Waiting on Network Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

A new message came in The Droid Guy Mailbag just recently which reads, “I found a game yesterday from Google Play as I was using my laptop. Because I’ve connected my Samsung Galaxy S4 and laptop to Google I was easily able to click the Install button from the upper corner of the screen and the phone reacted to it and started to perform the download. So I just left it to do its job, but as I looked at it for a couple of hours later I wondered why it was still downloading the game. As I checked the status I encountered the ‘Waiting on Network’ problem and realized that the download had never even started.”

How to Fix the “Waiting on Network” Problem of the Galaxy S4

According to the XDA Developers forum, there are ways to solve the “Waiting on Network” problem, these are:

1. Download the App Again

One way to solve the problem is by cancelling the download and then download the app again.

2. Use Wi-Fi for Download

The problem may also stem out from carrier issues. If this is the case, simply disable your mobile data and use Wi-Fi connection when downloading apps instead.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode or Reboot

Some users say that simply turning on and off the Airplane mode fixes the problem. Rebooting the phone apparently solves the issue too.

4. Clear Cache and Data of Play Store

Clear the cache of the Play store to remove all the temporary files causing the bug. If that fails, go ahead and clear the data of the app as well. Take note though that this will reset the settings that you have placed on the app.

5. Perform Factory Reset

If all else fails, perform a factory reset to completely wipe out all the system files causing the glitch. But be sure to back up prior to this because it will completely erase all your stored data as well.

6. Switch Back to the Older Version of the Google Play Store

This will work only if you are using a rooted device. To do this, uninstall the version of the Google Play store that you are running. After that, download and install the apk files of the old app.

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