Ways to Fix the Camera Failed Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

A new question was sent to us at The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads,“I am having problems with my Galaxy S4 camera, particularly the one in front. I noticed the back camera works fine using different camera applications, but once I switch to the front camera, I get a ‘Camera Failed’ popup. Then, I can’t switch back to the rear camera anymore. Is there a way to fix this?”

Possible Ways to Fix the Camera Failed Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

A comprehensive solution to this issue can be found in our previous article titled, Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Failed Problem [How To Fix].” This will run you over with processes on how to solve the problem by clearing the camera and gallery app cache and data, performing a factory reset, and wiping the cache partition. Make sure that you perform these first before proceeding to the next solution.

Buggy Operating System Version

Another cause of the problem is a buggy operating system. If you just recently updated your Android version when you noticed the issue, it would likely mean that it is the update causing the trouble. You can either wait for an OTA update with a fix or install a more stable custom firmware to immediately fix the problem.

Hardware Issue

If everything fails, you might be looking at a hardware issue already. Ask a technician to examine your phone, particularly the wiring of the camera or the camera itself. Some users who have experienced the “Camera Failed” bug recounted that they were able to eliminate it by simply fixing the connection of their ribbon cables or by replacing the camera of their units.

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  1. I think this problem is with Stock ROM based on the screenshot in this article. Modified ROMs have different error appearance.

  2. This does not usually happen when you are using the phone without tampering with the Operating System. If you try tinkering around by flashing custom ROMs and stuff, this can happen at times. 🙂

  3. Wait, this happened to me once when I flashed CM on my Nexus 7. Nothing I did worked. Had to revert to stock.

  4. I’ve never seen a camera fail. It’s odd that is only the front camera and not both at the same time. How old is the phone? Can you take it back and ask for a repair. My store gives me a new one to use while I wait.

  5. Interesting. I’ve never seen this problem on a Samsung device before. It seems like it’d have to be a virus or something.

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