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  1. When responding to emails I get a message that says ” loading messages” and it prevents me from responding to that email. I have a Galaxy s5 Kernel version. Please help me if you can
    Thank you

  2. Just recently when trying to reply to an email I get a box that says loading messages and it prevents me from responding to that email. It happens 90% of the time. I have a Galaxy s5. I’m not sure what version you need but I see 2 here: Kernel Version and Baseband Version. I would appreciate any help you can give me
    Thank you

  3. Not only does my S5 turn off in my pocket, but if I lay it down for a bit. As long as it’s on the charger, it stays on. How can I fix it?

  4. Hi

    My Galaxy S5 is working and then suddenly restarted. logo comes up and that’s it! I have to remove battery and bring it back and start to work again (some times I have to remove battery 2 or 3 times).
    it happened sometime! one day working or every half an hour!
    please help me with the issue.


  5. I changed from US Cellular to Verizon with my GS5 Unlocked by US Cellular. Everything works as it should except I can only get 3G and not 4G. Is this a problem that can be fixed before I have to upgrade to a new Verizon phone?

  6. Hello. I have a Samsung s5. And for like the forth time this year, my phone has said unfortunately, phone has stopped. When I have an incoming call. The first three times the technician deleted everything on my phone to get rid of the problem. When they were suppose to save everything to my SD card. How can I get rid of this issue with deleting all my important information?

  7. Good morning I have a Samsung S5 the problem with it is that when starting up it only show. The Samsung logo and a blue light at the top is on can you please advise thanks

  8. How when on a call do I keep the other person from hearing when I am texting,or pressing buttons? Big issue

  9. SCL23 samsung galaxy s5 has stopped detecting sim card after an update.

    for the first two months it was working properly but after a software update of 133.33 mb for touchwiz it suddenly stopped detecting my sim card, i used the same sim card in an another phone, the sim was ok. when i tried another other sim card in the galaxy s5 it was not detecting it. Also i tried to register the mobile network but a message was displaying “insert sim card to access network”. i dont know what to do now as the phone was bought from japan but m using it in India. plz find a solution for this.

  10. When I talk on the phone my ear pressing on the screen is turning on the wifi, airplane mode disconnecting my call among other things. This is recent within the last 2 weeks.

  11. After my phone updated to Lollipop, I can no longer type in a contacts name and select their number to send a new text. I have to type in the phone number or go to my contacts. How can I fix this?

  12. when i drop some little amount of water(2-3 drops) on screen of s5…then touch screen is not working…! and when i remove that water(complete dry screen) it works normally…! what is problem here?

  13. Update Interrupted problem….tried numerous times to update with no
    success. Tried everything except factory reset. Talked to Android,
    AT&T and Samsung with no success. Please help.

  14. I connected my phone to my windows computer to delete some files but when i try to delete my downloaded files the computer shows and error message saying “Cannot delete file the storage is write-protected. Remove write-protection and try again.” How do I fix this?

  15. I used the clock function to set the alarm. Now a shadow of the alarm clock is on my screen and will not go away.

  16. I didn’t the last version ( lollipop ) on my s5 please help … i started being angry because all my friends have it pfff .. i fed up waiting !!!

  17. Hi..I just hope that someone helps me out..
    I am not inserting any headphon in my Samsung galaxy s5 but my cell is automatically defecting headphones means it’s automatically connecting and disconnecting…I clean the headphones port and did factory reset also to fix the issue but still it doesn’t work… please help me

  18. Hi! Thanks for all the troubleshooting help. 🙂

    This page is a great resource and I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’m hoping to find some help with a problem – today I found out that my local profile in my contacts list was gone. I have tried to recreate it, but the phone number area was grayed out and the number could not be added. I have read that this can be connected to google+, but I don;t use social networking and have never used g+. Any ideas about what I might try?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi, I have an issue, I get security notice that unauthorized action have been detected..
    It always says to restart.. And it’s annoying me..

    I did all the possibilities, I enabled/disbled the unauthorized app warnings, I did reset the phone twise, removed the SD card and used..
    I have the 4.2.2 android.. I haven’t updated it..

    But still I get it.. Can you advise me to sort this issue..

  20. My s5 has stopped speaking when I receive a text MSG after the update. Has this function been removed. I cant get it to speak without Talk back on and that makes the phone useless for me.

  21. I am using Samsung Galaxy S5 with Kitkat. From the last couple of days, most of the times when I am dialing any number I am getting a black horizontal strip (in the middle of the screen) showing Call (with a blue line) as pop up on the dialer but got stuck up there and not dialing for a long time. I tried to update to Lollipop with the hope that it may be resolved but without any luck. I tried on the internet to get an insight why it is happening and how to rectify the problem but of no use. I wonder if anyone has come across the same problem? If yes, any idea how to get rid of this?

  22. my two biggest issues with the new 5.0 on my s5
    1. there is no blackout theme, its too bright at night, is this going to be fixed with the next update?

    2. its overriding my notification vibrations,for my texts i have knock selected as the vibrate but since the update all the notification vibration will do is a long annoying one…this needs resolved

    besides that i like the overall interface better

  23. i just updated my galaxy S5 and now all my messages are weird all my new messgaes that come in a continued conversation start at the top of the screen instead of continuing on the bottom so the old messgaes are at the bottom and new messgaes at the top how do i change this back grrr

  24. Touched my phone while it was plugged in and charging and there was a large static electric shock between my finger and the phone. Phone went black and will not turn back on. Steady green light on at top left of phone. Did I totally fry it or is there hope?

  25. just down loaded last night now my alarm wont go off if my phone is on silent…Woke up 45 min late today… I tried to reset the interruption but that doesn’t work either. any suggestions.

  26. New development. Half of the time, when I press the home button, it brings up search, rather than going to my home screen.

    Very frustrating!


  27. Hello,
    Is there any way to delete the lollipop update? I’m not asking about ‘uninstalling’ the update or ‘reverting’ back to kitkat because I have not installed it. I was hoping not to have downloaded the update in the first place by not touching the ‘Update software’ button on the phone. Unfortunately, by not doing so, I did not realise that the automatically download update was checked. Now the update is ‘postponed’ and asks to install multiple times during the day.

    I have found two ‘Software update’ apps via the app manager, but I haven’t found a way to delete them. I was able to disable one of them, but I was not so lucky with the other one.

    I truly hope there is a way to get rid of them. Any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  28. after the update I can no longer use my cell data to go online or use any of my apps that require internet.

  29. After the lollipop update, my Chrome doesn’t work like it used to. How are you suppose to toggle back and forth between different tabs?

  30. After I put in my lock screen it does not work when I turn it off it just simply does the swipe lock not the pin or any other one

  31. Samsung Galaxy S5, since update to Lollipop: can’t answer incoming calls, battery was draining in two hours (had to follow instructions on this site to reset cache), sluggish jerky performance. FYI I have NEVER had this many issues with my iPhoneS after updates.

  32. No sound from my S5 mini because the phone shows that earphones are connected when they are not. Is there any solution?

  33. After the lollipop update now my keyboard doesn’t display when I click on the search text field on Google store. Actually when I click on the text field, it appears, and disappears instantaneously. I’m using the stock Samsung keyboard.

    It works fine on everything else, but not Google play.

  34. I keep getting a pop-up saying “Unfortunately, the process has stopped,” it says under it, “report” or “ok.” If I press “ok” it just pops back up, and over, and over again. When I press “report” it takes me to the place to write a report but pops back up again making it unable to type. It pops up every second, even when I’m trying to get to other apps! Please help!

  35. To solve alarm problem, drag two fingers from top of screen to bottom opening your shortcut buttons, select and drag the always interrupt/priority only tab into the first two rows. Alway select this button over sounds, vibrate, mute for alarm to work.

  36. I have the same issue regarding the led light!AFTER INSTALLING LOLLIPOP it doesn’t show me where there are notifications. and if i lost a call or received a message and grab my phone it doesn’t vibrate. I’m extremely unhappy with Lollipop. It has made my phone slower, very slow, and randomly apps stop working.

  37. my Samsung won’t notify me when I’ve got mail or on my splanner everything is switched on but nothing happens when I get mail or have a reminder

  38. My galaxy s5 doesn’t notify me when I have new messages since the update I have to keep checking my phone how do I fix this

  39. I updated my software and lost all the calendar info on Business Calendar app. Is there a way to recover it?

  40. I just got my gci galaxy s5 and I can receive messages and phone calls I can make phone calls and do everything but send a sms message I can send mms messages just not sms ones someone please help me!!

  41. I haven’t updated anything. I will get a notification in the notifications bar that I have received a text message (I use the default Message+) and if I swipe down, I can read what the message says. However, when I try to go to the Message+, either by tapping the notification or by tapping the app itself, the message disappears. This is only happening for one number. I have tried deleting the long conversation with this one number with no success.

  42. Good day.
    I have a problem connecting to facebook on s5 mini.
    I download fb and it work fine. It log out on fb. When i try to connect to fb again. It just gave me fb blue screen saying just a moment after a fee sec it goes of and back to my home screen. I uninstalled the app and reload it. But it still makes the same.
    Can anybody help me pls.
    Thank you

  43. Done the update and now my contacts are all messed up. Contacts beginning with ‘B’ are now in ‘C’ and some contacts are separated into 2, even though to select it (have it show 1 contact) I have to have select both contact names. Not sure what happened or how to fix it. Any help appreciated.

  44. Hi hoping someone can help. I recently updated software to lollipop. I’m using the email app for 2 accounts and the emails only come through when using mobile data, and not on wifi. I’ve tried various wifi networks but none come through and the min mobile data comes on emails come through. I’ve checked all sync settings and deleted and reader the email accounts but no joy. Anyone know any fixes? !

  45. My galaxy s5 data connection wont open..? The original carrier of my phone is t-mobile. And its already unlocked for all network. I dont get it. Not even a data connection sign is shown above.. texting and calls are pretty smooth and no problem. But my phone is not complete with out a data connection. Please help.

  46. Hi my Galaxy S5 was fine ,installed lollipop and ended with all sorts of issues, decided on a factory reset which worked perfectly phone now faster in all but the fact I have no mobile data!!!fine on wife? ??

  47. Hi there, massive problem. i’ve switched from iPhone 5 to samsung s5 last week, and every time i hook my phone up to my computer, it updates messages, which is fine, but it doesn’t stop. i hooked my phone up to my computer last night at 5.04pm and it’s now 9.08am and messages have been updating constantly, and are only 59% complete, and i can’t get it to stop… help! i can’t send or receive messages while it’s doing this update, and it’s only up to May 2014 in the message history. How do i stop it, and how do i prevent it from happening again??? Please help!!!

  48. Just got the lollipop update. Now my LED light for notifications doesn’t work but is turned on. Nor does my alarm sound. Help please

  49. my gallaxy s5 screen gets larger i.e. am on web,apps if i tap screen by accident it gets larger that what i was looking at i cant cuz atleast 1/4 screen it got bigger.what or how can i make it stop getting bigger if i accidently tapped it?

  50. I have a galaxy S5 sport. When somebody sends me a picture message i shows up under previous dates. For example my wife sent me a pic today and it showed up under our text from Feb. 3.. What can be causing this and is there any way of fixing this issue?

  51. Here is a question that I’m Praying someone has an answer To.
    So my right side power button is broken.. like completely gone… is there another way to turn phone on? Its charged 100% but can’t turn on because missing buttOn. I just want my pics, videos, and personal things that weren’t saved to SD.

  52. I am unable to link my contacts. I do as instructed, the phone even says contacts are linked, but they are not. I’ve tried restarting. It’s driving me nuts! I have to hunt through at least 3 contacts to find someone’s phone number.

  53. I have a galaxy S5 and when I send video via email or text often the receiver can not open them. Help is appreciated. Getting frustrated.

  54. I have a new S5 mini that can receive mms but not send. Local providers have checked settings and all are correct. Can anyone shed any light on what might be wrong please?

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