Samsung Galaxy S4 Call and SMS Blocking

Blocking spammers, pranksters and people that simply annoy you from your Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy. Just add them to your Auto Reject list to prevent them from calling you or include them to the Spam numbers of your SMS app. This article will show you the ways to do it.

1. How do you block calls in Galaxy S4?

If there are people that you want to bar from calling you like telemarketers, disgruntled ex, pranksters and due to some other reasons, all you have to do is enter their number in your blocklist. To do this, just perform the following steps:

a. Go to Settings.

b. Proceed to My Device.

c. Then, select Call followed by Call Rejection.

d. Tap the Auto Reject List.

e. Enter the phone number of the person that you want to block.

2. How do you block SMS in Galaxy S4?

Blocking people who keep on spamming you with text messages can be done in a few steps:

a. Open the Messaging app.

b. Tap and hold the spam message.

c. When prompted, select Add to Spam Numbers.

d. Tap OK to finish.

Another way to do this is through the Settings menu. You can perform this if you no longer have the message of the person that you want to block in your Messaging app. Here are the steps to do this:

a. Tap the Messaging app.

b. Press the Menu key.

c. Go to Settings.

d. Enable Spam Settings.

e. Open the Add to Spam Numbers option.

f. Tap the plus (+) sign.

e. Enter the number of the person that you want to block or open the Contacts icon to select the person that you want to block from your phonebook.

f. Save the changes that you did when you are done.

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  1. I understand how to add numbers to auto reject list, but how do I stop my note 4 phone from texting me that they have called and not left message, regards Mick

  2. its really informative and helpful article, keep it up admin and thanks for sharing such a cool and nice posts.

  3. Doesn’t block the call. the numbers appear on the bottom of the screen to inform that this number is on the reject list. Phone still rings though!

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