Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge No Command Error & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S6Edge is a flagship phone released in 2015 that is best known for having a curved display. It uses a dual glass design structure with a metal frame making the phone solid and premium. It also has similar hardware specs to the regular S6 phone. Some of the great features of this phone include its 5.1″ Super AMOLED  QHD display, octa core processor with 3GB of RAM, 16MP rear camera, and its 2600 mAh battery. Although this is a solid performing device there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S6 Edge no command error & other related problems.

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S6 Edge No Command Error

Problem: Hi. My Samsung galaxy S6 edge  is just 2,5 years old- Two days ago I would like to turn on my phone when I recognized it is not working. Firstly I just tried to escape from the frozen mode. Then I googled it pressed the volume down, and the power button and the home. But it just showed me the odin mode and asked me to download the O2 system. I escaped from the odin mode and tried the button pushing again but now I can see the samsung logo on the screen and an android which say ‘No command’. What should I do ? Is it probably a software or hardware problem ? It is absolutely died. I am looking forward to your reply.

Solution: The no command error that occurs on an android device could be caused by different factors. It can occur when Super Users access has been cancelled during the installation of an app or when you try to reset your phone.

The best way to fix this problem is to boot the phone in recovery mode then do a factory reset from here. Take note that the reset will erase your phone data.

S6 Edge Only Works When Connected To Charger After Getting Wet

Problem: hi i dropped my s6 edge in the toilet and removed it asap. I dried it out and a week later tried to turn it on, however, it would only turn on and work fine whilst connected to the charger. I can’t do a factory reset as I am unable to backup everything on my phone. The phone wont connect to my laptop with the charger cable either.

Solution: It looks like some component inside the phone has been damaged possibly the power IC. The best way to proceed in this case is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Edge Randomly Turns Off Takes Too Long To Turn On

Problem: hi, i live in the uk and i brought a Samsung galaxy S6 Edge second hand in June 2016, it come with a 12 month warranty, i bought it from eBay uk, it has been fine since i brought it, up until about 7 days ago, when i noticed it wasn’t on, so i tried to turn it back on and it would not. After a few simulate battery pulls it will turn on.  i have to do this every time it turns itself off,i have tried many diagnostics apps from google play store, and they are all coming back that battery is fine, etc, i think it could be a hardware or software issue, unless its a common fault of some other kind, i have not done any recent updates or anything, all i have down is a factory reset, and installed no other apps at all just left everything standard settings and it still turns itself off, i don’t believe the battery as the guy from eBay said it is the problem, i think he is lying to me, as sometimes the battery will stay on all day .i really dont think its a battery issue, going on what i am seeing with my own eyes and the many different apps i have tried,i think he is saying that as when i emailed him about what the phone is doing and i don’t believe its the battery,he totally ignored that statement i made,when i said about the battery, and said yes you are right it does come with a 12 month warranty,but the battery does not,he obviously didn’t want to properly take note of my email, but that was last week, and since then i have tried many apps etc and everything is always coming back that i have a good battery,and i personally believe i have as-well,do you no off any known issues that could be causing this,as if its out of my hands ,i think i should sent it back,but i think this guy is going to try to be difficult,if you could help or advice, would be most grateful, Many Thanks

Solution: If you have already performed a factory reset and the issue still occurs then this is most likely caused by a failing hardware component possibly the power IC or the battery. The only way to determine what component is failing to work is to have the phone checked at a service center.

S6 Edge Upper Display Unresponsive

Problem: Actually the upper display of my mobile samsung galaxy s6 edge has stopped working, I am unable to see the notifications even am unable to swipe the shutter for wifi and other functions .Can’t i shift the upper functions to downside of display?? Plzzz help me

Solution: The best thing that you can do right now is to check if the issue is caused by a software glitch. Try to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

In case the problem still occurs after the reset then the problem is most likely caused by a faulty digitizer. You will need to have this checked at a service center.

S6 Edge Shutting Off Randomly

Problem: My phone was originally purchased with Verizon. Once my contract was up, I switched to another carrier. I called Verizon and they told me they had unlocked the phone. I have moved to Ecuador, and am using Movistar. I am able to use their service with my phone. I have the SIM card installed on this phone. My issues are below:

  1. When i restart my phone, i still receive the Verizon Wireless logo at startup.

( I would like to stop receiving this message)

  1. I am always receiving the message: SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless

( I would like to remove this message from the phone as well)

  1. After a factory reset, the touchscreen pad is acting strange. The active windows will pop-up sporadically, and windows within the windows will also pop-up sporadically.
  2. Recently, the phone has been shutting off, and it is difficult to restart it.

I have backed up my phone, and am wondering if a factory reset is the answer to my issues. I believe in order to do a factory reset, the phone needs to be rooted. I have not performed this task, and wanted to ask you what i should do before I performed any tasks. Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Solution: You should definitely do a factory reset to check if the problem is caused by a software glitch. This reset can be performed even if the phone is not rooted. In case the issue still occurs after the reset then this might already be caused by a failing hardware component in which case you will have to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

The Verizon logo that you see at startup and the “SIM card is not from Verizon wireless” error message that you are getting is due to the software that the phone is using. If you would like this to disappear then you will have to flash the phone with a non-Verizon firmware. You can get this firmware file from the Sammobile website.

S6 Edge Only Turns On when Plugged To Charger

Problem: My s6 Edge only comes on while plug in to the charger, however while charging phone gets really hot and so I will have to unplug it to cool down and then plug it back in again. Others days if its not hot and charging it only reaches a certain percentage of charge and just stays there it doesn’t go to full 100.

Solution: It looks like the problem is already caused by a faulty hardware component possibly the power IC or the battery. The best troubleshooting step you can do is to perform a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. If the issue still persists after the reset then you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked,

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