Top 4 Most Common Display Problems With Samsung Galaxy S4

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We did receive a lot of emails regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 display problems and based on those reports we were able to come up with 4 possible display issues. Software-related display problems often have solutions and owners can manage to troubleshoot them. However, physical screen problems would always end up sending the device for repair or replacement. Unlike any other components, display panels are disposable that when they are damaged, they need to be replaced.

Unresponsive Display

This issue may be caused by software and/or hardware glitch. Again, you would be lucky if a third-party app caused the display to become unresponsive because if it were a hardware issue, you have no choice but send it for repair.

Possible Causes

  • Third-party app has gone rogue.
  • Phone froze without apparent reason.
  • A component caused glitch.

Possible Solutions

Solution 1: Reboot the phone. If it were a temporary device problem, a simple reboot would solve the problem. In case the phone won’t respond to the Power button, pop the back panel up and take the battery out for 30 to 60 seconds. This would soft-reset the phone and would eventually solve the problem.

Solution 2: Disable / uninstall the app causing it. If it were an application that caused it, you have two options: disable it or uninstall it. But first you need to know for sure that it’s an app that’s causing it by booting the phone to Safe Mode. If the problem doesn’t occur when in Safe Mode, you already confirmed the cause so go ahead and disable the app first. If the problem persists after that, you should consider uninstalling it.

Solution 3: Make sure it’s not the phone that has a problem. One thing about unresponsive display is that it’s hard to know if it’s only a problem with the display or the phone. If the device won’t respond when you press any of the buttons including the Power key, it’s the phone that’s freezing and not just the display becoming unresponsive. Troubleshoot the phone’s problem and you might fix it.

Solution 4: Send for repair. For people who don’t want to void the warranty of their phone, it is strongly recommended they send it for repair rather than opening it and mess with its components.

Blank Screen

It is a common problem not just to Samsung Galaxy S4 but to all smartphone owners. Blank screen problem happens all the time and there’s nothing much a user can do when it occurs.

Possible Causes

  • An app or feature froze.
  • Not enough battery to power the device up.
  • Physical damage.

Possible Solutions

Solution 1: Reboot / soft-reset the phone. If the problem occurs right after you tapped on a certain app, it could be that it is taking so long to load it or the app simply froze. Either way, you would need to reboot the phone if you can’t wait or soft-reset it if it doesn’t respond at all. Many users who reported the problem happen to be gamers so it has something to do with the length of hours the phone was being used extensively.

Solution 2: Plug the charger in. There are times when there is a little amount of power left in the battery that the best it can do is power up the LEDs or the backlight. In fact, it is common to Super AMOLED displays considering it would take more power to turn the screen on. In case you encounter this issue, don’t hesitate to recharge the phone and see if that helps.

Solution 3: Have a tech look at it. In case you dropped your phone then the problem happens, it could be that the panel was damaged. If the damage was from the outside, you would see some cracks or broken components. However, if the damage is from the inside, you’ll get a blank screen instead. Don’t trouble yourself no more, have a technician check your phone.

Dead Pixel

When you can see a small dot(s) on your screen and it won’t go away, that could be a dead pixel. Like the first issue, it could have been caused by an application or small part of the screen was damaged.

Possible Causes

  • Third-party app lags and freezes.
  • Screen has a small damaged area.
  • GPU has issues with some apps.

Possible Solutions

Solution 1: Verify if apps are causing it. Upon seeing a dead pixel or a black dot on the screen, close the app immediately and open another. Check if the dead pixel is still in the area where you first saw it. Try as many apps as you can to make sure. If it disappears and reappear while jumping from one app to another, then it occurs only when triggered by certain apps. You need to find those. However, if it remains on the screen whatever you do, I’m afraid it’s a component problem. You can either live with it (and be disappointed every single day) or send it for repair or replacement.

Solution 2: GPU problem. If the issue occurs only when you load a heavy game, then it may have something to do with the memory or the graphics processing unit (otherwise known GPU). The best course of action is to clear the RAM cache, close running apps in the background and soft-reset the phone.

Broken, Cracked and Bleeding Screen

Among the first components to be damaged when a smartphone fell is the screen; either it will totally be broken or just crack. If the display panel is compromised, liquid might flow out of the screen.

When this happens to you, there’s no other option than to send the phone for repair or bring it to the store to claim warranty as long as it’s covered. Please note that each retailer has its own terms as to the claiming of warranty.

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  1. Samsung J2 is displaying smaller copies of a screen in the main screen! The smaller copies have to be moved away to use the phone. Also each copy is behaving like the original screen! Please help.

  2. I have dropped my phone on more than dozen of occasionally.It didn’t have any problem until lately the screen began to get distorted temporarily.But now the screen gets distorted followed by a completely white screen.I can fix this by pressing the power button so the next time when I press power button I get my usual lock screen .however sometimes this doesn’t work and I have to remove the battery to get it back to normal. please help .I hope I don’t have to change the LCD screen.

  3. I have to tap the screen all the time to unlock it when I ring some one and I can not seem to remove it thanks

  4. I also have the same problem as i also have a used one samsung galaxy s4 i9505 like you so whats the problem is that software or hardware related and what is the solution for this?

  5. Hey I just came on here and you helped me fix my problem. It wasn’t anything that you suggested but you got me thinking of what was different about my phone that made the glitch happened and that’s how I figured it out.

    Slightly flashing line across middle of screen with top portion of screen slightly darker in colour than the bottom.

    Power saving mode was on

    Turned power saving mode off and screen returned to normal. Now I know to avoid power saving mode if I don’t want to be annoyed by the glitch.

    Hopefully that may help someone else.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 since Jan 15

  6. in have aslo the same problem like this i dont know what i happen please explain me

    sakthi vignesh

  7. I’am having problem with my Samsung galaxy s4, as i have bought a used one. The problem is actually in the display. Other colours are vivid and gorgeous and looks completely alright, but the problem occurs in the darker or blacker coloured areas. Somehow the dark black or pitch black areas of any movie or any kind of video played on my cell phone looks distorted. As they are separate identity and could not merge into other colours properly. The blacks seemed like pixalated and blocky. I don’t know what is wrong with my phone. Any kind of help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  8. new s4 display has pink/purple hue on top 15% of screen and yellowish tint at bottom looks like top part is darker than the lower part of display , more noticeable at lower brightness….i have come across many of them having this issue at least 90% of s4 owners… it a defective display..did Samsung react for the issue…please anyone help me out its annoying to read ebooks on s4…..

  9. hi..i had problems with my Galaxy S4 samsung.The display sometime can see and sometime is without display..i try to remove memory SD card…but the problems still appear like that..i also try to charge full battery and also restore factory at setting….but still have same problems,the display cannot appear..any suggestion for help……

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