How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Randomly Opens Google Play Store

Welcome to another of our focused troubleshooting series that tackles a broad range of issues on the Samsung #GalaxyS5. In this installment of the series we will concentrate on one particular issue and that is the #S5 randomly opens Google Play Store. Normally, you will have to manually tap on the Google Play Store icon to open the app. There is a problem when the store opens up on its own and worse it leads you to a particular app or game download page.

Samsung Galaxy S5

We have selected four issues of this nature sent to us by our readers seeking assistance. We will troubleshoot each of these issues and hopefully provide a resolution.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Randomly Opens Google Play Store

S5 Google Play Store Open When Using Facebook

Problem: Sometimes when I click on any app like Facebook, or even message+, it goes to Play Store with a game that I don’t play instead of what I selected. Also, sometimes out of nowhere like if I’m just typing a text message, my Google Chrome pops up with a blank page and an internet address that always starts with “tracking.__” Please help?!?!

Solution: If your phone randomly opens the Google Play Store then it is possible that it may be infected with a new type of threat called adware. Basically what this does is it pushes ads on your phone which in turn lets you download games or apps from the Google Play Store. This adware may have entered your device when you installed an app that didn’t come from the Google Play Store or you may have clicked a link in your browser prompting you to download and install an app.

What you can do to resolve this is to install an ad detector security software which you can get from the Google Play Store. Try to choose those that are popular and highly rated. Have it run a scan on your phone then see if it can remove the threats.

You should also try to check the installed apps in your phone by going to settings then apps. If you find any app that seems strange in the list of downloaded apps (apps you do not use, apps that you did not install) then uninstall it.

If the problem still persists after this then you should just back up your phone data and start fresh by doing a factory reset.

S5 Randomly Opens Google Play Store

Problem: While I’m on a page reading news from stock quote app I am automatically forwarded to goggle play store. Also on some other Google pages I am forwarded to other pages. How do I stop automatic page forwarding?

Solution: The reason why this issue is occurring is that your phone is most likely infected with an adware. The signs and symptoms of this issue is that your phone will open up the Google Play Store and lead you to a specific app or game which you are to download. While this issue is not that critical it is still annoying and can oftentimes be a security risk.

To resolve this issue you should try to download a security app that can scan and remove the adware form your device. Although I cannot recommend a particular type of app to do this you can choose the app that is highly rated and popular in the Google Play Store.

You can also uninstall any app that you feel does not belong in your phone. Go to settings then apps then find out what app is included in the downloaded app list which you are not using.

Wiping the cache partition of your phone also helps in this case however the best way to deal with this issue is to back up your phone data and do a factory reset.

S5 Randomly Opens Google Play Store After Lollipop Update

Problem: Since Android lollipop update Google Play Store will randomly open to a game like I’ve asked to install it. This happens multiple times throughout the day when I tap an app, intent or text.

Solution: Your phone may have an adware which is causing this issue. This is a new type of technique employed by advertisers to push ads to your device. While this is not necessarily a critical problem it is quite annoying and can often lead to security risks.

There are several ways this adware entered your phone. The most probable reason is that you may have installed an app that came with this. If you install apps coming from third party sources (not from the Google Play Store) then your phone has a high risk of getting adware.

To remove this from your phone you should consider downloading a security app that can take this out of your phone. There are several such apps available at the Google Play Store, some are free while others come at a cost.

If you don’t like the hassle of scanning your phone for the adware and removing it you can simply back up your phone data and perform a factory reset. This bring your phone back to its original condition when you bought it.

S5 Randomly Opens Google Play Store

Problem: Hello, my Samsung Galaxy s5 has recently had the Lollipop update, and is now randomly pulling up Google playstore apps, music, and other downloadable content. There is no rhyme or reason to when it happens, or what it pulls up…it is just there. My Antivirus app shows nothing amiss…this phone is “too new” for this! Help me, please!

Solution: Although your antivirus app shows that your phone does not have any issues it may not be able to detect the adware that is causing this problem. You should try to get a security app that specifically scans for and removes adware on your phone.

One quick method in dealing with this problem is to back up your phone data and do a factory reset.

How To Avoid Getting Malware On Your Samsung Galaxy S5

The above problems that we have tackled are actual issues sent to us by our readers. If you haven’t experienced this problem in your device yet then you are doing a good job of securing your phone. For those who want to know how to avoid getting this problem just follow the simple tips I have listed below.

  • Always get your apps from the Google Play Store. While this may not be a 100% guarantee that your phone will not get any malware it does provide you with an extra layer of security. Google constantly scans the apps offered in the store for any threats. The chances of getting your phone infected are pretty slim.
  • When downloading an app always make sure to check its publisher. Check out what other apps they have to offer. If their apps feel strange to you then simply avoid it.
  • Read the reviews made by other people on the app you wish to download. If there are several negative reviews be sure to check what it is.
  • Check out what permissions are needed for the app to run. If you are trying to download a Flashlight app for example then it will not need to access your contacts list or the Internet. If an app requires permissions that it should not be using then do not install it.
  • Install a security software app on your device. While the Android system is generally a secure platform having an added layer of defense against threats is always good to have.
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