How to Remove Spy Apps in Galaxy S4 that Track Android Phone

Spy apps that track Android phone are becoming very popular nowadays. This is because it comes with many benefits such as a locator, call and SMS forwarding, stored photo and video viewing, environmental listening and more. This makes it very useful for parents, employers, partners and for people who constantly misplace their devices.

However, this is one of the much abused apps also. When someone puts track Android phone app in your device your privacy is very much compromised. In addition, some apps like these eat up the memory of your device which drives your processor to run more than the usual. Thus, it can be an issue for the frequent overheating of your device too.

In addition, these apps tend to connect in the Internet on their own or whenever triggered by the one who installed it, so you are definitely screwed if you are not on a data plan with your carrier.

How to Remove Spy App that Track Android Phone

Most of these apps are hidden from the plain view of the phone owner even when opening all the apps of the smartphone. Most antivirus or anti-malware software also do not possess the necessary feature to detect or remove them.

1. Track Android Phone Software

So, one way to remove them is by using spy app detectors or removers from the Google Play store. Among the apps that have garnered high ratings from users are Anti Spy Mobile Free, Spy App Detector, Find Spy Apps and others.

2. Factory Reset

Another quick way to remove them without downloading third party apps is through a factory reset, which can be done using the following steps:

a. Press the Menu key.

b. Open the Settings.

c. Choose Accounts.

d. Select the Back up and Reset options.

e. Tap the Factory Data Reset command.

f. Confirm your action when a prompt shows up.

Just be sure to backup all the important data in your Android phone though before doing this. It should be noted that the above steps for factory reset are for the Galaxy S4. The method may vary depending on the version of your Android OS or unit. For instance, instead of selecting Accounts, other phones require selecting Privacy.

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