Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Flash Not Working [How To Fix]

When I read an email from our reader saying that the camera flash in his Samsung Galaxy S4 does not work, my first impression was the problem was caused by a hardware glitch but then I realized it could also be caused by the device’s software inconsistencies and wrong settings. At least, a problem like this is worth troubleshooting but before I give you the recommended troubleshooting procedures, here is the actual email from our reader.

Hi Droid Guy, 

Just yesterday, I was playing with my new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, taking photos here and there and the flash worked great especially in low-light environments. Today the flash just stopped working. It doesn’t flash whenever I took a photo in a very dark environment.  

I don’t know what to do to bring it back, or I’m afraid I might mess up some settings, you know. So, can you walk me through enabling it back if possible. 


Possible Causes

  1. A filter disabled the flash.
  2. Flash was turned off.
  3. Using a third-party camera app that is not compatible with the hardware.
  4. The battery is low.
  5. Flash suffered physical trauma or liquid damage.
  6. Software update maybe needed.

Recommended Actions

Disable filter effects in your camera app, at least, while you are troubleshooting. This will eliminate the possibilities that the problem may be caused by filters.

Fully charge your battery or, at least, verify there is enough battery left to turn the flash on when needed.

Check for any physical and liquid damages. In case there is a physical damage, the LED may have been broken. If the device has liquid damage, the LED may have been busted or there could be some problems with the circuitry.

Check for available updates first for the firmware, then for the camera apps you may be using.

Lastly, reboot your phone; it may just be another temporary device problem.


  1. Clean the flash and camera lens using a soft cloth slightly dampened in mild soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the mobile device.
  2. Turn the camera flash on. Go to Apps => Camera => Settings => Flash.
  3. Now set the camera mode to auto. Go to Apps => Camera => Mode => Auto.
  4. Try to capture a photo or video; from the Home Screen, touch Apps => Camera . Aim your device at the subject and touch the screen to focus on a specific area. When the focal point turns green, touch the camera shutter button.

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