Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Troubleshooting

Welcome to our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Troubleshooting page. It will contain all links to our posts about the Galaxy S6 Edge, the designer version of the company’s 2015 flagship smartphone. While the device is offered on a higher price range, we believe it will become a hit with its wraparound screen. That is why it’s necessary for us to create a separate troubleshooting page for it.

27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Troubleshooting”

  1. hi, I am using my s6 edge for 3 years almost and its was ok till today’s morning. on today I placed it on charging and went to get ready for the office , when I came back my phone was not working neither opening nor charging nothing is happening to it only a red light is there (the light that indicates phone is charging) even the charger is disconnected I don’t know what to do plz help me out in this matter I want my phone back plz reply me soon

  2. My s6 eage won’t let me conned to my Wi-Fi I will put in the password then it says it’s conned but then show a examination point besids it somo me plz help

  3. My galaxy s6egde keep turning off and on thats giving me alot of problem i cant even use it anymore ???

  4. I want to update my samsung s6 edge software but I downloaded software so most 2 years ago and never received new ones it keeps saying already installed. The last time I got an update my sound from low battery disappeared I tried to fact reset it 3 times and nothing happened… how can I fix it please

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