How to Recover Deleted Contacts and Messages in Galaxy S4

Sometimes, there is a rare glitch that deletes all the messages or people in your contact list. It is sad to note that Samsung Galaxy S4 has no native app or default feature that would let you recover deleted messages or contacts.

However, there are apps that would let you restore the messages that were erased in your device. One of them is Dr. Fone. It is very easy to use and effective too.

Here is how to use the app:

1. Using your computer, download and install the Dr. Fone app.

2. After installation, run the app by clicking its icon in your desktop.

3. Then, connect your Galaxy S4 to your computer using its USB cable. Make sure that no other Android phone management tools active in your device while doing so as it would disrupt the whole process.

4. Once your computer recognizes your device, a new window will pop up showing you some options. Just close it.

5. Next, click the green Start button in the window.

6. Wait for the initialization procedure to finish.

7. When the initialization process finishes, you will see some links to on the left side of the window such as messaging, contacts and others. If you want to restore your SMS or emails, just choose Messaging. Choose contacts to restore the erased entries of your phonebook.

8. To narrow down your list, you can click on the switch that says “Only display deleted items”.

9. Just check the box next to the Name column to choose all the deleted items or click the individual boxes located beside each app to select the data that you wish to recover.

10. Click the blue Recover icon on the lowest corner of the screen on the right.

11. Select the directory where you want to place your restored files.

12. Lastly, go to the directory where you placed the deleted files and click the file there to see the deleted items.

For More Questions

If you have problems with your Samsung Galaxy S4, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and we will help find solutions for them. Just be detailed as possible so we can easily understand what your real problems are.


  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 android. I lost all the photos I took before 7-29-2017 (hundreds and hundreds) cept for the 11pictures I took on 7-29 2017. Can’t find them. I checked with my google account. They are not there. My phone is synced and it said that the last sync was on 7/30/2017. On google photos the last photos that were synced was in September 2015. I’ve tried to find the pics and I can’t. Does that Dr Fone app work for my phone? Any other help is appreciated.

  2. Just one question.

    Have you seen this actually work? Have you got positive results off it? :-/ Dr. Fone just seems to be one of the other thousand’s of look-a-like Android data recovery softwares (Vibosoft Dr. or Coolmuster Android Dr. a few examples). They all look alike, and do the same thing. Even charging for recovery.

    You really won’t know if you will get your lost data even after you pay for their ‘service’.

    Just a load of garbage. 🙁

  3. This did not work for me , I tried it a couple of times and it said that It was only going to be able to recover pics and videos.

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