Samsung Galaxy S4 Unable to Connect in YouTube

Here is a problem about a Samsung Galaxy S4 unable to connect in YouTube which was sent to us through Mailbag:

“My Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint has a continuous problem with YouTube. I think it happened when I installed the 4.3 update but I am not sure. Everytime I am outside Wi-Fi while using my carrier’s network, I get an error message “Unable to connect. Touch to retry”. Sometimes I get even the message on Wi-Fi on my home. What could be causing the problem? Thanks.”

How to Troubleshoot a Galaxy S4 Unable to Connect in YouTube

Here are the possible solutions to the issue:

1. Check Connection

According to several forums, the problem is likely to occur if you are getting a poor signal from your carrier or Wi-Fi device. An interference from another source may also prevent you from viewing videos in YouTube successfully. So, before anything else, ensure that your device is not getting any form of radio interference and that it is getting a good signal from its carrier or the Wi-Fi device where it is connected.

2. Make Sure that the Video is Available in Your Region

Some videos in YouTube are region specific too. If you are trying to watch a video not offered in your region, you may get the “unable to connect” error.

3. Re-install the YouTube App

It is possible that the problem is caused by a corrupted YouTube app. If clearing its cache or updating the YouTube app does not eliminate the issue, simply uninstall and re-install it.

4. Open YouTube in Native Browser

Another alternative to watch YouTube is via the Internet browser of your device. You can also try out another Internet browser for the GS4 offered in Google Play if the problem persists.

5. Check for RAM-Hogging Apps

Uninstall suspicious apps that are using too much of your phone’s memory or those that are acting weird. Alternatively, you can install a reliable antivirus or anti-malware app to do the job for you.

6. Hard Reset the Galaxy S4

When all of the solutions fail, your phone must be having corrupted system files that are preventing you from playing videos online properly. Simply do a Factory Reset to fix your system and remove any harmful changes made by third-party apps. Take note that this will delete all your stored data though, so be sure to back them up first before considering the Factory Reset option.

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