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  1. My Samsung s8+ goes blind whenever the backlight goes off. The I get calls and the LED light blinks but I cant see anything. I only get to use the phone only when I do a hard restart. It started after I updated my phones OS. Please I need a solution to it because once I lock my screen now it’ll go blind again

  2. My 2 years old LG g4 suddenly got switched off when I opened a website to watch a serial but that’s a usual site I open everyday to watch it and now it’s not restarting I’ve tried everything I plugged in the charger, cleaned the battery port and pressed the power and volume down button together but no use. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

  3. hi, I am using my s6 edge for 3 years almost and its was ok till today’s morning. on today I placed it on charging and went to get ready for the office , when I came back my phone was not working neither opening nor charging nothing is happening to it only a red light is there (the light that indicates phone is charging) even the charger is disconnected I don’t know what to do plz help me out in this matter I want my phone back plz reply me soon

  4. dear Sir.
    i want to change my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920A) to another firmware like T-mobiles, etc.
    is it possible then plz guide me.


  5. Hi. I am Adina and I will send you an email from Iran. I have a Galaxy S6 mobile device, which was Android 5 when it was purchased, and then upgraded to 6 and 7 later. Next Getting Android 7 has problems with my device, such as slowing down the device and other problems. I tend to get Android 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 or 8.0. I want to register to get it. Unfortunately, although I sent emails to Samsung on several occasions in Iran, I did not receive an answer. I ask for help and hope to guide me in this case. Thank you.
     samsung galaxy s6 factory model: sm-g920f

  6. Hello!

    How are you? I hope this email finds you well!

    I stumbled across your website the other day and was interested in learning more about your advertising goals. I have a network of advertisers and buyers at my disposal and would love to get them plugged into your ad inventory. We’ve seen significantly larger revenues come from our buyers for websites that have integrated the ads.txt file like yours. Do you have some time in the next week or so to hop on a call to discuss further?

    Kind regards,

  7. Hi,

    I’d just like to send my heartfelt THANKS to you.
    My HTC10 was bricked during the installation of the Oreo update: 3.16.401.2 [which killed my phone at 90% installed]
    Your article:

    helped me to get it working again.
    I was not getting any response using the on/off button at all. I used the up/down buttons with the power button to get life back into the phone, saving me enormous hassle and probable expense too.
    Thank you so very much.
    Pete (UK)

  8. Hello i have the samsung galaxy s8 plus and my phone wont fast charge. I keep getting a message that says “moisture has been detected please use charger that came with phone” and i tried plenty of chargers and it wont fast charge anymore

  9. hello im using samsung j7 mobile since one year now im getting one pop up msg unfortunately face book stooped pls help me out

  10. Hi please I’m using Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But the model at the back of the phone is different from the one at settings. The model at the back say SM-N920P but the one at settings says SM-N920F.

    Also ever since I bought the phone any time I try to update it says processing failed. And they is no Hotspot on the phone that surprises me the most. When I on the phone I normally see sprint at the left top corner of the phone.

    Please I need your help.

  11. My brand new Samsung S8+ came with the Ramadan calendar highlighted in orange for 6.5 weeks without an option to delete it like I can with US holidays. How can I get rid of Islamic holidays? In addition, under calendar settings, it lists a place for Hijri dates adjustments, yet there is no place that I can locate for Islamic holidays.

  12. Thank you! your re-starting tipps are very helpful. I had a system crash. black screen. just had a system update two days ago. never before. must be a faulty system update.
    thanks again!
    Angie from Austria

  13. hellow sir today my s3 mini mobile sink in water and suddenly i took out from there. I dried my mobile for 5hr and after it why i start it stock on first display showing samsung galaxy s3 mini, plz help

  14. Do calls always go to voicemail when texting on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Or is there something I can change in settings?

  15. Hey, so My samsung S3 keeps showing the EXIT bar type in the bottom which prevents access from using the app properly. It happens when theres Wifi available and I’m using a downloaded app from the playstore. Any thoughts?

  16. My smartphone note 3 app launcher keep crashing .and said app notnot installed.. when I click it open .. itI keeps popping in my screen..

  17. I wanna ask how to fix my phone its an s7 edge model. Theres a horizontal pink purple lines appears on my screen that causes my phone to freeze and then restart. I think the problem occurs 5 times a day or more. I tried all your recomendations on your site to fix it but nothing happens thats why im trying to post here. Please i need some answers. Thankyou.

    Btw im from Philippines

  18. My phone is working and everything, Ive received notifications and phone calls, But the problem is that I cant see it because my phone is just a blank screen. I tried everything from safe mode to factory reset but it does not appear to show up. Before it used to at least flicker and turn on after a few tries of pressing the power button but now it doesn’t even turn on. Im not sure what to do. Any help will do.

  19. I bought a galaxy s7 edge and when I did a master reset now it’s asking for the original Google account password witch I do not have is there anyway to get around that

  20. Hello TDG. My S7 edge just won’t respond when I try to turn it on. Here’s what actually happened. Last night, my phone died in the car so i tried to charge it with my power bank and my car but they both didn’t work. When I got home i tried charging it with a wall plug and it turned on and then turned off I tried it 5 times until it stop charging and the charging indicators stop working. So now its a dead phone that doesn’t charge. Should I have it repaired? What’s the problem with it? Help me please.” — Jackson

  21. Few days ago, I couldn’t turn on my phone. I pressed the power button, and it showed the “T Mobile” logo as normal. But then later it kept vibrating and got hotter and hotter. It went to the point that I couldn’t hold the phone in my hand anymore. I think it stopped when the battery ran out, and slowly cooled down. I charged my phone the next day, and tried again but it didn’t work. It just showed the screen, kept buzzing, and kept getting hotter. Could it be because of it’s exposure to water?

  22. My S8
    use to list text messages in the order of most resent.
    Now it just seems random
    I have and others have tried to find the setting to fix
    Any ideas

  23. My Samsung Galaxy Tab of 5.1.1 android version turns off automatically at 60-75% battery.When I try to open it ,it does not open It remains open just till the time when Samsung window appears and then turns off again.It only opens when I charge it for few seconds.But then problem still occurs later.What should I do?Please tell?

  24. Just wanted to say a huge thank you! I have an S8 and it wouldn’t charge with the moisture warning – no idea why as it hadn’t been near moisture – I tried your fix of holding the down arrow and the power at the same time and now it’s charging – currently at 5% but it’s working – I am very grateful so thank you!!

  25. My name is josie hendershot and my galazy s7 active keeps saying i have mouisture detected so i unplugged it and left it out over night. I tried to plug it in this morning and it is completely dead and still not working. I then cleaned it all with a cutip and now a blow dryer and plugged it back in and it still will not turn on or anything. Please help and email me back. I would really apreciate it alot.

  26. Hi, I have a samsung s7 edge for almost a year and today my fone start flickering and had vertical lines across on the top of the screen. Strangely i can still sometimes see the blury screen flickering, And i also get calls. What might be the problem?

  27. Hi, I have a samsung 27 edge for almost a year and today my fone start flickering and had vertical lines across on the top of the screen. Strangely i can still sometimes see the blury screen flickering, And i also get calls. What might be the problem?

  28. hello….
    i have a samung galaxy s8… screen is green and the phone doesn’t charge….can you help me pleasee..

  29. Hello. My galaxy j3 eclipse won’t allow me to listen to voicemails. I can open the app and press play but when I put it to my ear to hear it the phone goes to the lock screen and stops the voicemail.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

  30. My Galaxy s8 freezes at least once a week. I can not turn it off and have to wait for the battery to run down – which gets really hot. I have called the warranty office. They run a diagnostic check – which allegedly tells them everything is okay – but it is not. it froze Saturday – I just had the diagnostic run by the warranty office and it is frozen again this morning. I am afraid the battery will explode. Can you help?

  31. I came here through Google. I honestly can say I wish to never run into it again. In a single article, besides regular ads, there were 1 pop ad, 1 ad covering content and 2 auto play videos. Terrible, terrible user experience. I hope you’ll reconsider and think about building an audience instead of milking first time visitors whilst making sure they never come back again.

  32. Hi there, I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 today it just started hanging i restarted it but it hanged and didn’t restarted then i pulled the battery out and placed that again and tried to stat but again the black screen issue is not resolving i have tried every method but it won’t work. What should i do.? Please hepl me

  33. Hi i bought a J7 Prime about 4 months ago however, i was using a few minutes ago to place a call on messenger which connected for 5 seconds and then the phone freeze and is not responding at all. It wont turn off, charge or reload. but the phone feel really warm. How do i solve the problem

  34. Hi there I have a Samsung galaxy note4 and it wont turn on
    I have put the sim into my Samsung galaxy 4 and it did the same thing
    i have tried the safe mode it turned on for a while not both mobiles wont turn on
    what can i do, thank you so much

  35. Your Android Questionare Form is not working. It will not accept “Name” nor text and jumps to the “Devise” bo.
    My problem is with my S5, at first icons for apps I’d moved to the SD card with App Manager III would turn grey and not work. I kept trying to redownload them but now Storage doesn’t even recognize the card. I hooked it to a USB on my computer and all the files seem fine. What could it be?

  36. hi mate, i’m using a LG H522F
    my stock ROM that i bought in a market i deleted it (because of the too many adds) and replaced it with the LG Prime Plus H522f.kdz …after the flash (with LG Flash Tool 2014) everything was clean and perfect. Now i tryied to get root privileges, i did find the proper root, but the ADB wasn’t working, so i must had have a proper recovery rom, so, i download the proper TWRP for my LG… after i flash it using an app (flashify.apk, i think) the device restarted but only a black screen came out… no errors, no triangles, nothing. no boot loop… just empty… i tryied hold power 30sec, tryied recovery mode, download mode, charging (while being careful for the battery doesnt damage)… i can flash that ROM i have (.kdz) but my pc doesnt recognize the USB port because it looks like its turned off, even while charging…

    how can i fix this?

  37. Hello Folks: I have been using Apple products for the last decade, but recently, I decided to try the Android OS. So, I bought a couple of Nokia 8 phones at Amazon. Unfortunately, both phones arrived with the factory’s seal broken, and someone actually used the phones before I got them — I notice this, because, the dates on the phones were changed, one set to the Month of February and March respectively. This dates differ from an initial setup which sets the default date to January First, Year XX. The real problem would be, if someone else inserted a SIM Card and use it to receive SMS code confirmations for online services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Not to mention, any criminal activities someone else could perform using my phones before I got them. In other words; The Phone’s IMEI numbers could be, already, associated with someone else SIM card. There is also the Risk that the phones could have malware, such as a Trojan Horse, or Spyware such as the Cerberus App. I have already contacted the Police, to inquire if they could request to the main Mobile Phone Operators, if they have any records of the Phone’s IMEI numbers on their logs, and which phone numbers were used. I am awaiting response. On the other hand, I know Google keeps logs of IMEI numbers too – when setting up a Google Play Store Account. I would like to ask you, if you know, the email address of Google Security Team, so I can request or verify, if they have any existing logs of my Phone’s IMEI numbers, prior to setting up a Google Play Store account myself. Thanks for your time, any suggestions will be Highly Appreciated. By the way, when you buy bran new items at Amazon, you, as the buyer, expect nothing more than Excellence and Respect, something is not working well, I am paying the consequences.

  38. I rebooted my phone I put my phone on safe mode and I had a new refurbished phone sent to me that I had updated with the new software version and for some reason I cannot stop my phone from shutting off on its own. And then at that point the only way I can get the phone to turn back on if you have it charging while I hit the power on button. Samsung advised me to take him to a Samsung facility to have them update the newest software and I just did that today and my phone is still shutting off on its own. At this point I’m not sure what to do do you have any advice. Thank you

  39. Hi,
    My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has recently had issues with reboot looping. However now it is completely unresponsive. I have tried all the reboot techniques to no avail. It is currently on charge with no indication of anything happening at all. Do I have any options other than getting a new phone?

  40. hey there! Hope you immediately notice my message. My dad bought me a samsung s8 last June and at first I’m loving it because of its camera and how big the memory of it. But one time I accidentally drop it off but it’s not that hard, none of its parts were broke or crack. But yesterday the screen of it was freeze w/o any reason and it turned off by itself. Then now while I’m playing my music using my phone, I’m about to used it but it freezes again and shows up some glitch on its screen and turns off again. I don’t what is happening to my phone. I already scan my device and the result is good. I don’t want it to complaint to my dad cause I know I’ll be dead. Please help me.

  41. i have samsung galaxy s5, it’s rebooting continuously and stuck on “Samsung galaxy s5″(logo) after restarting many time finally it’s turned on but showing blank screen and can i fix that? please help

  42. I have a Samsung S7 but I dropped it and now it has a black screen. I have already tried everything to turn it on. The only thing that turns on are the small buttons next to the Home Button and the lights on the top but the screen is still black. I can hear buzz sounds when i sometimes try to turn it on and when i tap on the screen but it the screen doesnt turn on. Its still black!

  43. Thank you TheDroidGuy for posting the troubleshooting suggestions. My Samsung Galaxy SII turned on after trying Step 2. Thank you so much.

  44. I have an android HTC phone and it keeps restarting constantly and when I try to do a hard reset it just has a insufficient storage error on it and then it keeps on restarting afterwards if you can help me it would mean so much

  45. In your basic troubleshooting for Essential Phone PH-1, you stated one could wipe the system cache in recovery mode. I wonder if any of the troubleshooting steps highlighted where done in practice, because as with Pixel devices, Wipe Cache Partition doesn’t exist on the Essential Phone PH-1.

  46. Several of your fixes say “replace the display assembly”. Can you please be more specific on what this actually means for what needs replacing…; screen glass / digitizer / LCD / etc.?
    Thank you

  47. HI sir, my A5 home button does not respond, press and no home screen appears, use on/off power can help, is it home button switch problem or software problem, please enlighten me.


  48. I have a rooted Samsung galaxy s7. I used to be able to sign in to my verizon jetpack. Now all of a sudden I can’t sign on . Getting authentication error. My laptop signs on no prob
    I can also sign on to my home Wi-Fi but not jetpack. I’ve tried every possible solution. With no luck. I’m hoping I don’t have to restore phone to new and loose all my stuff. Can you help me thank you

  49. I pray that someone calls me today I know it is Sunday but I need access to my cell phone
    again the number is 917-736-7486

  50. Hello for some reason on my Samsung note5 I went and blocked all my apps on my cell phone and now I need to know how unblock it back to normal so that my phone will work when I click on an app
    it asks me for a pin onto which I do not have My cell number is 917-736-7486
    Please help me because I cannot recieve any call in or out

  51. Thank you so much, you just saved my samsung. God will bless you, i was so worried and was thinking of how to repair my new phone

    thank you very much, you guys are an angels

  52. Hello,I need your help. I am using the Samsung Galaxy S5 g900i and i recently upgraded from Lollipop to Marshmallow, when i was installing the update it was stuck on “Android is upgrading” and this was going on for 4 hours and i switch it off to clear the cache, it was still doing the same thing but now it is stuck on the Samsung Logo. Because the Re-activation lock is on, i cannot flash, root or do anything to it.


  53. My galaxy s5 would not update, it kept getting interrupted for some reason. I followed you advice and made sure I had plenty of space on my phone to install the update or whatever. In order to make room, however, I had to in install some bigger apps to make room. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, I can always redownload them after, even if the update still doesn’t work. The update was still interrupted and did not work. I followed your advice and I HD almost 8GB of available space for this update and it didn’t work. So I was just going to give up and deal with the constant failing of the update until I made my way to at&t to see if they could update it somehow. I went to redownload all my apps, and most of them worked, except netflix and hulu. The play store said that “my device isn’t compatible with this version” and I could not install this hose apps. This is really frustrating to me because I had this hose hem before, without the latest version of my software, but now I can’t get them. I work nights and I watch those apps in my breaks. Now what am I supposed to do? Is there anything I can do?

  54. Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I’ve tried to download the latest form of android software. I’ve tried 4 different times and it goes through the whole process (downloading, installing, and optimizing). Then as soon as I start to use my phone again, I get a message that says the new update has been installed. After that, it shows up on the top of my screen that the update is ready to install again. I’m not sure what’s going on. I appreciate any help.

  55. Hello, at first…im aorry for my English.:p
    So i have an S7edge. And it stuck at “downloading……”. I cant turn it off. The problem is, it isnt in the “odin mode’. I cant do with it anything. I tried to install an another software from the same Phone with the “odin mode”. But every software i try to install is failing up. What should i do with my phone….. now i got an S8Plus, but still my s7edge is important too

  56. Re: Galaxy Note 5.
    Friend of mine has a Note 5. I have an iPhone 6+. When we are in a call: I can hear every sound on his phone(Note5), all his videos playing, his calls coming in, sometimes even what his caller is saying faintly, while I’m on hold. Sometimes I hear a repetitive gaming sound (always same), must be from one of the ads on Facebook or Google. Restarting the Note 5 makes the gaming sound go away but not the sound of playing YouTube videos. I can even hear when his phone is going dead and then little clicking when it’s charging. It’s driving us both insane. Please help. We are not on a speakerphone, we always use headphones. The phone is just a year old if that.

    Please HELP

    I found this post on androidcentral forum, but nobody answered it – Samsung user same issue , but without a headset : Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+:
    Why can people on speakerphone,hear my Youtube clips,and text tones? (Post on forum in androidcentral)

  57. hello, my galaxy j7 2017 suddenly switched of and turned to a white screen which just says samsung galaxy j7 powered by android. and i cant turn my Phone off! i bought it new 3 weeks ago

  58. hello, my galaxy j7 2017 suddenly switched of and turned to a white screen which just says samsung galaxy j7 powered by android. and i cant turn my Phone off!

  59. HI I have a galaxy s5 through straight talk wireless. I’m unable to to send or recieve texts. I’ve called straight talk and tried to do a factory reset but hasn’t fixed it and they were no help they just want me to send it to them and they’ll send me a new one. I can send a message if i add a subject or picture but only to some contacts. When I try to send a mms to my sister who has an iPhone it says invalid destination address but if I try to send her just a text it just says failed. Other contacts i try and send to will just say failed or go through with a subject added or picture. i still cant recieve Any at all. Any help would be appriciated! I just don’t want to have to send it back until I know I have tried everything!

  60. Hi’i’m having flickering issue from past update in Samsung A5 2016 i have used your troubleshoot step 1 and 2 but it’s saying cache patition cannot b done. Kindly let me know how to solve this issue. Please

  61. HI, I have a galaxy S5 and i just started having the problem where it says it won’t charge use the original charger. The only charger I use is they original, but I’ve tried to take the battery out for 10 seconds and that didn’t work. Do i need to get a new battery or what? I’m really in need of help.

  62. hey sir. can you give me a link for a stock firmware of Samsung galaxy s6 duos SM-G920FD. because i upgraded via OTA then after it says. an error has occurred while updating the device software. i tried many firmware and it stops at the systen.img. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP SIR

  63. Hello and Good Evening,

    I have read the information about fixing my phone. But I have a problem with my phone as my phone mentions it is “Unable to start” where I have to reset my phone as it will delete my data. I obviously don’t want to risk of deleting my data. I would be thankful if you could fix the solution.

    PS I have no problem with the battery.

  64. Hi I have a android galaxy s5 from at&t that is unlocked and I’m using for straight talk. My phone is not receiving or sending MMS or allowing me to use the Internet but I can receive calls and text messages. I’ve gone through all my settings and I’m not sure what to do. Can you possibly give me a little insite? I fixed the problem when I first got the phone months ago but I just recently did a system update that undid that I suppose. I forgot what to do.

  65. I was unable to use your website as all the adverts made it impossible to read, one advert you have that is on the bottom of articles means that I am unable to read articles. After a few seconds of going to the top of the page I’m dragged back down to the bottom of the page where the advert is. Tried refreshing and opening up the page in new tab and same problem. Bit ironic that I came here to fix a problem only to be faced with another. Anyway hope you can get this fixed.

  66. hi, i have a galaxy egde 6 and it just won turn on any more, iv cleaned the chargeing port, iv done everything i could find online, its like it just died and wont work or turn on, no led lights show for it to charge nothing. please help

  67. I recently purchased a note 4 from a private seller had it about 4 months now and just 3 days ago it started to not fully charge. At 1st it would charge to 95 now it won’t go past 72. It drains really fast. I us all use it for minor game play and Facebook and my battery will be at 20 within 1 hour. When it get to 72 it shows its still charging but number never goes up I had it charge all night. And it’s a new battery. What do you think the problem could be?

  68. Hi The Droid Guy

    I have an HTC M* and after updating the NFC does not turn off and the option does not appear in the settings.

    I have tried to hard reset it several times but to no avail. What can i do? its driving me mad as the battery keeps draining.

  69. Hey there. So i have the newish samsung a5 and its supposed to be water proof. So i took it in the shower mostly to test it and pretty sure I must not have done a good drying job to the port .. because now if the cord is wiggled at all while charging the phone shuts off.. it may be do to water and possible arking maybe the connectors on the charger is fd.. but i dont have another charger atm to check .. it’s so frustrating..

  70. Please get back to me asap I email you my s7 is stuck in recovery mode I’ve tried your steps nothing works call if you can 2054123916

  71. Hello, recently; when I charge my Galaxy s7 edge it overheats and then doesn’t want to turn on. I force restart my phone each time and it turns back on, but I was wondering if there is a way to fix this?

  72. hi my samsung s4 wont boot in any mode not showing its charging nothing.what happend is that i took out the battery while stil on charge and after that is when it wont come on anything i can do to fix it or is there somthing damaged???please help.

  73. Hello,
    My unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 does not work in Germany. Vodafon there told me
    that it is something Samsung did, because so many Germans bought a Samsung phone in the US. Is this true? is there anything that can be done?

  74. My galaxy s3 stucked at samsung logo doesnt boot up and does not enter in recovery mode what should I do please help

  75. Hello there. Earlier today my galaxy S4 made a screening kind of sound and just stopped playing music and died . Have you ever seen a problem like this and might have a fix ?

  76. My Samsung s6 edge has crashed it’s shows a grey screen and the white light is constantly on. Iv tried holding the buttons down to reboot but no joy. It won’t charge it won’t do anything at all. Can you help please?

  77. HI Droid Guy.
    When I take my Galaxy S5 Phone off charge and between 80 and 92% charge it always restarts constantly and doesn’t go past the s5 logo.
    Is it Firmware issue or is it battery problem
    I’ve had battery replaced got it from
    A couple of mnth ago. I’ve just performed a hard reset the night before and still does it.

  78. after i troubleshooted my phone the samsung j3 it has the installing system update and it froze there i’ve tried it so many times and it keeps freezing. it shows the phone logo in the beginning when you start the phone but then after it just freezes. what can i do?

  79. Hi,
    I have an S6500D ( mini2).
    I can’t charge it trough miniUsb cable- 500 mAh- over the car lighter socket.
    The cable works with an older Samsung phone and Nokia phones.
    My phone is charging well trough AC 6 adapter or over PC.
    How to fix this issue ?
    May be a solution to do the folowing steps- Settings – Aplications – Dewveloppe – Repair USB check box, than, when the Android logo appears, pressing ” Connect USB Mode’ ?
    Thank you !

  80. Have a samsung galaxy note 2 will not turn on or power up charge,
    shows the android dude looking dead, wil not reboot

  81. My Galaxy S4 was in my back pocket when I accidentally sat in a puddle of water. Now the screen is totally black and will not light up. The vibration and sound are still there, but the phone will not work at all. Thank you if you have any helpful ideas.

  82. Hi, i just bought a usedboost samsung galaxy j3, when i received it, it had a 33% battery charge on it. I plugged the charger into it and it chargers up to 21 or 22 and won’t charege any farther while its showing its charging but it’s not. I’ve cleaned the port, and nothing happened. i’m wondering if it could be i just need a new battery. Please help asap!!

  83. Your advice on the S8 moisture issue is bogus. Tons of people are encountering it with no moisture exposure. I’ve done the whole blowdrying thing, but it’s not wet. The only thing that seems to help is rebooting. Software error? If you Google Samsung galaxy S8 and moisture, there are at least 13 pages of people experiencing the same issue

  84. I am big fan of Samsung , I have used 2 Samsung mobile. First note 2 , now note 4. Before Rooting , My note 4 usually has black screen and shut down automatically but when I turn on it still working properly and After I rooted my note 4 ,The issue with my android note 4 is never turn on, never charge. I’ve tried a ton of solution but It doesn’t work, I ‘ve bought 2 battery for replacement. But It still the same. I live in Cambodia and there is no Samsung company in my country. Could you tell me the solution? What should I do?

  85. Text Messages not showing recent first in Galaxy S6: My most recent incoming text messages do not appear at the top of my list. It shows I have a new message, but I have to scroll down looking for it. It may be a new message, however the date is out of order. Example: Message received Aug 14, will show below old messages dated back in July

  86. Hi, I accidentally splashed water onto my Samsung S7. I wiped off the water immediately. Later that night, I found out that I can’t hear when receiving or making a call. I have to now put the phone on speaker in order to hear. I thought S7 is water proof and obviously, it doesn’t. How can I fix this problem?

  87. Hello, I have had my phone since release (Samsung galaxy s8) and I’ve just noticed that when the keyboard isn’t on screen, it’s still appearing faintly. Is there a fix to this?

  88. hi,… i have samsung galaxy note 2..its not turning on…when i try to reset it using home key volume down and power key it starts showing screen with message that downloading dont turn off the target …i dont know what is happening help me out

  89. hi guys i have a question for you, I ve got a MI5. The issue started with the phone not charging, I plugged it to my computer and still didnt work so I went to the store and tryed other chargers but still didnt work. Then I went back to the original charger and it started working again, to charge I mean, but then the phone is still not recognized by the computer. So I cant have any access to my phone storage, do you think is the phone’s usb problem or that i can try fixing it changing some settings ???

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  90. Hi,I have a galaxy S5 active,when someone calls me it’s like the speakerphone is on but it’s not on and I can hear them but they can barely or not at all hear me,if I call someone everything works fine like there’s nothing wrong,I put it in safe mode and received a call and it worked fine,I deleted the recent apps that I downloaded thinking it would solve the problem but no luck,any suggestions? Thanks

  91. My wife is using my ex-Samsung Galaxy S3 which still works remarkably well. One problem, I have a 5 device version of Norton internet security. Although her mobile is connected to the internet when she tries to connect to Norton to download Norton to her mobile the message reads “no internet connection”. Any ideas please, we find it most frustrating.
    Many thanks in advance
    Regards Peter Hill

  92. Hello, I’m tempted to get a bargain LG V20 because I love it’s big screen, powerful hardware and all the niceties that brings, aside I’ve read that is very repairable, but I’m not sure if I will get a buggy device because all that bootloop stories and LG’s bad history over it’s latest flagship devices. What do you think? Would you recommend it over, let’s say a Moto G+ 5th? Thanks in advance for your advice.

  93. While providing fixes forover heating issues, why not recommend ditching the case or is this a non factor?

  94. My galaxy s3 has been sitting in a drawer, unused for a few years. It turned on no problem last week. It died and now it won’t turn on. I charged it, and when I hit the power button i will vibrate as if it’s reacting to the press but the screen won’t turn on now.. yet it did no problem less than a week ago :s

  95. Hi
    please I have a Samsung galaxy j8(2006)
    once in a while, most if not all the apps do not respond, am even able to access my setting menu during such times. please what do I do

  96. A couple days ago, my Samsung S6 Edge made a system update overnite and now I’m not able to enter my phone. It asks for the swipe code, but won’t recognize it. After entering various patterns it won’t lock and ask for my pin code. Is there a way to unlock the phone by other means?

  97. Hi
    I have a galaxy edge S6, this morning I went to use it and the screen was unresponsive. All the keys were working but the screen just wouldn’t respond to any touch! I read all the related posts on your page and followed the instructions and still nothing. My last resort was to do a factory reset since I was so frustrated and I read that this could be the last thing I could try by myself without needing it to take it for repair. So I did the factory reset and the problem still did not solve I couldn’t pass the welcome screen since I could not get any response from the screen. I decided it to take it to a repair shop and there they told me it was a screen issue, the cost was so expensive but since it was the only thing left to do I decided to do it. When I walked in to the store the battery was very low but the phone was on. Now I was standing there watching the guy open it and looking at it and he said he would try to check the cable if it’s just a connection issue but that did not do anything so he said he would try a new screen. As he was doing it the phone just died on him and he went to charge it he said that this was not a screen issue it’s an issue with a motherboard and he can’t do anything about it’s very complex he said. So he put everything back together and said that this phone is useless nd it needs to be replaced. I was so mad because I walked in with a screen problem that could ve been easily solved and I walked out with a dead phone “broken motherboard” .I tried to tell him that my phone was on and was operating when I walked in how come you give it back to me not working at all! He said I’m sorry I can’t do anything about it and he kept telling me to go and buy a new phone!

    Could he have done something that created the motherboard issue? What can I do now to fix it. I paid a Lotta money for it I’m so mad that not even 6 months later I find myself without a phone a d I don’t have insurance or anything because I bought it brand new in another country.

    Please help!

  98. Hi, my galaxy s4 edge froze and it did reboot it by holding power key and volume down key but then ask me password to restart but now it can’t type password because touch screen doesn’t work. Please could help to fix this.

  99. My samsung c7000 lose its charge upto 5-6% during night.. when i wake up… i reset my phone to factry but stil the same issue…checkd up in safe mood bt stil same problem..please help me out…i bought this new branded smartphone 2 weeks ago!

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  101. I just wanted to thank you, because I just bought a Samsung S7 Edge with the latest firmware installed and the phone was restarting frequently. But after I read this article “How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that restarts randomly after the system update [Troubleshooting Guide]”, I deleted the cache partition and after the reboot everything was as it should been from beginning. No more restarts!

    So thank you and keep up the good work

  102. You call yourself ‘The Droid Guy’. No doubt you fancy yourself as tech-savvy. I think you’re full of shit.

    Your answers on here are a joke – they mainly consist of Microsoft-like, generic, proforma answers. All you seem capable of doing is stating the obvious trouble-shooting steps to a problem (which most users would’ve already tried), and then suggesting a factory reset. How pathetic.

  103. I have a Samsung 10.1 galaxy notebook. When I play solitaire it’s like the screen is not lined up. I have to touch below the cards to get them to move. It only does this on solitare. Please help me, it’s very frustrating. Thanks Tee.

  104. I have a droid 5s, and it will not charge completley.

    I went running with it and it
    also fell off my table when I was sleeping and it had the charger inside. I was
    reading the website and someone similar had this issue, one of the corrective
    actions were to check if it has water damage first by using a bag of rice, or
    the other issue may be the charging port the defected.

    The phone will catch a charge,
    but I have to hold it at a specific angle. Does this mean that the charging
    point is not working, or that it has water damage?

  105. Please tell me why, in the wide, wide world of sports would I even bother to use iTunes to sync my Android device? That bloated mass of ads is one of the most unwieldy,disgraceful, user-unfriendly piece of crap I have ever used! I don’t even use it for my iPhone, let alone my Android device!!I use MediaMonkey for both. Be that as it may, but it begs the question why do we need a third-party software for Android when all you need to do is drag and drop?? Sweet! That is why I love Android! Who needs the extra work, time, and frustration?

  106. Thanks so much for all the troubleshooting tips on this site! I was quickly able to find out why my Samsung suddenly stopped sending text messages, and one of your suggested solutions fixed the problem. Appreciate having this resource online!

  107. i set my keyboard to where my pass code swipe is on the bottom right of my screen as well as my keyboard. i want to switch it back to the normal setting but cant seem to figure it out. thanks

  108. Thanks,
    My Samsung s6 Edge went into a weird loop of “home ..home screen.. off etc.
    You reset protocol helped fix it. thanks.


  109. I have a samsung Note 5. I need to know info regarding the photo gallery. There is an option to “animate” and allows a slideshow type video to be able to be made. I spent an hour on a project, went to upload to fb and the video never uploads, only the first pcture i have in my video. No play button, nothing. It asks me if i would like to share, so how do i share the animation?
    Thanks, stacy

  110. thanks so much phone would not turn on did the down vol. and power key reboot worked so pleased so not tech. savey thanks

  111. You lied about the Galaxy S6 not fast charging while in use or while the screen is on. This is just untrue. I’ve been having trouble getting my S6 to fast charge, but that is not why. Sometimes the fastcharge works properly, even with the screen on and being used. But if i move it the wrong way it will revert to a standard charge. Right now, it’s slow charging and says it will take nearly 5 hours. It seems the fast charge is actually a normal charge and i can’t imagine why it would take any modern cellular device 4 ir 5 hours to charge, that is extremely slow. They should call fastcharging just “charging”, and any other charging should be referred to as “slow charging”. Anyway, my point is that the Galaxy S6 will fast charge while in use. I’m not sure how you would come to any other conclusion unless you haven’t actually used one, or used a defective device.

  112. Hi I got outlook on my galaxy 7. How do I see all my inbox please. It goes after a few days. Thanks

  113. Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32(GB). It was loaded with Android 5.1.1 (Lollypop) by default. Since, I have upgraded the Original Firmware (OTA) from Lollypop to Marshmallow 6.0.1 (Not Rooted & Phone status is Official). My Note 5 Battery has started draining very fast even with Locked Screen with no application running in background. Secondly, my utmost concern is that I’m unable to find the option of Unlock Screen Effects (Sparkling Bubbles or Coloured Droplets), which were factory preloaded. I have tried all options to find the options for ”Unlock Effects” by removing Finger Print lock, Pattern and Pin lock and even tried factory reset (Soft Reset) but all in vain. Could you please clarify whether these effects were offered only in Lollypop 5.1.1 Version and removed in Marshmallow 6.0.1?. Is there any possibility of getting it back or should I downgrade to Lollypop in order to get the battery and Unlocking screen effects issues resolved???. Appreciated in advance.!!!

  114. i have a problem after update tab3 t211 in kitkat my phone is restart and show on screen only samsung logo for long time and it’s not turn on pleasehelp me

  115. Help!!!!? I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge … lovely phone and no real problems that I haven’t been able to resolve until now … ? Samsung virtual gear wants to open up/download and wakes me at least twice a night !!! To bloody remind me and then locks my phone so I can’t light up screen /turn off (that’s to shut the annoying voice at 2.30 in morning?) lol any advice ??? Many thanks sara xxx

  116. Hello I have a Samsung galaxy s3 It works fine if its plugged in, well some times like if I open a app or turn the flash light on it powers off. when its not plugged in it loads to the at&t logo then powers off. But if I go to the manual overdrive by holding the power button, the volume up button, and the home button it can stay on that screen for hours without it powering off without being plugged in


  118. Dear

    My Galaxy s3 is stucked on Downloading mode. i did all what you advised to get rid of this situation. but still not succeed. Seeking your help in this regards.


  119. I have a Straight Talk SCH-S968C, cannot connect to Bluetooth 4.0 devices like activity trackers. Android 4.1.2 is current installed. I’m told I need 4.4 or higher. Straight talk will not update, what am I to do? Thank you!

  120. Is there any way to have a phone automatically STOP charging once it is 100% charged? This seems like it would be better for the battery life. I have a GALAXY NOTE 5.

  121. Like I dropped my phone and when I turned it on it was black screen with little red blue and green lines in the middle of it and it is covering up my whole screen what do I do?

  122. guys! found a solution for not working dial pads for verizon samsung galaxy s6.
    go to:
    2. tap applications
    3. tap phone
    4.tap DTMF tones
    5. choose long
    and your done…
    i have my galaxy s6 from verizon and thats my problem too, i found out just right now..
    i hope this will help you guys…

  123. Hello Everyone! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that just suddenly turned off last night and wouldnt turn back on. Also, when I would try charging it it wouldnt seem to charge. I assumed that my phone had died and it wouldnt charge. I decided today that I would either buy a USB board and place the USB port thingy in my phone, or I’d buy a wireless charging pad. I was willing to pay almost anything to get my phone back up and running. I came across this website just a few mins ago in a last ditch effort to find any info I could on what might have happened. You told me to take the back cover off of my phone, take the battery out, and then hold the power button down for 1 minute to drain the existing electricity. I knew this wouldnt work because I have a charging problem but I did it anyway. After replacing my battery and putting my back cover on the phone I attempted to turn the phone back on. IT TURNED ON!!!!! And the phone isnt dead at all. Its at 69%. I was way wrong and you guys helped me get my phone back and save lots of money. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!

  124. I have a galaxy note 4 that just recently stopped turning on.i tried soft resets,hard resets,and all others things except
    Hardware.Now this just started after the new update came and then the phone started acting erratic.Please help…

  125. I have a couple issues with my new galaxy s6 active. apps that ive downloaded update about 12 times a day, is this normal and if not how do I stop that? when I send a picture via text or hangout, it takes about 20 minutes of the little green circle spinning on the bottom right corner of the message before it actually sends, how can I speed up that process? my wife has the exact same phone and pictures send just as fast as text messages. also when I get certain emails, like the verification email when I just signed up for disqus, when I open the email the text and pictures r the size of the whole screen but they immediately shrink down to about a quarter of the screen size so I cannot read them and I can stretch them back out by dragging the screen but as soon as I stop touching the screen they go back to tiny. thanks for any help

  126. Hello, im looking for a dual sim ACTIVE phone, this need t o be able to take 2 calls at the same time, I don’t want to have switch between number(sims) does such a phone exist ?
    Best Regards

  127. I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 5 and while listening to music either using my head phones/ aux cord/ or simply the phone speaker my music will stop playing and begin to stutter skip then my phone will shut down and I have to either press the power button to reboot my phone or it will reboot itself. I cleared the cache partition once and I am still having the same issues I haven’t had the phone not even a week.

  128. We have a Galaxy S 6 active that won’t charge at all. I just read your troubleshooting oage for the Edge and tried a hard reboot. It still won’t charge. Suggestions?

  129. How do i disable (if not delete) the App Optimizer in Galaxy S5? It is the biggest piece of shit app that does anything but optimize the apps.


  131. Just thought I’d let you guys know the Gear S2 through Verizon preorder has gone from Delivery 11/5 to now 11/27/2015 as of today. I ordered mine on 10/18/2015 did not receive an email just called to check status. ALL preorders have been set back.



  133. Hi, I have a htc one m8 and now i check the system updates but it shows CHECKING and it does not shows your phone is up to date.. what is the problem? please let me know the solution.. Thank you.

  134. Does my galaxy s5 have an option to notify me as to when someone has read my texts….?
    I’ve done my best to search but no such luck…:(
    Thank you…

  135. Hi,

    is there a way to listen to FM radio in my Samsung s 6 smart phone ?
    without using WiFi or mobile data, only using normal FM radio waves like a normal radio ?

  136. Hi, so I just got my new Galaxy S3 with an insurance claim on the 21st, it was working fine and then today it stopped working, it was fine its not the battery, I think its the screen, so basically this is what will happen. I’ll put the battery in the phone will vibrate the word samsung will show up and then it goes black, I can’t reset it, because I think it’s technically on. I figured I’d ask if you know what to do. Thank you

  137. I have a samsung Galaxy S4 the screen display is black but I can still see the small icons along with the time at the top of the screen. I can also see the pull down menu when I swipe downward from the top of the screen. When I restart the phone I get a screen for there password but then it goes blank after the password is entered. I have completely charged the phone restarted and did everything else I could think. The phone is for one of our users so who knows what they were doing before this happen. Is there anything else I can try doesn’t sound like wiping will do any good if I can’t see the screen and select the option to do so.

  138. The trash icon is no longer available in the gallery app. Is there a way to delete photos. i have a galaxy S6 edge

  139. I have a galaxy 3 and I hear the picture sound when not in use. It is taking pics by its self but I can’t see it. Can you help

  140. I am Gnana from maldives,

    Last five month before i bought Samsung galaxy s4 GT-i9505 phone through online. It was working fine. Tree month after i did update to lollipop 5.0.1. after that also my phone was working well. Now from last 5 days i am having problem that no sound during normal call, international calls, watching movie or song ( with hanging the video only ) and i did check mobile’s setting – sound – ring tones also no sound (without hanging the functions). but i can use other all application, downloading and chatting through online or whatever.

    After i face this sound problem, if i do restart the mobile , than it is working fine for half an hour or one hour only. Again sound will gone. than i have to restart the mobile.

    So, I hope you got my request correctly. Please help me to solve this above sound problem to my phone.

  141. * * * GRIEVOUS PROBLEMS with Galaxy Tab S w/ 4.4.2 KitKat * * *

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and I’ve been recently noticing a bunch of problems with the “My Files” file explorer and with the camera.

    My Files symptoms include hanging when deleting groups of checked files (the spiral “barber” activity line continues forever, while it shows the final file. eg. “15/15″”). When I cancel out of the delete progress popup window, the files remain, and future attempts to delete the files result in “Delete Failed”. Also, the file names are sometimes listed with the image gallery app icon (or icon for the files’ associated apps) in front of them instead of the thumbnails of the respective images or files, etc. When I clear the My Files cache and restart the tablet. and then launch My Files again, the files I attempted to delete are gone (indicating that they were, in fact deleted), I tried to rename a file, and it became inaccessible, even though the file remained listed.

    Camera symptoms include the camera taking longer than usual to load, the viewfinder not showing what I’m aiming the camera at (it’s black), buttons not responding at all, the camera not taking the picture (when the buttons DO work), the most recent picture(s) not showing up in the list of most recent pictures taken (accessed via the lower right hand corner icon), etc.

    The problems seems to be less prevalent immediately after powering the tablet on. Also, I just had the tablet replaced about a month or two ago due to what appeared to be a significantly faster battery drain issue after upgrading to Lollipop 5.1 (I later learned that it was the upgrade that caused that problem). While the vendor only deals with open box/refurbished it looks as if the replacement the vendor sent me was actually a new one.

    When I call Samsung, the techs appear to be trained to robotically tell me to do a factory reset (Samsung might as well have a recorded message instructing callers to do this).

    I am totally DISGUSTED at this, and HOPE that 6.0 has fixed a lot of these issues!

    Can anyone offer me any help with this?


  142. * * * GRIEVOUS PROBLEMS with Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ w/ 4.4.2 KitKat * * *

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and I’ve been recently noticing a bunch of problems with the “My Files” file explorer and with the camera.

    My Files symptoms include hanging when deleting groups of checked files (the spiral “barber” activity line continues forever, while it shows the final file. eg. “15/15″”). When I cancel out of the delete progress popup window, the files remain, and future attempts to delete the files results in “Delete Failed”. Also, the file names are sometimes listed with the image gallery app icon (or icon for the files’ associated apps) in front of them instead of the thumbnails of the respective images or files, etc. When I clear the My Files cache and restart the tablet. and then launch My Files again, the files I attempted to delete are gone (indicating that they were, in fact deleted), I tried to rename a file, and it became inaccessible, even though the file remained listed.

    Camera symptoms include the camera taking longer than usual to load, the viewfinder not showing what I’m aiming the camera at (it’s black), buttons not responding at all, the camera not taking the picture (when the buttons DO work), the most recent picture(s) not showing up in the list of most recent pictures taken (the lower right hand corner icon), etc.

    The problems seems to be less prevalent immediately after powering the tablet on. Also, I just had the tablet replaced about a month or two ago due to what appeared to be a significantly faster battery drain issue after upgrading to Lollipop 5.1 (I later learned that it was the upgrade that caused that problem). While the vendor only deals with open box/refurbished it looks as if the replacement the vendor sent me was actually a new one.

    When I call Samsung, the techs appear to be trained to robotically tell me to do a factory reset (Samsung might as well have a recorded message instructing callers to do this).

    I am totally DISGUSTED at this, and HOPE that 6.0 has fixed a lot of these issues!

    Can anyone offer me any help with this?


  143. my note 5 fell in water what should i do the back unfortunetaley doesnt come off dont think but i have it covered in rice at the moment will that help?

  144. I had just bought a Samsung Galaxy J7. I tried connecting it to WiFi and it gets connected and disconnected frequently. It works smoothly on mobile data connection but problem on wifi.What should I do?

  145. Good morning to receives this,
    I have a Galaxy tab 2.
    the other day when I was using it, there was no problems at all.
    Today I was attempting to get the photos to come up.
    The screen turned ccompletely white and would not open.

    It would be so wonderful if you could help me to find the photos.
    There are several pictures that are of my 29 year old son who passed away last year.
    Also my youngest son who’s fiancee passed away. Photos that are impossible to replace.

  146. Hello sir.
    my phone sm-n900 1.5 year. Recent problem Internet connection on all times this letter (unfortunately. Monkey test has been stopped. )
    Please help me

  147. Hi my s5 all of a sudden has come up SD card is blank or has unsupported files and then it wants me to format it but even my laptop doesnt even recognise my sd card. any help please

  148. I have a new HTC ONE M9 and for some reason it has issues scolling through pictures in any app. It will just display a blank screen. It happens on both wifi and 4G with 3 or more bars. Any tboughts on how to correct this.

  149. I have a HTC M8 and now bought a HTC me. In M8 there is option to set default storage for various apps like downloads etc. But in ME this option isn’t available. Please help to set the default storage.

  150. Hi ,
    I am having a problem. With Samsung S5 and I keep trying but can’t update the newest version of the software ? May I know what is the problem and kindly get back to me by email.

    Moder number: SM-G900F
    Android version: 5.0


  151. We need to make sure you are a human. Please solve the challenge below,
    and click the I’m a Human button to get a confirmation code. To make
    this process easier in the future, we recommend you enable Javascript.


  152. I have a problem with moto g2, when the display goes off, continuous rattling sound comes from the lower speaker, I have already tried the methods which you have mentioned earlier like turning off the vibrate on key press etc. But its still the same. What should i do ?

  153. Hy i am a pakistani m apna cell note 3 neo on krta hn to earphn.connected ka option a jata h to plz plz plz reply kr dyn plzzzx

  154. I have Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Tonight texted a couple of friends then suddenly a text came in the was complete gobbledegook. Sent reply saying re-send. Nothing came in. Phoned friend and he’d re-sent. I didn’t get it. Asked another 2 friends to txt me. Thy tried. Nothing received. What has happened and how can I fix it? I restarted phone. That didn’t work.

  155. Hi

    i bought samsung galaxy s6 edge a week back and i found this phone perfect but i found a glitch it is almost unnoticeable, if i lock my screen normaly it goes off the way it should, but if i turn it off when the keyboard is out (like while texting, whatsapp, viber etc) it makes a blink a very short micro second blink, like you took a picture of your own screen. so is it a flaw or what please advice.
    Thank you.

  156. I used your troubleshooting website and it worked!! I’ve been trying to turn on my Galaxy 4 all morning. Thank you!

  157. Hi
    I bought the S6 edge last week and it is a great phone, however, there are a couple of things that are puzzling:
    1. in the music app you can get rid of the last track played it just runs along the bottom of the screen in ‘pause’. I have closed the app down in the multi windon and switched the phone off twice but it’s still there.
    2. I can’t use my own text notification message. There is no ‘add’ option in notification options. this works for for ringtones
    Anyone got any ideas please?

  158. I am Paul. My S2 underwent an accidental upgrade and after 2 days got stuck in a boot loop. After a day it stopped displaying anything. Now it is neither booting nor displaying the charging icon. It is only getting heated up. What could be the issue? Is it possible to extract the contacts and sms before proceeding for a soft / hard surgery?

  159. Heyo, I’m having an issue with the Samsung Galaxy S6. I’ve already read your article on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Rebooting Constantly”. It did absolutely nothing. Not to offend but I’ve tried EVERYTHING, I need your assistance now to move this forward. The device is constantly turning the main boot Logo on and off and on and off. It hasn’t stopped for over an hour, and until the device dies.. (which could take DAYS) it won’t be doing anything. The only button Combo that works is the one that pops up the ability to download a new OS (Custom OS – Volume Down + Power + Home) it doesn’t work if I hit ‘cancel/reboot’. It just does what its doing now. I’ve try the “Hard Reset” option, sadly I can’t TURN OFF THE PHONE WHEN ITS BLOODY DOING THIS SO PRETTY MUCH ALL OTHER OPTIONS ARE REDUNDANT. I need some assistance.

  160. How do we get rid of the dang pop up for enhanced features if we don’t want it on the samsung 6?

  161. hi i have problem in wattsapp in my samsung galaxy s4 evrything works on wifi viber tango evrything just wattsapp dont work on wifi any help ?

  162. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that is my first smart phone. Suddenly it over heated dramatically in my purse! I removed a program with a broom as an icon- Clean Sweep maybe. The problem seems to have stopped, but I am very concerned about all the other apps on my phone that I do and do not use. I need some direction about what I can remove and what must stay. I use my phone for calls, texts, hangouts, pictures and rarely maps, waze, and internet. Obviously I need some guidance. A place to go for it would be very nice.

  163. I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge when I’m playing a game and my phone rings i lose my connection:( also i cant use my internet and talk on the phone at the same time please help!!

  164. hi i have e problem How can i install Hebrew on Samsung Galaxy S6 aege ther is no option in the language ( no hebrew ) who can i add it

  165. I had bought my sisters old Galexy S3 that once had a Straight Talk plan. The phone has a number which was (423)362-3355. Well, I went straight over to Wal-Mart and bought a $45 refill card. And it wont let me refill it. It’ll pop up an error code saying. “No ESN/IMEI for that phone number”. What do I do? Cause I am getting a bit frustrated. And this is the first time I’ve ever decided to try out Straight Talk.

  166. hello I am having a problem with my samsung galaxy S 2 it wont turn on unless it is pluged into a charger . when its turned off it is showing full batery charge then it is showing grey empty charge it is showing empty batery and full batery but wont turn on but if I connect to charger it turns on ok then I can take the charger out and its stays on ok . I put a new batery in last week but it never helped I still have the same problem . can you help ?

  167. My note 4 keeps Interuptng w a message “At&t address book will sync your contacts when your mobile phobe is in a mobile network” my phone is fine,i don’t need an address book sync ‘ d. I did just recently transfer everything to a new phone. I tried to stop and disable apps. Still this message continues. It’s IN THE WAY of everything I’m tying to do during data and wofi” usage

  168. Greeting Sir/Madam, am stevo by name i have a smartphone TECNO H7 but in process of uninstalling some of apps which i do
    nt use always, now am unable to accept income calls and telling me that THE PROCESS ANDROID .COM has stopped. Now can u help me fix this fault?

  169. Having a problem with Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. After turning off power saving mode, cannot turn it back on. Keep getting error message: Attention to turn on power saving mode turn on at least one function. I don’t know what it wants. Thanks for any help I can get.

  170. Hello,

    In the morning my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3 ) is just fine. The screen is still white but in the afternoon i saw that the screen had turned green.
    I had try other method such as turning my phone for ten minuted but still can’t.I hope that you can help me

  171. I tried to update to lollipop on my Samsung galaxy S5 but it won’t let me what’s going on can u help me

  172. I have an android tablet pc. It looks very similar to this. It has been stuck on the loading screen for about 5 months. This is the second time this happened. It wont stop (loading) until its completely dead. Then I will let it charge for about 30min then I turn it on and its stuck on the loading screen again. 🙁

  173. Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy S6.

    1- When I connect it with the original charging cable, sometimes the smartphone shows “fast charge” others “charge cable”. What happens it?
    2- The S6 had installed Hangouts and I deactivated the same because I didn’t use it more. Usually the phone shows “Hangouts has stopped”.What is the problem here?

    Thanks for your time.

    Vinny CSS.

  174. I am having a problem with the galaxy tab s 8.4 after the lollipop update I cannot open hcell by hancom error says application closed because of insufficient memory

  175. on my new s6 it has a hart time staying on thr internet, and on wifi it does not allow data at all. is this a setting or is this a defect on teh phone itselt

  176. I purchased the galaxy s6 edge a few days ago. At this moment for some reason, the phone will not turn back on…I only see the light blue light in the upper left hand corner. PLease advise as this is both my homephone and cellphone. Thank you in advance!

  177. When I open a Google map link from within a certain web site
    using Google chrome, it opens the desktop maps and not the phones Google map
    app! I’ve done all the resets and clear defaults stuff can any one help?

  178. Hi I have this wifi problem recently after I updated the new software for Sony

    Everytime I connect to the wifi, it will automatically forget the wifi. The password is correct but it forget itself even though I already saved it. And even if it got connected, it will be only for a few seconds before it disconnect again. I have tried restarting the wifi modem, but still can’t work.

    Able to help me? Thank you.

  179. Greeting all,

    Just got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it “looses” contacts/phone numbers…you put the info in and it randomly disappears and if you search for it it is nowhere to be found.
    What a pain! Any Ideas?


  180. hey there, i have a galaxy note 10.1 and the screen has gone all wonky and the colour is kind of polarised. it still works but it’s kinda tough to see whats going on on the screen. there hasn’t been any major falls or anything but i do carry it with me everywhere and it is over a year old. is this easily fixable or do i need to start worrying.

  181. I used to have galaxy S3 and I always could be on the line talking while I was searching on Google. I just got the galaxy S6 and I lost reception or just not strong WiFi connection …I would like to know why? I thought this new version will be better…very upset.

  182. i have had an issue with the recent software update lollipop 5.0. Every time i go to an app(messages, phone, play store, twitter, etc.) i have a galaxy s4. it changes different colors. there is not a way to turn this off. and also as well as the apps icon, i used to could scroll up and down but there is not a way i can do that it only allows me to scroll left and right. also when i hold down the power button it doesnt give me an option to put my phone on mute or vibrate anymore. the time at the notification bar, is way to big of a font. and it wont let me change the setting for that either.
    as well as i also did a factory reset on my phone hoping that it would fix the issue, and i backed up a lot of my pictures, music, etc. i also lost very VERY important pictures i needed and cant get them off the computer nor my gmail account. This software update has been nothing but a headache. As well as i was asleep and my phone is always hooked to the wifi and it updated while i was asleep. i am not very happy at all! Please fix the stated issues i have concerns about! thanks!

  183. Hi.I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I keep getting this error message…To many windows open,Please close some.How the heck do I do that? I went to internet in settings to see if I could fix it that way but no luck there.Then I went directly to my main browser (Google) and no luck there either.Please help.

  184. Who is interested in a forum where we pass on our thoughts of the basic specs that should be part of and included on the ideal phone?

  185. I recently just got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a few days ago I was using the phone normally for calls and chatting etc .. and for some reason the touch screen wasn’t working. It will turn on and off, like the buttons and finger print security is working . but just that the touch screen completely doesn’t work.. this is the second time iam facing this problem can you help me regarding this issue ..

  186. On my S 5 lock screen on the top I have bars that run across one is for the battery one is weather then connected under is a few small icons for things. Does anyone know how to get rid of this stuff so I can have a plain lock screen. Everything I tried didn’t work.

  187. I use the Dropbox app on my S6 edge and it takes hours before 3 or 4 pictures will be added. What can I do to speed up this process? When I used my S4 it was almost instantaneous.

  188. Hi,just changed frame on my S5,all installed correctly but does not
    start up.while connected to charger constantly shows battery logo
    flashing on screen.Thanks to advise.

  189. My galaxy s5 active was working just fine with my 2 combined emails, work and personal; when I added the 3rd email (college) as an imap or pop my phone will no longer send “any” email notifications while at work.(public School) it was working fine at work before I added the 3rd account. The phone works fine will all 3 accounts once I’m back home. Can you help me with this?

  190. Can’t get “Activiy Zone” to work on my S5 Active after lollipop upgrade.. Any help??.. This si what I bought the phone for in the first place??

  191. hey folks , I have a Samsung 10.1 tablet that now only displays the telephone pad and only emergency number can be dialled , nothing else can be used . Dunno what I did , do you know ?

  192. hi

    i am having a problem with my samsung galaxy tab 3 the battery charges 100% overnight but when it reaches 77% it suddenly turns off and when i turn it on it reduces 1 percent of the battery and then turns off and when i turn it back it reaches 1% of its battery nearly lowbatt and my tablet heats up after i repeatedly turn it on pls help me…

  193. Hello,
    I have a Samsung galaxy Tab S 10.5. I have a few problems with which I hope you can help me.
    * I cannot access a memory stick when I connect it to the micro usb port
    * When I click on the Update app, it crashes
    * I cannot find the USB settings to change them
    * Kies V3.0 cannot connect

    I feel like I’m imposing on you but I have searched the web for answers and have not had any success. Thanking you for your consideration.


  194. Hey,
    having a couple problems Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T Lollypop
    1) For income text messages.. only shows time received 🙁
    How to show actual time incoming sms was sent?
    2) For incoming mms, the photo images are like 5k tiny blurry thumbnails..
    How to change settings to allow up to 5M for incoming mms photo images?



  195. Hi

    i own a sony experia z1 (waterproof) my 1year old son managed to put it in the bath without me knowing untill when i drained it, it was working after but about 10-15 mins it shut down and i have left it in rice for 12 hours and its started to have more life as now it shows the sony logo but then shuts back down.also when it is connected to my pc the blue light comes on but it wont connect to the pc, is there any advice you can give me? very disappointed with sony as its mean to be waterproof and i had a waterproof case onit.



  196. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active & a email address. This email suddenly stopped stopped working & the guy at AT&T can’t seem to figure it out either. All the settings are correct yet I keep getting an “authentication failed” message when trying to set it up again. Can you help with this?

  197. How to I turn-off the “mailbox information” during voicemail playback (it used to be an option – now it plays before each message)?

  198. HI,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with AT&T. Last night an update came through. I believe it was 4.4.3 to 4.4.4. Stil waiting for Lollipop. Well, now when I go to turn the sound on it just goes right back to mute. I can occasionally get it to stay on for a little while but it always goes back to mute. Any idea what might be causing this and how I can fix it?

  199. I have galaxy3 and upgrading to galaxy5. How do I find out what content is in the cloud so I dont lose my content such as photos and calendar when I change phones

  200. my Samsung s# used to play my music files when I connected with my Bose bluetooth, but now when connected the music is all static.Help, please.

  201. Hi,
    My Samsung SII
    Sometimes it does not respond to dial button..No matter what I do.
    I cannot imagine a scenario of when it happens, however it may happen once it has been put on charging (after that even if I remove the charging cable it would not work).
    I have to then necessarily power off / restart it to make it work….very frustrating….
    Help would be marvellous
    Cheers !!!

  202. Hi…
    I am using samsung galaxy s3 phone….when i download a song from website, it is getting downloaded for 2 – 3 time i.e. it is automatically restarting once it gets downloaded to some extent. Please help on this at the earliest.

  203. My nexus front camera option dissapeared from everywhere.allready tried deactivating app, erasing cache, booting in safe mode and nothing. Please help

  204. Hello,
    I have an S4 and am unable to add photos to my Facebook check ins. How can I fix this problem?

  205. Hello the other issue I’m having is I recently had my number ported through straight talk since this new carrier I can’t send picture messaging or emojis through texting.
    please advise, Thanks!

  206. I can’t send email it was working and suddenly requires a key password I only send personal email really and don’t require encryption.
    I’d only be interested in encryption if sending and or receiving work email which I rarely do , Can you please advise how I correct this issue?
    I tried deleting the key password submitted but it didn’t work and I’m simply trying to email friends.

  207. Hi whenever I turn my phone on after it being off it says network error and my apps wont show like the screen is just my wallpaper I can still activate apps on my note 3 but I have to Google search themand after turning it on my wifi is always off so what do I do

  208. I am having
    a problem with Samsung S5 when using the speaker. The other side hears some
    noises, also he hears himself talking through the earphone. That make the conversation
    very difficult to be used.


  209. Samsung Galaxy S5 “contacts has stopped working” … if you have google+ installed its that .. disable/uninstall and it solves your contacts problem 😉

  210. How do I take all of the text from one person and sync it to my Hotmail email account? Can I set it up that everything I send or get from that person goes straight to my email?

  211. My s4 active Wont read the sim I know it’s not the sim cause I went and got a
    new one from att but it won’t read it I was messing with my phone and changed the usb settings then hasent worked one bit plz help

  212. I’m having problems opening attachments on emails received. When I try to open the attachment it tells me to download the email first not sure how to do that. I have gone to settings and synched my phone and changed to unlimited. I can’t seem to open any attachments at all. Please advise.

  213. my samsung 3 mini is stuck on ‘loading messages’ in email. the small circle has been going round and round for months. i have tried to force stop email but made no difference. help

  214. Hi, first off, I have a samsung s3, okay, so, I’ve been wanting to change the tone when I get a text message, but when I go in on the app “Messaging” and try to click on the “Select Ringtone” I can’t, it’s grey and I can’t tap on it, do you have any solutions for it?

  215. My Samsung S4 battery is draining faster and faster, I have to charge it at least twice a day. What can I do about it?

  216. Galaxy S4 question, I got mine in July 2013 and had to replacement sent to me this week, I liked how when you had a call come in the photo in the contact would fill up half the scree, now the one I have only is a small square, is there some way to make it larger and fill the screen again? Thanks

  217. I have Galaxy S Tab 10.5 when I am entering text in email or Internet search some of the letters or numbers on the keyboard get stuck the letter or number will constantly run and won’t stop until I reset or power off the device , is this a known issue and the device is only a month old

  218. I’m new to thedroidguy and was scrolling through these postings. A lot of interesting questions, but does anyone ever answer any of them?

  219. I dropped my s4 in water and quickly retrieved it and put it in rice. The problem is that when I turn it on the screen won’t light up. It has sound but no light. Any recomensations are appreciated.

  220. I’ve got a galaxy s4 that I never got activated sprint network how can I get the gsm unlocked or the sim unlocked to use it for a different carrier I don’t have a place to enter unlock ? code when power ? on and the *#0011# just says no service my phone ? is rooted with access to anything I want to do of only there was a way to delete what was blocking the phone ? from reading the sim any answeres or am I just stuck

  221. I wrote to you recently about my Samsung Galaxy SII these are the issues :
    Texting then ‘Force Close’
    My problems started about 3 weeks ago now when it was failing to enter the Text facility. I cannot view, write nor compose any text.
    Very long story short, Samsung chap ‘Ibby’, got me to do a Reboot (NOT a factory reset) the chap ‘promising’ that it wouldn’t change anything! It did !
    Since this rebbot, where previously is was ONLY the texting that was a problem, I am now unable to use the cameras, the alarm clocks (it can turn on the current ones on those days but no changes can be made), all pictures have gone and I am really worried that I have now possibly lost ALL the texts. I get constant and ongoing dialogue boxes telling me something isn’t working and ‘Force Close’ is the only option.
    I wonder if a software update might sort this – but will it?
    I wonder if a factory reset will sort everything ? But as I would lose all the texts for sure I haven’t wanted to do this (yet) until I have exhausted every possibility of saving the texts.!
    Please help if you can, it would be so very appreciated. 😀

  222. I have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (GTP7500) and note 2. In both of them I have installed Bit Web Server and then Prestashop. Both Installations are successful and am able to create a local store for myself. However when I try to add the logo for my store, the “Add File” button does nothing. Can someone help me on this.

  223. I have a Samsung s5 and have a lot of emails that show in my inbox but I can not flip them up to read them or delete them. Any suggestions

  224. I have a brand new Galaxy s3. I can text all of my contacts. However a prox 10 of them can only succesfully text me back on a group msg. When they send an individual text to me I do not recieve it. Any suggestions? Is the phone defective?

  225. I am having problems with my samsung galaxy s4. Whenever I would have headphones on s voice would interrupt my music so I went into my applications and turned it off. After that Google voice started interrupting my music. I turned that off. Now if I have headphones in my music will automatically turn on when not being used pause skip etc… please help. Thank you

  226. Problem with my Samsung S2. Can’t call as the key board has limited to only 3digits and impossible to punch in the 4th number. Was also unable to accessed to my text messages. Neither sending or receving. It hang and return to the main menu. I would like to knw hw to fix the problem. Is the SIM card is full ? Do I hve to reset or reboot the phone ? Thanks.

  227. I can get my videos to play with sound but do not get the video portion on my Samsung Galaxy s3,Android version?I was trying to save battery consumption and must have cut-off something as i did get back my mobile data but need your help with the video portion,THANKS.

  228. i have a samsung galaxy s4 the keybord has replaced enter (wrongside L) with send.
    how can i get it back

  229. I have a Samsung Note 3, recently it tried to do an update without permission and it got “stuck” in the process. None of my apps work including my photo gallery, all I can do is send/receive texts and send/receive calls. The Samsung Tech referred to it as an App crash. It will not connect to the internet either. Upon contacting Samsung they told me to download Kies3 and back up my phone, however, Kies3 is not compatible with my computers operating system and security settings. At this point I am ready to do a factory reset on it but my pictures are still on the phone somewhere, I just can’t access them. I know they are there because they are showing up as space used just not physically there. Hope that is not confusing. When I went to AT&T to have them look at it the guy said that someone somehow “rooted” aka unlocked my phone… was I hacked?? He told me the phone was pretty much junk at this point and I should get a new one… sales technique?? Do you have any ideas before I do a factory reset and loose all of my daughters baby pics forever??

  230. my Samsung Galaxy S5 has suddenly stopped syncing my photos to my Facebook album. Someone PLEASE help. As a mom, this is my favorite feature. thanks

  231. Recently my phone was updated to OS 4.4.4. Now, when I reboot, the Hands Free option comes on. I turn it off. It comes on by default. It’s useful, but I’d rather make the choice myself. How do I fix it?

  232. Hi there. This is probably a real noob question but, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I would like to know how I can add “pages” to my homescreen so I can add more app icons? Thanks in advance!

  233. my galaxy s2 wont charge, when plug in charger it says temp hot n wont charge, even though phone is not hot, i tried to take battery out few hours and try again but does same thing

  234. I have Redmi 1S and Redmi Tab 4G. While connecting them with the internet to syncronise, the following problems occur.
    1. Debugging icon does not appear.
    2. on the internet screen an app APP RETREIVER appears in the mobile of the screen and prompts to tap whereas it does not appear in both. Help me.

  235. I did a systems update on 12-23-2014 on my Galaxy Note 3. After the update, I can no longer tap on a address in my calendar and it take me to maps / navigation. Did a setting get changed during the update?

  236. My Samsung galaxy s4 mini doesn’t have wifi connection with most of the routers except for the few such as Tp – link, Tenda . It says saved, secured. Please help me to solve this problem.

  237. Does anyone know what the best turn by turn GPS navigation app is for Samsung Galaxy 4?
    Specifically, I want to be able to see step by step how the app is planning to send me, so I can avoid wrong destinations while driving. Thank you

  238. I just got a Samsung Galaxy S 5. I have easily connected to my home wifi. However, once connected, nothing works. Facebook sign in fails, Google can’t load search results. The signal is strong. If I “forget” the set-up and reconnect, everything works. If I turn the wifi off and reconnect, everything fails again. I have to forget the set-up and begin again to get the connection to work. I never had this problem with my S 3. What gives? I’ve checks all the settings and all looks fine. What’s going on? Don’t know if this is related, but I can’t connect to my car’s Bluetooth either. The system sees the phone and the phone sees the system, but they will not pair. This is is huge problem, as I commute 50 miles one way to work every day. I need my Bluetooth connection in the car!

  239. i was on youtube clicked to watch a vid a screen poped up that website unavalable now my phone won’t let me do anything i even hard booted it and the unavalable screen is still there

  240. Is it normal to have a black box every time i go to unistal or move and app ? And why does my phone some times randomly go black for a couple of seonds and i have to hold the home button to get it back to a normal screen if you can help me please email me at [email protected] please and thank you
    The picture is what it does when i go to move apps please let me know what i can do to fix it thanks

  241. Help! I can’t seem to close different screens that open, as there is no ‘X’ symbol available and pressing the home key or swiping the screen doesn’t help. The next time I open the app, it is still there. This has happened in messages as well as other apps. Any suggestions?

  242. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I accidently cleaned it with windex and then the screen went black. I changed the screen but it didn’t help. What should I do?

  243. I have a Samsung s4 (Verizon) As you know they come factory unlocked. So I am using AT&T on the phone. It is rooted. I recently had the update to the VRUFNG6 well I lost my root plus it started rebooting over and over (NOT STUCK IN BOOTLOOP) .Then realized I couldn’t root it again, so after thinking about it, I flashed the VRUFNG5 kernel and it rooted fine, then I flashed the Vrufng6 back and all is well. (At least I thought) It reboots about 50 times a day again. Please tell me how to make this stop. It even reboots during calls. I don’t want to break my phone, but I get so mad at times, I just wanna throw the darn thing at the wall. I feel its the update that is doing this,,,

  244. I have the at&t 4.4.2 G3 And recently got a small OTA update and all I noticed was the letter on build # changed from d to f… Just wondering what this update was for and when can I expect to see some of these rumored bigger & better updates?? Thanx in advance..

  245. Samsung galaxy s4 active won’t let me use the menu/print option anymore. Gives me error message now unable to use this print option.

  246. Why I can’t hear any sound while receiving the call from messenger in Samsung galaxy note 3. please any body can help me?

  247. Outgoing will not connect to email server unless connected to WiFi – I have tried the stock email application and Aquamail and called my ISP,, which proved my email.
    I have configured my phone to use . While I can receive email, I can’t send email unless I am connected to WIFI. I
    spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Charter support. I was told that Charter Call Center only support laptops . Mobile devices aren’t
    support except for the information below c/p from Charter WebSite.
    Does mobile charter email work for you without WiFi? If yes, what settings are you using and what email app? THANKS in Advance.
    Note: gmail works. I can send/ receive email without WIFI enable.

    Mobile Email Settings
    Use these settings when setting up your Email on a mobile device. (Laptop computers, Smartphone, PDA, Tablet Computer, eReader, etc…)
    Note: For the best user experience and to ensure the best connection between your computers and mobile devices Charter recommends that
    you use these settings for your laptop computers and mobile devices
    Username: [email protected] (Make sure you enter after your username or you will be unable to login)
    Password: The password you use to login to your email account
    SSL: This setting should be on for both SMTP and IMAP
    Protocol: IMAP
    Incoming Email Server:
    Port: 993
    Outgoing Email Server:
    Port: 587

  248. Hi please help, i recently went to a phito shop i used bluetooth to send a photo to get printed,now when i go to my gallery and select a photo the delete button is not visable the only way i can delete photos is connecting to my laptop… do i fix it so the bin reappears and the bluetooth icon is gone when i go into gallery and look at photos ????

  249. Scrabble app can’t connect to facebook. Tried reinstalling both apps. Changed FB pwd. No luck. Anyone have a fix for this?

  250. hi i have a samsung galaxy s3 with jb 4.1.2 nd im facing a problem of connection problem or invalid mmi code and unable to make calls and sms from my phone,,,,,,plzz hlp……


  252. facing the same problem.. and I have Galaxy Note 3.. searched a lot on the web but no solution.. and I though I was the only one facing this problem but no, I am not alone 🙁
    I had the same problem when I had Galaxy Note 3 Neo, that phone had not even received any update!
    contact me on my personal email: [email protected] if you have got a solution to the problem. thanks

  253. Hello out there,
    My phones problem started out with broken front glass and still worked then it stopped lighting up when the power button is pushed, please help???

  254. I have an Android S3 that I recently updated to the newest OS. Since then it randomly rings like an old landline phone, 2 short rings and stops. It is not an indication of any alerts as I have turned all of them off and turned off all sound to no avail. It also drains my battery very quickly. How can I stop the ringing? I have my service with Verizon.

  255. Does anyone know how to access my android on-screen keyboard set-up to stop it changing my keyed-in text. It’s becoming extremely annoying. Sometimes I contact friends in Spanish and the text keeps getting changed to English words ie ‘es to is’.

  256. since i bought this phone im unable to access my bank text messages , this very frastrating

  257. Hi I have a Samsung galaxy s3 unlocked, when I turn it on the network does not connect? I have also tried resting the phone but nothing works. Any help would held alot

  258. Gmail doesn’t sync when s4 is on lock screen and on mobile data. Works fine on wifi. Any suggestions. Thanks

  259. Hi,
    I upgraded my note 2 (GT-N7100) to JellyBean 4.3. Now I cannot change
    language from English to Arabic by swyping “space key”. Actually, I cannot
    change the language at all. I am using Samsung Keyboard with two languages
    (Arabic and English). Appreciate for any help.

  260. My S3 froze the other day and turned itself off now it just gets stuck on the ‘samsung galaxy s3’ start up screen, i can acess the phone at all or anything on it even if i hook it up to my laptop.

  261. How can I intall adobe flash.player in galaxy s4? Bcs it’s no longer available in play store. Though it’s vital for web browsing

  262. I recently update my OS to kitkat 4.4.2 and my keyboard is giving me trouble when ever i open the emoji keyboard it pops upward and does not replace the text which it usually is supposed to do

  263. Hi, I have a SG note 2 that is connected to my car sound system speaker BlueTooth so I have a hands free comunication. Here is my problem…during the middle of my communication my SG note 2 disconnecte from my car Blue tooth. I have no choice but to put up my phone and continue my conversation. Very frustrating because (in California) it is against the law to hold your phone & talk why you drive.

    Please help
    Henry A.

  264. when i press a video to play it on facebook i don’t get the prompt message on complete using… the video is playing directly and i’m sure i ve no default player
    need help what can i do to get the prompt back

  265. I have a verizon samsung note 2 and the power button is not working… it wasn’t a big deal until my phone died today and now I’m unable to turn it back on. Any suggestions? I’ve tried putting it on the charger, taking it off and quickly taking out the battery and putting it back in. I’ve also tried holding down the volume buttons, but nothing has worked.

  266. I would like you to send me a free Samsung galaxy tablet with a sim card that I can get internet service.LANA CARTER ,ADDRESS:LAKES NEW ROAD ST.ANDREW BARBADOS WEST INDIES

  267. I want to download a classic old fashioned ringtone – brr brr, as the S3 has all sorts of irritating sounds sort of Happy Desert or Hippy Waterfall=Types. Please help???

  268. Veveo just released a universal quick search app called vtap QuickSearch that can be downloaded on Android phones from GooglePlay. This app does most of what was removed from the Samsung Nexus and Galaxy S III, due to the Apple injunction.

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