Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto Answer while Having Active Call

samsung galaxy s4 auto answer

If you are bothered by the auto answer feature of your Samsung Galaxy S4 because it keeps on cutting your ongoing conversation whenever a new caller comes in, there is a very easy way to solve it.

#1 Solution

According to the T-Mobile forum, just follow the steps below if you are using a headset:

1. From the Home screen of your device go to the Phone app.

2. Then, tap Menu and tap Call Settings.

3. Next, go to Call Accessories.

4. After that, uncheck the box at the Automatic Answering option.

5. Lastly, save the changes and exit the menu.

#2 Solution

If the problem persists, try to turn off the motion and gestures feature by performing the following steps provided by a contributor in GalaxyS4Forums:

1. Access the Settings menu.

2. Go to My Device.

3. Select the Motion and Gestures option.

4. Turn off the choice that is related to answering calls by moving the slider.

5. Save the changes you made and exit the menu.

#3 Solution

If still you are having problems, follow these steps provided by the last source:

1. Go to the Settings menu.

2. Proceed to My Device.

3. Select the Long Press Call and adjust the settings accordingly.

4. Save the changes and exit.

#4 Solution

One Samsung Galaxy S4 user in the forum found out that the problem lies in the Smart S View cover of his phone. He experimented by putting it on and off. Apparently, the problem does not appear when the cover is removed. So, you might want to remove the smart cover of your phone if all the solutions above do not work.

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  1. I have Samsung Galaxy S4. My sound disappears randomly during call, but I hear the call recipient’s voice all the time. When I turn speakers on, my voice will sound again, but it disappears again after a while. What is wrong?

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