fix skype echo problem on galaxy s20

How to deal with Skype Echo Problem on Galaxy S20

Is your Galaxy S20 Skype app echoing? If the sound during your Skype call seems repeated or reflected back, then you’re likely dealing with the Skype echo problem. Hearing these echos can be disturbing and may adversely affect the overall Skype call. Should you wish to carry out some basic troubleshooting on your end before

cannot upload photos to facebook from galaxy s20

Cannot Upload Photos to Facebook from Galaxy S20 [Quick Fixes]

Uploading photos on Facebook is a straightforward process given the app’s very user-friendly interface. Nonetheless, there are also many factors that can make such a simple procedure a bit strenuous. To give you some input, I’ve lined up a few simple procedures that are likewise deemed potential solutions to a relevant issue on the Facebook

fix skype audio delay not syncing

Skype Audio is Delayed, audio out of sync [Easy Fixes]

Video and audio lags also known as Skype lag are among the common issues encountered by Skype users when using the platform for webinars and conferences. Read on to learn why such problems occur and what to do when faced with the same dilemma with Skype. Here’s what to do if Skype audio is delayed

fix skype no sound android 10

Skype has no sound on Android 10 but video works[Quick Fix]

This post highlights potential solutions to audio problems with Skype app on Android 10. Here’s a quick guide on how to troubleshoot on Skype that has no sound on Android 10 but video works just fine. What causes audio problems on Skype? No sound problem like when you can’t hear the other person on the


What to do if you’re Unable to Connect to Skype on Android 10

Wondering why you’re unable to connect to Skype on your Android phone? If so, then this post explicates the possible reasons why such error occurs when using Skype app on an Android device. Should you wish to troubleshoot the problem, I’ve also mapped out some simple workarounds and potential solutions you can try. Read on for

changing Netflix Playback Speed

How To Speed Up And Slow Down Netflix Playback Speed

While not all, some Netflix users are wondering if there’s a way to change playback speed when watching shows. After all, Google’s Youtube has variable playback speed already and it works well just fine.  Netflix has tried incorporating the feature in an experiment for some users but the biggest source of friction to the idea

How to build an electric car

With electric car’s now quickly taking center stage, some folks are wondering how manufacturers are going about building them. Now, we’re not going to take you step-by-step on how a manufacturer builds an electric car, but we are going to at least try to answer most of the questions that surround the process, such as

External Hard Drive

6 Best Way to Transfer Files to New Computer

Let’s say you bought a new computer to replace your old one. This means you may also need files and documents from your older computer to be transferred onto the new system. Achieving this can prove to be one of the trickiest and most time-consuming processes out there. Keeping this in mind, we’re going to

How to remove or hide the notch on Essential Phone PH-1

Hiding the notch on Essential Phone PH-1 is easy. Like in most Android phones that sport a notch, there are two ways to do it. For those who don’t have an idea what a notch is, it’s the circle on top of the screen that houses the selfie or front-facing camera. Check out the two

How to edit a Contact on Galaxy S10 (easy steps)

Changing some information in a particular contact can be performed easily on Galaxy S10. If you’re looking for a tutorial how to edit your contacts, follow the steps below. NOTE: With Android 8 and later, you can no longer assign a message notification sound or tone for your contacts. How to edit a Contact on

How To Unlock AT&T Phone For Free

Picked up a new smartphone off of AT&T’s network, and now you’re wondering how you can unlock the phone to use on other networks. Typically, when you buy a phone from a carrier, it is locked onto that carrier’s network, meaning you cannot take an AT&T phone and immediately go over to Verizon or T-Mobile.

How To Repair Cracked Screen On Google Pixel Phone

Are you bummed about a cracked screen on your Google Pixel phone? Don’t worry, you do have some options. The best options to get your cracked screen repairs is to either purchase a screen replacement kit online and attempt the repair yourself, or you can bring the phone to a professional shop to repair it