What To Do When Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Boot Up & Stuck On Samsung Logo

galaxy s4 boot up

One of our readers asked us about the fix to the problem involving the Samsung Galaxy S4 that won’t start up and stuck on the company’s logo. We’ve also received related questions before but it was for last year’s flagship, the Galaxy S3.

Based on reports from other users, the problem like this happen when the phone’s operating system, Android (regardless of the version), is messed up, or if there were some apps that are interfering with the system’s core processes.

The problem is not that serious, actually. But in some severe cases, a factory reset may be needed to bring the device back to its working condition. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot this problem:

Boot Galaxy S4 To Safe Mode

When the device failed to boot up normally, booting it to safe mode should be the first step to take. By doing this, you would know if the phone could boot up even without third-party apps and whether or not third-party apps were causing the problem. To boot up to safe mode on Galaxy S4, do the following:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Switch it on again.
  3. Right after pressing the power switch, continuously tap the Menu key (the button on the left of the Home key).
  4. Once the phone is up, you will see “Safe Mode” on the lower left corner of the screen.

If the phone boots up in Safe Mode, it means the hardware and the operating system together with factory-installed apps are working fine.

Uninstall Recently-Installed Apps

You’ve booted your phone up in Safe Mode, that’s the first step to fix stuck up Galaxy S4. Now recall apps you recently installed, or the ones you installed prior to this problem. While Safe Mode doesn’t run third-party applications, you can still get rid of them.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap More tab and choose Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left to choose All tab.
  5. Now find apps you want to uninstall. Note that you can uninstall one app at a time.

After you’ve uninstalled apps you think were causing the problem, try to reboot normally to see if the phone boots up this time.

What if my phone won’t boot up in Safe Mode? 

If the Galaxy S4 refuses to boot up in safe mode, that’s the sign it’s pretty messed up in either its software or hardware. The best thing you could do is to do a factory reset through the Recovery Mode.

NOTE: You would lose all your important data by doing the following.

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons together until the screen flickers.
  3. Once in Recovery Mode, use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate.
  4. Choose ‘wipe data / factory reset’.
  5. Confirm the action.
  6. Wait until the phone finished erasing all data.
  7. Choose ‘reboot system now’.
  8. Now see if the phone boots up fine after this.

If all of the procedures presented here failed to fix the problem, have an authorized technician (preferably your provider) check the phone. You could request  for replacement if the problem couldn’t be fixed no matter what.

Having problems with your phone?

Tell us about them by emailing us at [email protected] Make sure to include as much details as possible so that we could understand the problem well and find the best solutions for you. If you can share a screenshot or two, that would be better.

We may not be able to respond to every email we receive but rest assured we do read them… yes, all of them even if some do look like spams.

22 thoughts on “What To Do When Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Boot Up & Stuck On Samsung Logo”

  1. hello,when i press the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons the logo was there but when i proceed to the step which is press the volume Up and Down it didn’t work and i tried so many times. And there’s also on my screen the word recovery booting and my phone now is getting hot. what should i do now please help me.

  2. hello,when i press the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons the logo was there but when i proceed to the step which is press the volume Up and Down it didn’t work and i tried so many times. And there’s also on my screen the word recovery booting and my phone now is getting hot. what should i do now please help me.

  3. After the boot logo disappears the phone remains “ON” but with a black screen and in some mode because the laptop can detect it and tries to install MTP USB Device driver software and fails. If I unplug the USB Cable and reconnect it it does the same thing…

  4. When oyur phone says downloading with the green android that doesn’t mean it’s downloading from the internet, you have to connect your phone to a computer, open up odin and flash the stock firmware to your phone from your PC. If you want to know how to do that go search “how to flash stock firmware to an Samsung GS4 using odin”.

  5. I went into Recovery Mode and chose the clear cache/partition option and then went to reboot and my phone now works! 😀 I also removed my SD card while I was booting to recovery mode. Then once it restarted to my home screen I inserted my sd and now my phone is back to normal! Try it. Good luck, hope it also works for you.

  6. I have tried some of the suggestions. I’m d oing the factory reset and it has been downloading for over an hour. It shows the green Android and message, “do not turn off target”. Normally how long does this take?

  7. Hello sir,
    i have samsung galaxy s4 and i had a problem that it was suddenly off and when i started next day it was showing samsung galaxy s4 logo and it was not going further. and not option worked so So i applied Power+volume up+ home button and reset to factor setting.

    After factory reset even when i rebooted it is showing Samsung and unlock logo in my screen and not going further. Please help.

  8. I have the same thing Brandon Pringle has. Phone keeps booting to inactive battery screen. If I boot it to recovery, it shows the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen, blue recovery text in the corner, then after some time reboots again, without going to recovery. I have TWRP installed but it can’t start.
    My phone is the LTE version S4, GI9505 running Cyanogen 12.
    Probably something best left to the servicemen.

  9. my phone boots up but after the carrier it reads Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped. after I press ok the same message appears over and over PLZ HEEEELP!!!!

  10. Idiot safe mode does not load any apps beyond what is actually needed for android to run. Just like windows safe mode.

  11. Shane in the 20 Jan 2014 post on this same problem has hit the problem on the head.
    I have a Galaxy S4 which suddenly cut out and started trying to reboot, but wouldn’t go past the Samsung S4 logo before cutting out and starting again, and wouldn’t respond to the Power on/off button. I tried removing the battery and reinstalling, but no change – same loop once the power switch had been pressed. I tried removing the battery and leaving it out for over 5 minutes, and then booted up in safe mode. This worked, and I deleted the cache on the e-mail app that I had been using when the S4 first cut out, and a few other recent apps’ caches (though none of the apps had been causing a problem over several weeks). I rebooted normally (not in safe mode) and all was OK for a minute or so, then blank screen and the cycle started again. The longer I left the battery out, the further I got. Then I read the comment by Shane that he ‘was able to confirm the problem primarily arises to due to a swollen battery.’ I took the battery out and felt it – it didn’t seem quite flat. I put in on a flat surface and, sure enough, it rocked. Fortunately I have a spare battery, so took it out – sides are flat (doesn’t rock). I installed it and, hey presto, the phone boots up and works just fine. Now all I need to do is find out how to get Samsung to replace my 3 month old battery . . .
    So before you go deleting apps or hitting the factory reset, check whether your battery has swollen. If it has, just get a new battery and all will be well.

  12. My phone won’t even go to the Samsung screen. It continually “boots” up to the battery loading screen (battery with loading symbol inside) but the loading symbol won’t move at all. Won’t boot into safe mode, and when I try a hard reset, the “recovery booting” appears in upper left corner, then phone turns off and restarts the problems. This is the second time in 2 weeks I’ve had the same issues, and this time it’s with a brand new S4 that I received as a replacement to my original. This only seems to happen after I update the software. Any idea why this might be happening? And if it’s strictly because of that software update, why hasn’t Samsung (or Android, whomever is in charge of the update) fixed the problem?

  13. my phone will start with the logo as appears in the picture above, but goes blank and does nothing after the logo. When attempting safe mode, it says recovery booting in blue letters in the top left corner, then goes blank and nothing afterwards. help!

  14. My phone gets stuck with the blue colour legend Recovery booting. I am unable to enter safe mode, any ideas? been surfing google for 6hrs with no proper answer. Thanks!

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