Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SMS & MMS Problems [Part 1]

If you are having problems sending or receiving SMS or MMS on your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you have come to the right site. We know how annoying it can be not to receive or send text messages or if you have an SMS- or MMS-related problem so we believe the issue is worth focusing here in our community.

S6 Edge SMS

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 has no Message Center option, cannot send SMS

Hello lovely people @thedroidguy.

So I have read through your answers about the problem I have but unfortunately it hasn’t solved the issue I’m having….

I bought an unlocked Samsung S6 in America & I use my pay as go T-Mobile SIM card in it – it works fine in the States.

However I live in England and arrived home yesterday and put my pay as you go GiffGaff SIM card into my phone and changed all the APN settings and the data and phone works fine APART FROM TEXTING.

I have seen your advice on going to Messages – Settings – ‘More Settings – Text Messages – and there here you say to change message centre number. BUT I don’t even have that option on my phone. It’s not like it’s even there but blocked out. I just don’t have the message centre number on my phone. And I currently can’t send any texts, it says ‘invalid contact’ and ‘text message failed’ every time I try to send a text.

I have tried clearing the data cache on the messages setting and applications and this didn’t work. And I have also tried factory resetting the phone but this didn’t work.

Is there any advice you can give me, it would be very very much appreciated.

I also went to my local Samsung store and they said because I purchased the phone in America they can’t help.

Kindest regards and very eagerly waiting your reply. — Joanna

Solution: Hi Joanna. If your device has an incorrect message center number, you will be prevented from sending a text message like what you are experiencing right now. Can you edit the message center option if you use your T-Mobile SIM card? If yes, try to input the correct message center number for your location in England, then swipe the SIM card again. If you’ll continue being unable to access the message center option even when the T-Mobile SIM is inserted, there must some kind of a firmware lock that’s causing it. You may want to consider having the firmware re-flashed by professionals to enable this feature.

You can also try to root your phone to regain access to this option. We have no rooting tutorials at this time but you can refer to XDA Forums on how to root an S6.

Problem #2: How to set up Samsung Galaxy S6 auto reply

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6…just recently I have had trouble with auto-reply texts. For instance…If I am on a text list for my job and they send out a text for me to reply JOIN to or YES or whatever…every time I do…it comes back and says it failed..message not sent. I have looked in the settings but I do not know where to go to fix this. I found your address on Google. Can you help? Thanks so much…much appreciated! — Lisa

Solution: Hi Lisa. Please follow these steps in setting up quick reply for your device:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Edge lighting.
  • Tap Quick reply.
  • Turn on Quick reply.
  • Tap on Quick reply messages option to compose a new customized quick reply message that you want.

As an alternative, you can also use third party apps from Google Play Store like  Auto reply to give you the same functionality.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not receiving SMS after using Hangout

Hi. So having a big texting issue. Recently bought the Galaxy S6, upgraded from HTC One 1st edition. On Sprint network. Used to use Hangouts for texting. Set it up on my S6 when i got it about a month ago as well. Decided i preferred the native Samsung text app for texting and tried to disable SMS in the hangouts app. It said it was disabled but i still continued to receive texts in Hangouts and only got MMS in the Samsung app. I tried disabling the entire hangouts App on my S6 but then i just didn’t get any texts at all. Logged on to my PC last night to find a bunch of missed texts in hangouts on my computer. I then disabled the ability to receive SMS through Hangouts on my PC as well. So now i can’t get SMS on my default Samsung app, and even if i try turning SMS back on in the Hangouts mobile app. I still don’t get SMS there either. I can’t even check on PC now as it sends the two step verification code through text to log in (which I’m not receiving). I’ve tried restarting, turning airplane mode on and off, and disabling the hangouts app with no luck. Please help me! Thanks in advance. — Justin

Solution: Hi Justin. Have you tried setting the stock Samsung Messages app as the default in your phone? If you haven’t, please follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for Default Messaging App. We can’t be more specific here as Galaxy S6 settings menus vary by carrier.
  • Select Messages as your default.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unable to send text SMS

I got my phone about a month ago and all of the sudden I can’t send text messages to anyone. I have T-Mobile and I have restarted my phone about four times.  I have no idea how to fix this and i need my phone for work.  Thank you for reading this and I would like to thank you in advanced for helping me. — Morgan

Solution: Hi Morgan. Please ensure that the message center number is correct. Here’s how to check an S6’s message center:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap More settings.
  • Tap Text messages.
  • Enter 12063130004 as the Message center number. If that won’t work, try using 12063130004.

If you continue to experience the same problem, we suggest that you seek the help of T-Mobile.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not give notification for incoming message when Messages app is open

Dear Droid Guy. Thank you for your website. 

I hope you can help me. I looked through the troubleshooting issues you list on your website but did not see the problems I am having.

I have seen my primary problem listed on another site but no solution given. My problem is when I have a certain text conversation open (or left the phone screen there), when that person texts me there is NO NOTIFICATION sound. It will only sound if I am out of that conversation, such as on all texts messages people list or further out, like home screen. This is MOST ANNOYING as I am missing messages! And sometimes, it’s very important!

The other problem I am having is responses to texts being listed BEFORE the text I sent even though their response came AFTER mine. This is not as annoying as the above complaint but has caused me to miss messages also especially if it is hidden just by position on the screen.

I very much appreciate your attention to my issues and look forward to hearing if you can help.

THANK YOU!!! — Barbara

Solution: Hi Barbara. Your first concern is actually pretty normal behavior for Android. The device no longer notifies a user either via vibrate or sound if the Message app is opened as it assumes you are actually paying attention to the new message. We know this can sometimes not be true but this is how the app is designed to work so there’s really nothing that we can do. We haven’t tried third party SMS apps but you may want to test them out to see if they can give you what you are looking for. Some of the popular messaging apps today include Go SMS Pro, Textra, Handcent, Chomp, and Hello SMS.

The most likely reason for your second concern is the configuration of your device’s data and time. Please do the following to resolve the issue:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Date and time.
  • Enable Automatic date and time.

Turning on Automatic date and time will sync your phone’s date and time with that of your carrier. This should fix your problem.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge predictive text issue, getting duplicate SMS

Hi The Droid Guy!

I searched for solutions on popular issues with the S6 Edge and came across your site. I haven’t found the solution to my issue but saw that I can email you about it.

My issues are the following:

Issue #1 – the Keyboard – when I’m typing in words, and if I type normal speed or fast, sometimes the words will double up and then post multiple times. For example, if I’m typing the following sentence, “sometimes I like to dance,” it will type out “sometimes I sometimes I sometimes I sometimes I like to dance.”  I have no idea if it’s a glitch from the predictive text side. It just seems as though if I’m typing fast, the predictive text isn’t catching up. This never happened with my Galaxy S3.

Issue #2 – Receiving Messages – for the past couple of weeks this has been happening. If someone texts me, I receive 2  notifications. The first notification is as if my phone is telling me there’s an incoming message and it’ll sometimes read that it’s from a “hidden sender,” then the next notification is the text from the actual person. The other times the first notification will be a message from the actual person but it’ll say in the quick response “message being received. Expires blah blah blah, time blah blah.” Haha you get the idea. Then the second notification, will be the actual text message from that person. It is driving me insane because I’m getting double notifications, and sometimes the messages don’t load. For example I still have 2 messages from one person still “downloading” and this is from Monday.

I’m not sure what to do, but it’s starting to get annoying and I can’t find any solutions. I’ve restarted my phone before, and it doesn’t solve the issues. I’m hoping that with the latest Android update coming, this might fix the issue, issue but until then I’m coming to you in hopes that you can help me out and hopefully other people with the same issues.

Thank you so much for your time! I truly appreciate your blog and the services you’re willing to provide!

Best regards. — Siomara

Solution: Hi Siomara. To address both issues, try to delete the cache and data of whatever messaging app you are using. This should resolve whatever performance issue you are having with a particular app.

Predictive text can sometimes malfunction resulting to freezing of the app or causing incorrect words to be selected. Typing too fast can also result to the first issue you have so try to slow down a bit when composing your messages.

That’s all of it for now. We hope that this article gives you effective solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SMS & MMS problems.

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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge but after doing a restart on my phone I am unable to view text messages from my husband. I can receive text messages and view them from everyone else and he can receive them from me, but I am unable to view his text messages. I do receive notification that he sent a text but when I open it it goes to a blank text screen, any help is greatly appreciated. Both phones have been restarted and we also replaced the SIM cards and we are still having this issue.

  2. Hello. How do I get my settings fixed to send and receive photos? I’ve tried the apn settings but something is still not right.

  3. my fiance has a Galaxy S6 in the after the update to the marshmallow firmware she can no longer send text messages to other Galaxy users how do I fix this

  4. Hi, please i really need help with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it’s Unlocked, I Can’t Receive or Send MMS. Please help. And can’t MMS be sent and Receive using a WiFi? I Hope you be of help to this problem, Thank you. Adams

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