboot everything was as it should been from beginning. No more restarts!

    So thank you and keep up the good work

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