Galaxy S4 Goes Auto Mute When Getting Incoming Calls

One user reported that he is having trouble with his Samsung Galaxy S4 ringer going mute automatically. The likely cause of this problem is the motion and gestures function of the phone that automatically performs the action.

Here is a way to disable it:

1. Press the Menu key.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Tap the “My Device” tab.

4. Scroll down all the way to the “Input and Control” section and select “Motions and Gestures”.

5. Choose Motion.

6. Still on Motion, you can move the slider switch the left to disable all the motion activated commands of your device. If you do not want to disable the motion commands of every app in your phone, you can scroll down to the Mute/Pause menu and move its slider to the left so that it will only affect incoming calls.

Other Causes

If you have performed the steps above and you are still getting the same problem, you are probably experiencing a glitch in the system of your Galaxy S4. You can go over it by simply restarting your device. But if the problem still persists, you might have an app causing it. So, just disable or uninstall the app to solve the issue.

A recent software version update can also be the reason of the trouble. However, there have been no known cases with other users with the recent software updates of Samsung yet. Still, it might be worth calling your carrier or Samsung about it, just in case.

As a last resort if all else fails, try resetting your Galaxy S4 to its factory settings. Don’t forget to backup your files before performing this though.

For a hard reset after backing up your data, follow the steps below which were provided by Vodafone:

1. Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up keys altogether.

2. Release the buttons once you see the Android logo.

3. Scroll down using the Volume Down key until the “wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted.

4. Confirm your decision by choosing yes.

5. Again, using the Volume Down key, highlight and select the “reboot system now” command to finish the process.

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10 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Goes Auto Mute When Getting Incoming Calls”

  1. Saya pengguna samsung s4, setelah update kelollipop perangkat saya tidak bisa menghidupkan wifi dan bluetoth nya ,bagaimana cara memperbaikinya

  2. My s4 is doing this! When i reboot and replace the sim card i can hear and make calls but then after a little while it goes mute. I can’t even hear the ringing after i dialed! Has any on found a fix to this. This phone was supposed to be a bday present for someone! I can’t give it to them until its fixed. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Oh, I would like to add that the memory is completely full now. I cant take pictures nor save anything, including apps. I am terrified that anything I try to do to increase or clear up memory is going to result in the permanent deletion of pictures of my infant child saved on the phone. I dont currently own a personal computer to transfer the photos to, but it seems that this TERRIBLE TERRIBLE phone is going to force me to get a personal computer simply as a place to transfer the photos. Believe me, when those photos are safely transferred, I will smash this phone into a million pieces so there is one less Samsung G4
    for humanity to contend with. Besides it is so fragile it will probably only take a feather to smash it anyway.

  4. My galaxy s4 was dropped, now screen is black but I can still hear sounds. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

  5. My Galaxy S4 automatically mutes frequently when I am speaking to someone on a call, but the mute button on the phone does not indicate that it is muted. I have learned over time that when I am in the middle of a conversation and the person on the other end starts saying, “hello… hello…” that I need to press the mute button (thereby activating mute) and then pressing the mute button again (thereby deactivating mute). I hate this phone with my whole heart.

  6. My Galaxy S4 screen has gone blank for no reason. I can hear the sounds and haptic feedback but nothing appears on screen. Any thoughts on why this has happened ? and how to restore it?

  7. Are the notification sounds and the ringer working well? What kind of app are you using for playing movies? Did you update your OS to a newer version?

    If you can please tell us more details about your problem by emailing us at [email protected]. That would help us narrow down the possible causes and solutions.

  8. My Galaxy tablet is on mute for playing movies and such. I can’t get the mute off. I put it on full sound and it still stays with the mute. What can I do?

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