Troubleshooting Speaker, Microphone Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4

There have been quite a number of complaints we got through our mailbag, from owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 regarding some speaker and microphone issues they have encountered while using their device. Some say they cannot hear anyone from the other end but they can hear them. Some are talking about hearing no sound coming out of the speaker when they try to use the speaker phone, playing a game, listening to music or watching a video.


The problem about no one can hear you on the other end while on call may likely be due to some microphone issues with the device. But if it is you who cannot hear anyone but they can hear you, then that could be an indication of some speaker problems with the device.


Speaker problems with the Galaxy S4 are likely caused by using a headset or some other kind of nonfunctional enhancements. In some cases, the problem is due to a third-party application that is making the device unresponsive to certain commands. And lastly, the device could be experiencing some type of liquid or physical damage.


Here are the things you can do as primary resolution to speaker problems with the GS4. They are as follow:

  1. Try to remove all enhancements or paraphernalia attached to your device including a headset.
    After removing all connected enhancements from your device, place a test call to your Voicemail.
  2. Try to playback the Voicemail on your device and see if the issue is resolved. Otherwise, you have to consider replacing the headset to get the problem solved.

If the speaker problems persist, then try doing some further tests to know what really is causing the problem and have it completely resolved:

A. Perform external speaker test. Here is how to do it:

  1. Record a clip for a few seconds with audio using the voice recorder or camcorder application on your device.
  2. Playback the clip.
  3. If you notice the audio is clear through the external speaker, then it denotes that the device is working fine.
  4. In case you notice the audio is not clear, or hear no sound while playing the video clip, then you may need to do a Factory Data Reset on your device.

NOTE: Factory data reset here means that you are going to reset the device to factory defaults.

B. Perform Earpiece Test. Here is how to do it:

  1. Try to place a test call to your Voicemail.
  2. If you hear the audio clearly through the Earpiece, then that indicates that the device is functioning well.
  3. But in case you notice the audio is not clear or no sound is heard at all, proceed to Factory Data Reset.

If speaker problems persist, then try to uninstall applications. It could be that an application is causing the device speaker to become dysfunctional.


An indication of a potential microphone problem on the GS4 is when you can hear callers but they cannot hear you on their end.


In case you are detecting possible microphone issues with your device, try doing these:

  1. Remove the battery for 30 seconds, with the device still powered on. Wait until the time has elapsed, then replace the battery.
  2. Turn the device ON.
  3. Record a clip for a few seconds with audio using the voice recorder or camcorder application.
  4. Playback the clip to test audio.
  5. If you hear the audio is clear, then it simply means that both the device Microphone and Speaker are working properly.
  6. In case you notice the audio is not clear or you hear no sound at all, then continue to Factory Data Reset. Doing so will reset the device to factory defaults.

If by all means problems on both speaker and microphone with the Galaxy S4 still continue, then try calling Samsung technical department for further troubleshooting steps. You may also consider repair options as such with the warranty repair, out of warranty repair and Insurance options with the OEM.

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10 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Speaker, Microphone Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. I turned off the ok google thing. Whatever is it called when you hold down the center button. Cured the speaker sound on calls problem

  2. hey i have the same problem and i wanted to ask if you finally figured out how to fix it. please respond 🙂

  3. my wife has the new samsung galaxy s6 and she likes putting her phone on speaker when talking to people when she is busy. I have noticed on the receiving end and my brother in law said the same thing. there is so much static and background interference you can not hear her talk when she has the phone on speaker.

  4. This solution worked, I had done a factory reset and tried everything but to no avail. Very grateful.

  5. My solution. I have had no sound from the main speaker for about 5 days. The earpiece speaker worked for calls. The earphone jack worked fine. I tried everything here and a factory reset would be next, but I took off the back and pinched the speaker module with my thumb on the module and my index finger on the screen. Wala! The connection between the speaker module was the problem.

  6. It is a bug and has nothing to do with the hardware. Go to Google now—–> settings——-> voice——-> OK Google detection——->UNCHECK “from any sceeen”

    The bug is related to the Kit Kat known issues with Bluetooth etc. It supposed to be fixed in 4.4.4.

    If you install the Google now launcher, you will still be able to have the “OK Google” function from any screen though unchecked from the settings.

  7. I have a galaxy s4. Intermittently I cannot hear anyone who calls and they cannot here me. If I reboot the phone, it usually works for a few calls, then goes dead again. The person I am calling gets the call, and if someone calls my phone, my phone rings. But no sound when I answer and no voice gets through.

    BUT…. I can clearly hear sound through the phone speaker AND I can talk to the phone GO GOOGLE and it will hear me. I can also hear sound and music through a blue tooth headset. But as I said only the phone calls are messed up and sometimes the phone calls work find (both hearing on my end and the people on the other end). I have done a full factory reset, after is reset itself, the apps reloaded themselves automatically. I used the built in Reset / backup feature in the phone itself. Seems like some application has hijacked the phone, and a reboot/battery removal, allows the phone to work but after a little bit the phone goes dead again.

    I took the phone to ATT and since it was a few months over my 1 year warranty, they wanted to sell me a new $300 phone. They said well if you had insurance…blah blah blah. The phone works! just something randomly is hijacking the calling part of the phone. I have run virus programs, and they found nothing.

    they is NOT rooted.

  8. Something you might want to add to your troubleshooting steps is swapping the sim card. I recently updated to Kitkat on my SCHI545 and lost the ability to use audio/camera. After hard resets, re installing firmware via kies and reseating the sim not working I was able to get a SIM from another device and the audio/camera was fixed, I have since changed to a new SIM and all functions are operating correctly. Also another note this is a verizon phone.

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