How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update Failed Problems

If you may have noticed there are different versions of Android present in the market today. The latest version that is out right now is Lollipop while the previous one was KitKat. The reason behind this is that Google is constantly improving on the Android ecosystem to make it better. This is also the reason why you will sometimes get a notification to update your Samsung #GalaxyS5 phone. However, not everything goes smoothly sometimes as you may experience an #S5 software update failed problem.

Samsung Galaxy S5

This problem is what we will tackle today as we take a look at five problems sent to us by our readers seeking our assistance.

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S5 Software Update Failed

Problem: Hi, I recently bought (on ebay) a 2 day returned Verizon Samsung S5 with android 4.3. The phone works fine but, when I try to do a software update, it downloads fine and tries to install but the installation fails. I tried doing an update through the Samsung Kies system but it doesn’t seem to recognize the phone. Also, (don’t know if related) under “About Phone” many of the items are greyed out. Thanks!

Solution: Since your phone is able to download the update then it is still running on its stock software which is a good sign since this makes it easy to update the software. Did you happen to check if an error message appears on your screen when attempting to install the software? This error message is important since it gives us a clue as to what exactly the problem is.

Anyway, since you didn’t mention what error message appears try to back up your phone data first then do a factory reset. Once the factory reset is complete proceed with downloading the software update again.

If the OTA update fails then proceed with using Kies. Take note that in order for Kies to detect your phone you should use a USB cord that it known to work. Try connecting your phone to the different USB ports in your computer until it gets recognized by Kies.

If possible, try installing Kies in a different computer then connect your phone to it using a USB cord. If your phone will be detected then you will be prompted to get the new software update.

S5 Does Not Boot After Software Update

Problem: Hi, I recently updated my S5 to Lollipop and now it won’t fully boot. It powers on and gets to the AT&T logo then just freezes. I’ve tried to do a soft reset, I’ve tried to wipe the cache partition, and I’ve tried a full hard reset. Nothing is working. I attempted to put it in safe mode like your post suggests but I don’t think it boots far enough for that to work. Do you have any other suggestions?

Solution: Here’s what you need to do. Take out the battery and the microSD card of your phone (if one is installed). Press and hold the power button for at least a minute then reinsert the battery (just leave the microSD out first). This procedure eliminates any remnant charge in your phone and clears out your phone RAM. Turn on your phone.

If your phone is still stuck in the AT&T logo then your next step is to use Kies in resolving the problem. Install the latest version of Kies in your computer. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cord that is known to work. Turn on your phone. If Kies can detect your phone then you may have to do an emergency firmware recovery. Make sure to back up your phone data first before doing this.

If Kies fails to detect your phone then your last option is to reflash your device using Odin. This is not a supported procedure by Samsung and will have to be done by you manually. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

S5 Does Not Proceed With Software Update

Problem: Notice on phone in pull down task screen has item – Software update available. Tap to install new update. Once tapped, phone displays Preparing phone for update with processing icon rotating. But it never proceeds to next step. Must hit back button to exit but update never completes. Task stays on task pull down screen. No clue what it is trying to update. Help please.

Solution: In order for your phone to properly get the update you should first ensure that it is connected to a stable Internet connection. As much as possible use a Wi-Fi connection when getting the update so you won’t have to use any of your data allocation. If your Wi-Fi connection has an issue or no Wi-Fi signal is available then you may opt to use your mobile data connection.

Once you have determined that the Internet connection is stable but the update does not proceed try wiping the cache partition of your phone. This clears out any temporary data stored in your phone that may be causing the issue.

Finally, if the above troubleshooting steps fail it’s time to back up your phone data and do a factory reset. Once the factory reset has finished check for the software update again and install it.

S5 Cannot Download Lollipop Update

Problem: Am unable to download the Lollipop update. Have tried 3 times and have done a factory reset and it still won’t download. Any suggestions. Our other phone (exact same phone & service) was able to update with no problems the first try. Phone that updated info: Software version: G900PVPU3BOF6, Android Version 5.0 Phone that won’t update info: Software version: G900PVPU1ANE5, Android Version 4.4.2. Can you suggest anything?

Solution:  The first thing you need to check in this type of issue wherein the phone does not download the software update is to make sure that 1) your phone is not rooted and 2) your phone is still running on stock firmware. If your phone does not meet any of the two conditions listed then you will not be able to get the official updates.

However, if your phone meets both conditions then you should try getting the Lollipop update using Kies. Install the latest version of Kies to your computer then connect your phone using a USB cord to it. Once Kies detects your phone you will be prompted of a new software update. Just follow the instructions displayed on your screen to update your device.

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  1. I Have Just Bought New Samsung Galaxy j5 Whenever I Tries To Download Software Updates It Shows Registering Device And After Some Time There Appears An Error Prosessing Failed Plz Give Me A Solution…

  2. I have an Samsung J5 I was updating my software yesterday and it just shut down and started showing the android which counted till 100 but after that it didn’t go on it stops at the Samsung signal

  3. I have a Galaxy S5 thats 3 years old. Its been updated to Android Marshmallow before but then, because it was blocked into the Orange Phone Service I went to a GSM shop and the guy resofted it on an older android version (3.0) in order to unlock it. Right after that the phone required system update and it proceeded untill the Android Kitkat (4.4.2) was installed. Right after that was time for the Lollipop Update. The phone was able to download the updates but couldn’t install it. It says that the system failed. Why is that happening and how can I fix it??

  4. Problem:Hi Guyz I Have Just Bought New Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro SM-J3119 Whenever I Tries To Download Software Updates It Shows Registering Device And After Some Time There Appears An Error Prosessing Failed Plz Give Me A Solution…

  5. I have a Samsung J1 2016 . This Software Update notification popped out suddenly ; ordering me to choose between ‘”install now” , “later” and “install between 2.00 am too 5.00 am”. At first, I push “install between 2.00 am too 5.00 am” button as my network coverage is not fast to install the sofware update. But, after a few minute later , my screen phone freeze. I cannot push any button even home button. I also cannot push on/off button. So, I decided to take out the battery and reinsert again. The phone running smoothly and popped out the software update notification again… This time I push “install now” button and after a few minute again, once again the screen freeze. I take out the battery and reinsert it. It stuck at logo Samsung. I try your suggestion at above which take out the battery & memory card and press the on/off button within 1 minute. I reinsert it back. And it run smoothly until the software update notification popped out again but this time it written “update postponed”. A few minute later, my phone’s screen freeze again. What should I do? Please…help me

  6. I have a galaxy s5 and i downloaded the marshmallow 6.0.1 software OTA. Now when i go to check for updates it says unable to download software, a network or server error has occurred. When i try to use banking apps they never load and certain websites dont load and i get a screen saying this is an unsecured website attackers could be trying to steal your info do you wish to proceed. Some websites still wont get me past thats even know i bypass it.

  7. i have a Galaxy S5 Model number SM-G900v Version 4.4.4 Software version G900VVRU1ANK2 and i cant update any higher, i go to Settings>System Updates>Check For New Software then it starts looking for the update and a pop up shows up and it says “Your Samsung SM-G900V is up to date.Your device configuration has been updated. No update is necessary at this time.” Its a verizon phone but i have it connected with page plus , what can i do?? Thanks in advance.

  8. I have 5.0 and an update ready, I have 4.1 gb free, to uninstall 2 gb of apps is a hell of a lot. I bought an SD card and moved everything I could think of. With only 16gb, kinda difficult to free up 6.0. Pretty soon we will have to use all 16 for updates and nothing for the OS. I am so fed up. Or is this Samsung s way of forcing to buy s6, arggggh!

  9. It has to be on board space, not SD card space. Apparently the update is compressed, and once downloaded it expands and needs more space. Would have been nice if they told us when we downloaded the update.

  10. My phone finally updated. I had over 6 GB of free space so it must have downloaded on its own when I went to check since it restarted and installed instantly. I just hope I don’t have to do this every time I wanna upgrade now.

  11. Just rebooted and reinstall apps and Google stuff. Tried update again and said update failed it wouldn’t download now I gotta wait 24 hours. Hope next time it works :/

  12. Glad you had success. I’m factory resetting my phone right now and hoping that my phone can finally go to 5.1.1. All I had was less than 2 GB of space on my phone so hopefully this solves the problem for me.

  13. I finally got it. Yeah I just had to factory reset it, I didn’t really have much on my phone that I needed. I also thought it was because of my amount of space on my phone too!

  14. EXACTLY! I’ve been having this problem for a week now. First it was that my phone didn’t have enough space so I went and uninstalled apps and updates for apps and then stuff I didn’t need anymore. Update didn’t work still afterwards and still trying to figure out what main issue is. I think it’s a problem exclusive to the Galaxy S5. I’m stuck on 5.0 atm. According to @soulmama92:disqus 6GB of space or more is needed for update to work, so try first backing up until you have enough space and leave only the junk you don’t care about losing or everything just to make sure it works. Then do the factory reset and try. If not then you’ll have to try AT&T support even though I doubt they’ll be of much help. I’m gonna try that and see if it helps.

  15. According to AT&T support, you must have at least 6GB of space on your phone in order for Lollipop update to download and install. This will solve the “install interrupted” error message. Unfortunately on a 16GB phone, this means uninstalling most of your apps. I’ve pretty much had it with Lollipop. And Samsung.

  16. I get an error message that says “Install interupted; The software update could not be installed” the updated was downloaded but once the device restarts and boots up it says “update failed” how do I fix this? I’ve been wanting to update my phone for weeks now and its been saying this message whenever i try to update.

  17. After the latest Samsung S5 update the soft keys (return and menu) on the bottom left and right corners of my cell have disappeared. Power
    saving mode is off. Does anyone know how to get these soft keys back? Please and thank you.

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