How to Locate Missing Galaxy S4 Successfully

locate missing galaxy s4

We will help you how to effectively locate a missing Galaxy S4 using the native features of your Samsung Smartphone. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

A. Enable the “Remote Controls” Feature

activating remote controls of galaxy s4

This portion requires you to set up a Samsung account first. You can find the option to do it in the Accounts tab of your Settings. Be reminded that you should do this while you have your device.

1. Open Settings and make sure that you have selected the More tab.

2. Go to Security.

3. Under the Find My Mobile section, select Remote Controls.

4. Hit OK in the introduction message.

5. Add your Samsung account.

6. Make sure that the Remote Controls switch is active or in green, and the Use Wireless Networks option under Location Consent has been checked.

7. Agree to the popup message.

B. Use Find My Mobile to Locate Missing Galaxy S4

locate missing galaxy s4

Note that the series of steps below should be done as soon as you have a strong belief that your Android device has gone missing.

1. Go to the Find My Mobile page at the official website of Samsung using any Internet-enabled device.

2. Sign in using the Samsung account of your missing Galaxy S4.

3. If you have more than one device registered using your Samsung account, choose the one that has gone missing.

4. Open the Locate My Mobile tab. This will show you the location of your missing Smartphone unit.

5. If your device is nearby, you can force it to ring by selecting the Ring My Mobile tab.

6. If your device is not within your vicinity, you can lock its screen using the configurations under the Lock My Mobile section.

7. If you are positive that your device has been stolen and retrieval is already impossible, or there are important data that you have to protect from prying eyes, you can delete all the contents of your missing phone using the Wipe My Mobile option.

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Source: Samsung Find My Mobile User Guide

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  1. Samsung knows it can’t rely forever on Android so it has to have its own set of apps as early as now. If the time comes to opt out of Android, Samsung knows that it has at least a stable set of apps it can bank on.

  2. I’d agree. Android Device Manager is way simpler than this.
    I don’t know how reliable ADM is though.

  3. I use the free AVG app for the same purpose. It’s a good thing smartphones now have this feature.

  4. It’s typical Samsung anyway. Making a clone of each and every service that Google does for Android. Rest it, Samsung!

  5. Android Device Manager! Simple, reliable and easy. Even kids can use it. Why would anyone want this complicated work of Samsung.

  6. It would be nice if it zeroed in on the exact address or spot your phone is in. Although it’s probably not a good idea if it’s stolen to just walk up to the door and ask for it back, just give the police the address. I like that you can wipe your contacts remotely if it is stolen.

  7. I don’t understand either. I wonder if a lot of Samsung users were complaining about this issue. They could have just been trying to fix something that their customers were complaining about. Makes no sense to me though.

  8. This must be Samsung specific. What a mess! I use the Device Manager on my phone too. It is much simpler. I wonder why anyone would want to go through all of these steps?

  9. Not to mention the steps involved in this seems so much complicated. Can’t Samsung keep it simple?

  10. I agree. The Android Device Manager is good enough for tracking and locking lost phones. I don’t understand why Samsung came up with its own service.

  11. This is Samsung specific? Because Android already has the Device Manager app which pretty much does the same.

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