Solving the Sign In Failed Error of the Galaxy S3

If you keep on receiving a “Sign-in Failed” message while logging into your Yahoo email account or any email account for that matter, there are many things that can cause this.

Clear the Cache of Galaxy S3

One cause is that maybe your cache just needs a little refreshing. So, try to clear your cache by performing the steps below:

1. Tap the Internet browser icon of your Galaxy S3.

2. Press the Menu key which is soft button on the left below your screen.

3. Go to Settings.

4. Select the Privacy and Security option.

5. Choose the Clear Cache command. You might also want to select Clear All Cookie Data just to be sure.

6. When a confirmation message appears, just tap OK.

That would clear up your browser’s cache and it will likely solve the problem.

Other Apps Interfering

You might want to check if there’s another app causing this issue. Observe the behavior of the apps that you recently installed. Try disabling them and log in to your email account. If you have successfully accessed your email account, then uninstall or keep the app disabled so you can continue using your email.

Stock Email App Problem

The problem usually occurs when you are using the stock email app of the Galaxy S3. So, it could be a bug or some sort of limitation on the software. Download the official email app of your service provider through Google Play and see if the problem is still there.

Push Notification Problem

Some users who have been experiencing the issue said in the Android Central forum that there are times when they are getting multiple notifications from their email provider particularly Yahoo. So, there is a possibility that it is also a connectivity issue with the carrier or the email provider. Try calling up your carrier or contact your email provider if this is the case.

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