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Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS & MMS Problems [Part 1]

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Here are some of SMS- and MMS-related problems our readers sent to us these past few weeks. We plan to expand this troubleshooting series if we continue to get more of similar problems in the near future. If you have any text messaging-related problem, don’t hesitate to consult us by using the link provided at the bottom of this post.

In the meantime, here are the 7 solutions for Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS & MMS problems. We hope you enjoy reading this post!


Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t send MMS

Last week I tried to send a message with image attached it switched to MMS and failed to send. I have done this before without a problem. If I try and send the message from the image it also fails. When texting and my message converts to MMS it fails. The last app I downloaded was Dripper!!

Another issue is my Google account. The above email address. I cannot get my Google contacts to sync. The error message is “sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly” it shows the last back up of 4/6/2015. Now I also have a Samsung account under this email address and it shows my contacts have been backed as of the current date. When I go to my computer and look @ contacts under the above email address they are all there!!! Is Samsung & Google having a problem in syncing mode?! I also have another Google email address that is NOT part of the Samsung account and it has no issues and backs up my contacts with no problem with Google!

I tried to clear the data of Google Services Framework. The only “Apps Manager” i have is in settings >more>application manager>when I tap it, it then lists headings: “downloaded” apps, “SD card”, “running”, “ALL”, “Turned Off”. Under “All” when I tap menu @ bottom left it gives me these choices: Sort by size or Reset app preferences””, there is no option to select “Google Services Framework & Select to clear data”. Do you have a solution?

Thanks for this app / I’ve been on FB as well! .Hope you can help me. — Joetta

Solution: Hi Joetta. Have you called your network provider about your MMS problem? An MMS issue like yours can be due to a network-related problem so try to contact your provider about it. Another good way to check if there’s a service interruption in your area is to insert your SIM card in another device and use it to send an MMS. Obviously, if the message goes out fine, that’s a clear indicator that the problem is with your S4.

To fix an S4 being unable to send MMS, you have to make first that the messaging app is working fine. If you are using the stock Samsung Messages app, try to delete its cache and data, then send an MMS again. Keep in mind that doing this will delete your message logs so if you want to keep some of them, try to find a way to back them up first.

If the problem remains after clearing the app’s cache and data, check the APN settings of your S4 again. If you are not sure what values are supposed to be put in under APN fields, please ask your network provider for them.

Google servers responsible for syncing contacts across multiple devices sometimes go down. Once they’re back online though, they should pick up whatever pending tasks that remain like syncing information of outdated devices. If that didn’t happen, just make sure that your Google app’s sync options are enabled so once your S4 is connected to the internet, it will automatically tell Google to sync it.

You don’t need to tap the menu button when after tapping “ALL” tab. Just look for Google Services Framework in the list of apps and do what you need to do.

Problem #2: How to disable floating keyboard in Samsung Galaxy S4

I just noticed that while texting, my keyboard is very small and comes up in the middle of other messages that I have rec’d, such as the last text. I cannot read incoming texts without moving the texting keyboard. Is this weird and did I accidently hit the wrong key?? Thank you! — Julie

Solution: Hi Julie. You may have unintentionally enabled the floating keyboard feature. To revert to the default settings of your keyboard, simply tap the microphone icon between “Sym” and the spacebar, then press the keyboard icon. That should disable the floating keyboard.

Problem #3: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot send text message when on 4G LTE mode

After upgrading to Lollipop 5.0.1 from Kies, I’m no longer able to text in 4G LTE mode. If my signal drops down to 3G, I’m able to text. It rarely drops down to 3G. I wish I had KitKat back. The phone is an unlocked Verizon. While researching about this phone, I have found others with the same problem with no solution. I have tried everything from factory reset to taking out the battery and holding the power button. I’ve reset the SIM card as well. Can you help? — Riley

Solution: Hi Riley. This looks like a problem with your network (SIM provider) rather than a firmware or phone issue. Please work with your network provider’s support team to resolve the issue.


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Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t receive SMS from certain people

Cant receive texts from a particular #. They can receive them but when they send a text I don’t get it. — Darrow

Solution: Hi Darrow. We’ve heard of this issue regularly when someone switched from iPhone to Android. If you are using your old SIM card from your iPhone to your S4, make sure that you deactivate your iMessage account.

If you were not an iPhone user before, try to contact the person trying to send you a message to tell him to check his device or his network as that might be the source of trouble.

Lastly, make sure that you haven’t marked certain numbers as spam. If you are using the stock messaging app, go to your list of text messages, tap the menu button, and go to Spam Messages option. If you can see messages in this folder, that means you blocked or marked some of your contacts as spam. To un-spam a  contact, simply hit the menu button again, go to Settings, look for Spam message settings, and check the list of numbers nominated as spam.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot send SMS and make calls

Hi. So a few days ago my Galaxy S4 just randomly stopped receiving/making both call and text messages. I click on a contact and press call and immediately it says call failed and emergency calls only. With text messages, I would press send and it would say “sending” for a while and then finally say failed. Now when I try to send text messages it immediately says failed. It seems that I can receive text messages because I got a few today, but it wouldn’t allow me to reply.  Really frustrating. It also has the no service symbol at the top when I know for a fact I’m in a place that has service, such as my house where I have always had great service. Please help!! I’m afraid I’m going to be out somewhere, and need to get in touch with someone and I have absolutely no way to do so. I’ve tried everything I’ve seen online such as turn off and back on, take out SIM card and battery for a few minutes, turn on/off airplane mode, do different things in settings, everything! It could possibly be that Please help if you can! Thank you! — Bek

Solution: Hi Bek. If you have another phone, try to insert your SIM card to it and use it for at least 24 hours. What you want to achieve by doing so is to determine whether or not the problem is with your network (SIM provider) or not. If you can send and receive text messages fine with another device, you must need to do a factory reset on your S4.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S4 has incorrect timestamp on text messages

I don’t know if these are related or not. I’m running 5.0.1 (Lollipop?).

About 2-3 weeks ago, my ability to sync my computer’s Outlook calendar with my cell calendar. The phone won’t get the calendar changes I make – either additions or deletions. However, it keeps up with my Outlook email. And emails appear on my phone before they appear on my computer by a few seconds to a minute or so. My university tech guys think they can fix this for me, but I thought it might be related to my primary clock problem.

For several days – maybe a week – the clock on the upper right and the one used for text messages is one half hour later than the real time and the one on the widget I use that has a clock and the weather at the top of my home screen. I’m not at all savvy about computers or cell phones.

I’ve looked all over the internet and tried the various things I was competent to try (e.g., removing & reinserting the battery, powering on and off, turning airplane mode on and off).

Can you please make suggestions regarding how to fix either problem and give me the correct terms. For example, I don’t know which clock is attached to which process, although it seems the one on the upper right is used by messaging. I don’t know if that’s used by apps other than messaging and email (which also shows as coming in a half hour later than the actual time and the time shown on my computer’s Outlook program. Thanks. — Linda

Solution: Hi Linda. To avoid confusion, your S4 should be set to automatically use the supplied date and time of your network. To do this, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap More tab.
  • Tap Date and Time.
  • Make sure that Automatic date and time is using network-provided time.
  • Select the correct time zone

Selecting Automatic date and time from your network provider will also sync the time of your  received SMS.

Problem #7: Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps getting the text-to-speech solution error

Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a few days ago a notification popped up saying text to speech solution and i have to click on to force stop it from happening but it will come on again after a text message or if my phone hasn’t been used for half an hour, it’s really irritating me because i can’t clear it from my notification bar i have to click on until it will go. Can you help?! Thanks. — Sadie

Solution: Hi Sadie. There are a few things that you can try to resolve the issue. We know from previous letters that an issue like this is more likely due to a third party application.

  • Boot the phone in safe mode. In this mode, your phone will be forced to run only stable, first party apps. So, if a user-installed app is the reason for the problem the error message should not pop up. Try to go over your list of apps and start uninstalling them one by one starting from the most recently installed.
  • Uninstall task killers or battery-diagnostic apps. If you installed apps like Battery Saver or Battery doctor, uninstalling them may help. Task killer apps are redundant and known to mess with some Android functions so removing them will be to your benefit. A forum thread from AndroidCentral also mentioned this problem. Try to see if suggestions from other users can help you.
  • Do a factory reset. Nothing beats this old but effective solution. Just make sure not to install the same set of apps afterwards.


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  1. Have a Samsung S4 and when I send a picture through text it comes back failed. How do I fix this please?

  2. I had this problem on my Galaxy S4 with two different carriers and I was on the phone more times than I can remember trying to fix it….but I finally found someone who was able to fix the problem. This is what fixed mine: Remove the battery WHILE THE PHONE IS STILL ON, leave it out for about 5 minutes, and replace the battery. Turn the phone back on and then try sending a MMS pic message to YOURSELF. Just send the pic message to your own phone number. Once it sends successfully (hopefully it will) try sending to others. This worked for me and I really hope it helps someone else. This issue frustrated me for well over a year. And if it starts messing up again, just do this again. Another VERY IMPORTANT thing to know: If you are using a lower cost cell network (anything other than the big guys like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) you HAVE to turn off WiFi in order to send pic MMS messages!!!! And of course, make sure your mobile data is turned on.

  3. I am having a problem with my Samsung S6. Messaging applications like Kakao and Wechat do not work on 4g they work on Wifi and 3g which is rare. Regular messaging works fine.

  4. I’m having a problem with text notifications. I noticed a change in the notification process some months ago and after not realizing I had received a critical response to a text I had sent, I’ve had it!

    I’d like to receive a notification “ding” (or whatever) EVERY time I receive a text. I frequently do not get a notification if I have recently texted a person and they text me back within a minute or so. I assume this has something to do with a belief that people ONLY use texting as a conversation proxy. SOMETIMES I use texting to have a rapid back and forth conversation of that type, but I more often use it while multi-tasking and frequently am not aware that I’ve received a response from someone while engaged in another task. Again, I’m multi-tasking while text most often, I do NOT have my phone in my hands and my eyes on the screen while text all of the time.

    Is there a way to force my galaxy s4 droid to notify me for every single text received? I’ve looked through the chat boards and my phone and I can’t figure it out in the stock app. Alternately, would downloading a free texting app be a good move to make sure I’m always getting notifications for texts, and if so, what is a good/recommended one?

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