Problem in Playing Videos on Galaxy S4

One reader asked, “I am having problems playing videos from my YouTube, Facebook and Tweetcaster apps using my Samsung Galaxy S IV. Whenever I try to open videos from those apps, it always displays the ‘Can’t play this video’ error message after unsuccessfully loading the contents for around 20 seconds. Is there a way to fix this?”

Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Play Videos on Galaxy S4

There are a couple of factors that may be triggering the issue, these are:

  • Timeouts from your network or ISP.
  • Problems in the server of YouTube, Facebook or Tweetcaster.
  • Issue in the apps of YouTube, Facebook or Tweetcaster.
  • Glitchy temporary data.
  • Corrupted system apps.

Likely Solutions to Problems in Playing Videos in Galaxy S4

Here are the solutions that you can apply to fix the issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Having simultaneous problems in the server of YouTube, Facebook and Tweetcaster may be unlikely. So, one thing you should look at is your network provider or ISP. Try accessing the websites of the mentioned apps in another browser or using another device to confirm if the issue is associated with your Internet connection.

2. Clear Cache and Data of the Apps

If you suspect that the apps are themselves problematic, try to clear their cache first. When that fails, clear their data as well. You can perform this by accessing the App Manager section under Settings and the “All” tab.

3. Reinstall Apps or Use Other Alternatives

Reinstall the apps if the issue persists after clearing the cache and data of your phone. Another alternative to play videos from YouTube, Tweetcaster or Facebook is by using any video player like VLC, MX Player and others that support video streaming from the said sites.

4. Do a Factory Reset

As a last resort if all else fails, boot your device under Recover Mode. Recovery Mode can be accessed by turning off your device and by pressing the Power, Volume Up and Home keys simultaneously to boot your unit. Then, backup your device by selecting the corresponding option in Recovery Mode. Next, select Factory Reset and reboot your Android device.

A Factory Reset will restore the condition of your system into its factory settings. This will also remove all bugs that have accumulated in your system. As a tradeoff, it will delete all the stored data in your device too. So, make sure that you have backed them up prior to this process.

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