Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Troubleshooting


Welcome to our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Troubleshooting page. It will contain all links to our posts about the Galaxy S6 Edge, the designer version of the company’s 2015 flagship smartphone. While the device is offered on a higher price range, we believe it will become a hit with its wraparound screen. That is why it’s necessary for us to create a separate troubleshooting page for it.

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27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Troubleshooting”

  1. hi, I am using my s6 edge for 3 years almost and its was ok till today’s morning. on today I placed it on charging and went to get ready for the office , when I came back my phone was not working neither opening nor charging nothing is happening to it only a red light is there (the light that indicates phone is charging) even the charger is disconnected I don’t know what to do plz help me out in this matter I want my phone back plz reply me soon

  2. My s6 eage won’t let me conned to my Wi-Fi I will put in the password then it says it’s conned but then show a examination point besids it somo me plz help

  3. My galaxy s6egde keep turning off and on thats giving me alot of problem i cant even use it anymore ???

  4. I want to update my samsung s6 edge software but I downloaded software so most 2 years ago and never received new ones it keeps saying already installed. The last time I got an update my sound from low battery disappeared I tried to fact reset it 3 times and nothing happened… how can I fix it please

  5. My Samsung galaxy s6edge has gone on black screen with Samsung on it flashing Samsung word it won’t go of or on please help me

  6. my samsung galaxy s6 edge show emergency call only but they is sim card what will be the problem

  7. HI, I acquired a random lock screen wallpaper and can’t get rid of it. I have tried deleting themes and resetting and reboot.

  8. Yes I’m having the same issues and in some emails I don’t see where it says show images. Can someone help me please

  9. If you have a Google account go to your Google account open the account settings look for your dashboard click on it you will have to enter password again then it should open you’re dashboard I think about 2nd or 3rd down you’re list is setting about your Google play store, look across it to devices connected to my account. Click on it and you should be able to see a list of devices ,should have you’re device listed and all devices currently or past connected with your device.

  10. I have a new S6 edge model SM-G925F running on Android Version 5.1.1
    When I go to my phone to place a call it gives me the following message:
    “unfortunately, Call + for Galaxy S6 has stopped”

    When I press ok I am able to continue the call. Please advise how to fix this issue.

  11. I have a new s6 edge SM-G928C that i tried to root with odin. Igot the root working but on reboot the phone only goes to samsung logo and hangs. i would like to rest the phone to factory defaults but can’t even switch it off. I downloaded the Stock V1.5 AOK1 package but cannot get the boot.img to open so I dont have any tar files. could someone please assist in restoring this unit to factory settings?

  12. I have three pictures sent to me by e-mail that I want to print off plus more of one of the pictures. How do I do it?

  13. any one having issues viewing emails every time i open a email i need to click show images so i can see everything or load more

  14. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus – T Mobile

    I bought this phone last week and I love everything about it, with the exception of the text messaging with attachments. I found that if you tried to add a picture to a text, it will only send the pic without the text. I found a work around and that was to create a new, blank text, type in what you want, add the pic or any attachment and THEN add the contact and it would work. You can’t do it in a conversation that already exists or if you add the contact prior to the attachment.
    Two days ago, I wake up at 5;30 AM and see that there is an update ready for my phone. I go ahead and start it and wait for it to complete. When it’s done, the issue had been corrected and I was happy. Well, this morning when I woke up, there was another update ready for my phone and so I started and and waited for it to complete. When it was finished… boom, the attachment issue in texting is back. I can no longer add a picture or any attachment and have it send with the words I have typed unless I add the contact last. It’s back to sending the pic or attachment off by itself.

  15. My new samsung galaxy worked fine when i got it. Its been almost a week since iv brought it.
    Transfered everything from my old phone to my new phone.
    I have been playing my games on my new phone without a problem.
    Today im having problems playing them.
    The sensitivity feels very poor.
    I can not play the games anymore
    Or text very fast.
    Its driving me mad trying to touch to move on or select.
    It does not recognise my touch. Im having to press hard still does not recognise my touch.
    Where do i find the sensitivity option on my phone.
    Can any1 help.

  16. My s6 edge won’t charge normally, only if you press the wire down.
    What can i do to stop this? buy a new one?

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