How to Boost Galaxy S4 Volume

“Is there any way to further increase my Samsung Galaxy S4 volume?” asked one reader through The Droid Guy Mailbag.

If you find that your Galaxy S4 volume is not yet loud or clear enough for you, there are actually ways for you boost it. Here are the solutions for your device:

1.  Google Play Apps

There are actually apps in Google Play store that you can use to boost Galaxy S4 volume. Some examples of the apps you can download are Volume+, Volume Control +, Louder Volume Hack, and Volume Booster. Note that most of these require you to root your device.

2. Galaxy S4 Volume Hack

Another way to do this is by utilizing the Volume Hack tool, which you can download from the Resources section below. According to DroidViews, the Moderate version is recommended because some find the first so soft while the Very Loud version is so amplified that it reduces the quality of sound produced by the Galaxy S4.

To use the tool, follow the directions below:

a. Make sure that your device has been rooted prior to this.

b. Download the mod that you prefer from the links provided in the Resources section of this article. Save a copy of the file in the phone’s internal or external SD card.

c. Power off your device normally.

d. Start your unit under Recovery Mode. You can access this by holding down the Volume Up, Power and Home keys altogether until you see the “Galaxy S IV” logo in your startup screen.

e. Select “backup and restore” as a precaution, so you will not risk losing all your files if something goes wrong along the process.

f. Choose “install zip from sdcard” and open the file that you downloaded from the directory where you placed it.

g. Hit “Yes” when a confirmation message appears.

h. Go to “reboot system now” and select it.

i. Wait until the phone reboots. Once your Galaxy S4 reboots, you will notice that the volume of your device is louder than before.


While a lot of people in various forums confirmed that the Volume Hack tool worked for them, we cannot guarantee that it will produce a result that is ideal for you. Also, the method discussed in item number 2 of the article only works for LTE and North American models of the Galaxy S4. Moreover, the tools are from a third-party provider, so make sure to scan them properly before downloading.


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