Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Problem After Dropping

A new message about a Samsung Galaxy S4 display problem came in recently via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy S4 to the floor. Now, I am experiencing some problems in its display like it occasionally turns off or I see some streaks coming out on the screen. How do I fix it?”

Recommended Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Display Problem

If upon dropping your phone, you start to experience problems in its screen similar to the ones mentioned in the message above, then, the damage may be serious. The most probable location of the damage is in the hardware. The best solution to this problem is to bring it to a technician for repair or possible parts replacement.

We cannot really recommend a precise solution to fix the problem since its cause may vary depending on the angle or force of the fall. It is also impossible for us to tell what the damage is without looking at your phone. But just to give you an idea, some of the possible causes of the errors or malfunctions appearing after dropping your phone may lie in the LCD.

It is possible that the LCD has been damaged an it already needs replacement. On the other hand, it might be worth checking too if some of its ribbons or connections were just out of place due to the vibration given off by the fall.

Try if you can still plug the loose wirings. However, if the wirings have snapped already, it may need to be replaced too. Now, the problem is that the Galaxy S4’s ribbons and connections can’t be bought just about anywhere. It would be great if you have a defective Galaxy S4 that you could salvage. But if not, the bad news is that you might already need to buy new phone.

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  1. i dropped my phone and more and more colored dots start appearing. the dots are green blue red and white. what do i do?

  2. Hi Droid Guy, when on a game or the internet my S4 will CRASH, the try to re-boot of it’s own accord, over and over again! ? The only way I seem to be able to cure this senario (for a short time, as it hapens constantly) is to take me battery out leave it to cool down, as the other issue that happens is the top of the S4 gets very hot, just by the camera lens, then, pop in the charger for a few seconds, unplug it , after it shows power, switch on the S4, re-plug in the charger ( I use the one that came with the S4) this then shows how much power I have, normaly around 40% let the S4 charge while I carry on with the tast I had started before it crashed ! ? I do not seem to get the same problem of crashing if I use the S4 while pluged into the charger, can you help with an answer, my collegue at work has also got the same issues with his and, they are both around 5 months old !?

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