Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Problems [Part 1]

Email problems are some of the commonly encountered issues by any seasoned smartphone user so creating a dedicated thread for them seems logical. Below are some of the problems that our readers have sent us. We hope that our solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 email problems in this post can make a difference.

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Problem #1: Unable to sign-in to Yahoo account when using SolMail app in Samsung Galaxy S5

I quite recently purchased a Galaxy S5. I installed the SolMail email app I had been using on my Note 2, and everything worked great. I was able to receive both my Gmail and Yahoo accounts in one app. Then it stopped working on the Yahoo account, giving me an unable to sign in message. The stock email app for the phone is having the same problem. I can still receive my Yahoo Mail through the Yahoo app and the web.

I have changed passwords, uninstalled and reinstalled SolMail, still no luck. Any ideas? It’s irritating to have to use two apps to check the two accounts.

Thanks. — Susan

Solution: Hi Susan. Because the issue is only happening for a single app, please do the standard troubleshooting for this situation:

  • Delete the email app’s cache.
  • Recreate the email account in the app.
  • Delete email app’s data. This procedure will also delete any other accounts you have set up in the app so be ready to set them up again afterwards.
  • Clear the phone’s cache partition.

In recreating the Yahoo account in the app, make sure you are using the correct information in this guide.

If nothing still works, the issue may come from Yahoo itself so try to contact them for more help.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S5 only retains Hotmail messages for a day before they disappear

Hi. I have just purchased a Samsung S5 and am having problems with my email. I have a Hotmail account in addition to this one and use that on my phone. Whilst the inbox and all my folders come up on the phone the folders are all empty and do not have any of the emails I have saved in them. The inbox only retains emails for one day and then they disappear. Other than that I can send and receive emails. The sent emails are retained but only the ones I have sent since I have the phone.

I have checked my Hotmail account on another device (laptop) and all emails and folders are intact with all my saved emails.

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Many thanks. — Pauline

Solution: Hi Pauline. The reason behind your concern is most probably what type of mail delivery (POP3 or IMAP) you chose when you configured your email account in your S5.

Another possible reason for this situation is how Hotmail is designed for Android. We noticed that what you say is true for any other phone if we use the app for Android. Messages only stay for a short specific period in the app itself and will eventually disappear although copies of the same emails still lives in another device.

If you want to access your emails on your S5 primarily, we suggest that you recreate the account using POP3 as this ensure that the message is stored locally in the device. The drawback for using POP3 is that your other devices will not get copies of your emails. Some email app or clients provide additional alternatives for POP3 to allow you to leave copies in the email server although they may not be set by default.

Problem #3: How to set up email sync frequency in Samsung Galaxy S5

Hi. I recently switched from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S5 Active and so far I love it. However, it takes FOR EVER for new emails to come through and update. I am referring to my personal email that I am emailing from right now. Is there something specific I should do to fix this?

Thanks for your help. — Holli

Solution: Hi Holli. What you need to do here is to simply change the sync frequency of your email app. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Manage accounts.
  • Tap the account in question.
  • Tap Sync settings.
  • Tap Sync schedule.
  • Tap Set sync schedule.
  • Select your desired option.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S5 email sync issue remains unresolved

Hey Droid Guy:

I’m just wondering why no one, after all this time, hasn’t truly figured out how to fix the email not syncing issue. I’ve done everything that just about every site can recommend…the only thing that EVER works is blowing the account away and recreating it. It lasts for 1 day to 2 weeks on average. AT&T’s answer was there’s an issue with the email app…try upgrading to the S5. So I did. Both lines, at a really great price. But the problem returned within two weeks.

How about a very direct, ‘we have no clue on how to fix this”. Have you heard anything from the Android mfg?

Thanks. — RDSago

Solution: Hi RDSago. Email sync settings remain as they are unless “something” changes them. This “something” can be a firmware glitch, a third party app, or an email service provider side issue. Please follow the solutions provided for Susan above to isolate the root cause.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S5 not syncing with Microsoft Exchange account

Hi. I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Android Lollipop. I am facing a problem with my company email account on Microsoft Exchange sync. I have an Indian SIM card for which I keep the “mobile data” off as I am out of India (my Indian SIM card is on international roaming and I get calls and messages). On Wi-Fi connection, I was not able to configure company email on my phone. Then I tried by removing the SIM card, the company email got configured automatically and all the mails populated on phone. After that, I reinserted the Indian SIM keeping “mobile data” off. But now the company emails are not updating through Wi-Fi connection. Other apps like Skype, Rediffmail acc, Gmail account, WhatsApp, etc are working fine on Wi-Fi.

Please suggest some solution.

Regards. — Mridul

Solution: Hi Mridul. Make sure that there’s no data limit that prevents the phone from automatically syncing your email account. To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Data Usage.
  • Tap Menu icon.
  • Put a check mark on Auto Sync Data option.

Suggested reading: Resolving Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Sync and Account Configuration Problems

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S5 intermittently not sending emails from Yahoo and AT&T after a Lollipop update

Thank you for of all for posting some of the fixes after the update went out.

My problem is with my email after the update. For some reason my Yahoo/AT&T email won’t send emails out and then it keeps asking for the password for the accounts and for me to re-sign in. This all seemed to happen at the time of the update. I have removed the accounts reinstalled and followed various other sites for fixes but not sure why it works then stops again after a while.

Can you help and advise how to fix the issue with emails sending and password request?

Thank you. — Jacqueline

Solution: Hi Jacqueline. If your email problems happen right after the update, the issue may lie on the firmware itself. Please check our previous post, Why Android Lollipop Causes Problems and follow the suggested troubleshooting steps.

Problem #7: Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps on saying “invalid email account” error when trying to sign in

Hi there. I just wondered if you could help me with a few issues I’m having with my Samsung S5.  Whenever I try to log into an online account for example, Live Nation, I type in my email and password but I always get a message saying invalid email account. This happens on lots of sites and is really frustrating as it stops me buying pre-sale tickets!!! I presume there is a setting on my phone that may be able to resolve this but I haven’t been able to work it out myself.

Also, since the recent Android update, every time I try and shut down an app or anything I’m accessing on my phone, the following message pops up: “Use Touchwiz Home as home, Just once, Always, Use different app, Touchwiz Easy home

Then a message pops up saying go into default settings and clear default settings but this never works.

There is also an issue now which is probably daft but really annoys me! I can no longer turn my phone on silent. There used to be 3 options, sound, vibrate and silent. The silent option has disappeared since the update and I used this all the time. If I put my phone on vibrate it often disturbs me at night.

Sorry to bombard you with issues but these 3 things are really frustrating and I cannot work out how to sort any of them out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you! Kind regards. — Laura

Solution: Hi Laura. Your first two concerns can be resolved either by deleting the phone’s cache partition, or by restoring the phone to its factory defaults. These are solutions usually recommended for users having issues right after a major operating system update.

Your third concern can be answered by tweaking your phone’s notification settings. You can refer to this previous post if you have no idea where to start.

Problem #8: Cannot receive any emails when Exchange account on Galaxy S5 is connected to Wi-Fi

I have installed Lollipop 5.0 on my Galaxy S5 SM G900H  and on normal email with my Exchange Server settings I cannot receive any mails when connected to Wi-Fi. If I switch off Wi-Fi and use data then the emails download no problem. I have switched off the option to switch between Wi-Fi and data.

Please help.

Cheers for now. — Malcolm & Fam

Solution: Hi Malcolm & Fam. In order to help you effectively, we need to know about a few things including:

  • The email delivery type being used (Exchange, POP3, or IMAP)
  • The specific email app being used

Assuming that you have entered all the correct information when setting up the account like Domain\user name, password, Exchange server, SSL, Client certificate, etc., the next best thing that you can do is to clear the email app’s cache.

If your suspect that third party apps may be causing the problem, you can also boot the phone in safe mode.

If the problem persists, please contact your email service provider for more help.

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