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Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate Not Working

If your Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate function is not functioning, the possible cause of the problem might be any of the following:

  • The Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate feature might be disabled
  • Calibration might be needed
  • There is a possible problem with Touchwiz
  • There might be a glitch in the system of the phone
  • Hardware-related issue

Solution to the Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate Problem

Here are the various solutions that you can apply to solve the issue:

1. Enable Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate Feature

This is a very obvious answer, but even if you are sure that the feature is enabled, it is still worth it to check its settings. This is because there are times when during your tinkering or someone else’s tinkering with your phone, the feature might have been accidentally disabled.

To enable it, just access Settings. Then, under the My Device selection, go to Display. Scroll down to the Screen section and ensure that the Auto-Rotate Screen option is active or checked.

Note that even if you already found it enabled, just uncheck and check it back again to refresh your phone settings.

2. Calibrate Your Phone

Another way to fix the issue is through Gyroscopic Calibration. But before performing this, make sure that the Auto Rotate-Screen is unchecked (use the method presented above to access it).

Go to Settings. Then, on the My Device tab, scroll down to the Input and Control section and tap Motions and Gestures. Select Gyroscopic Calibration. Next place your device on an even surface, like on top of a table. Lastly, press the Calibrate button and wait to finish. Don’t forget to turn on the Auto-Rotate Screen feature after you finish the calibration.

3. Download an Alternative to TouchWiz

TouchWiz is sometimes known to cause issues such as this. So, if you think that it is causing the bug, download an alternative through Google Play Store like Next Launcher 3D or others. But if you want to stick with TouchWiz, just reinstall it through Google Play Store.

4. Restart and Remove Rouge Apps

Restarting your phone sometimes helps refresh its system, so try it. If the problem persists, look for suspicious apps or try to identify the apps that you most recently installed before the issue occured. Disable them for a while and perform step 1 and/or step 2 of this section. Observe if the problem is still there. You can also determine if there are apps interfering with the normal function of your device by starting it under Safe Mode. Then, test the function there.

5. Factory Reset

If all else fails after performing all the solutions mentioned here, perform a Factory Reset which will bring back your phone to its original settings. Make sure that you have backed up all your data though prior to this because you are sure to lose every data that you have installed there.

6. Go to a Samsung Repair Center

If you are experiencing frequent overheating with your device, this can trigger the Galaxy S4 Auto-Rotate problem. There is a chance that your hardware is the problem already. If this is the case, seek help from a professional technician.

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  1. How do I fix my sumsung if it doesn’t auto rotate or vibrate when it’s ringing because I even formatted it but it still failed

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