No Photos Selected Error on Samsung Galaxy S4

“Hello! Whenever I plug in my Galaxy S4 to charge, on the screen  the “no photos selected” will bounce around, but the phone still charges. Is there a way to fix this?” This message was recently sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag.

How to Fix the No Photos Selected Error on Samsung Galaxy S4

Upon searching for the solution of the problem in various forums, I found one in Android Central. According to one user who was encountering the same issue whenever his phone enters the locked screen mode, this problem just lies in the configuration of the device.

To fix it, simply disable the Daydream mode of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Turning of the Daydream mode is easy just go to Settings. Then, choose Display. After that, tap Daydream. On the next menu you will find a slider next to the Daydream header. Slide the switch to the left to turn the feature off. This should fix the “no photos selected” error that you keep on encountering when charging your phone or when it enters the locked mode.

Alternately, if you want to keep Daydream mode on, tap Photo Table upon accessing Daydream’s options. This will let you select the photos that you want to be displayed when your phone is locked or charging.

What is Daydream Mode

According to Phone Arena, the Daydream mode was introduced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It may not have gotten much hype similar to the other major updates of Android 4.2 like the gesture keyboard but it is still a flashy feature since it functions as a screensaver.

Depending on your Android phone’s settings, the Daydream mode may be activated when it is under lock screen, when charging or both. This will allow your device to display current events, time and photos when it is under any of the mentioned conditions.

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Sources: Android Central and Phone Arena

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