Fixing “Android Process Media has Stopped” in Galaxy S4

A new question in The Droid Guy Mailbag reads, “Help. I am seeing the error message ‘Android Process Media has Stopped’ in my Samsung Galaxy S4? What could be causing it? More importantly, how can I fix it?”

Possible Causes of the “Android Process Media has Stopped” Error in Galaxy S4

According to some people experiencing the problem, the error message usually occurs after updating the firmware version of the phone. The glitch may be triggered by an app, a temporary data in the cache or a corrupted system file.

Likely Fixes to the “Android Process Media has Stopped” Issue with the Galaxy S4

Based on various forums like XDA Developers, there are four ways to fix the problem. Here are the solutions that you can apply:

1. Clear Cache and Data of Download Manager

If the problem is triggered by temporary files installed in your device, clearing the cache will most probably fix the issue. When that solution fails to work, clear its data as too. Just remember to try looking if Clear Cache fixes the problem before selecting Clear Data.

Follow these steps to access these options:

  • Access Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Choose Manage Applications.
  • Be sure to tap the All tab.
  • Select Download Manager.
  • From here, you will have the option to Clear Cache or Clear Data.

2. Disable or Toggle Auto-Sync

Some people said that disabling the auto-sync function of their phone solved it. Note that the solution will prevent you from automatically downloading and installing updates for your apps though.

You can find Auto Sync Data using the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Connections tab.
  • Choose Data Usage.
  • Tap the Mobile tab.
  • Hit the Menu button.
  • Just tap Auto Sync Data to disable the feature. If you have found it to be disabled by default, turn it on, and then off again.

3. Remove Suspicious App

If you see any suspicious app in your phone, or you think that the third-party app you last installed is the culprit, uninstall it to fix the issue.

4. Factory Reset

When all else fails, backup your data and do a Factory Reset. This will revert your phone back to its factory settings and fix all corrupted system files that may be triggering the trouble. You can access the Factory Reset menu through Recovery Mode.

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3 thoughts on “Fixing “Android Process Media has Stopped” in Galaxy S4”

  1. I carried out a factory reset but it hasnt worked. Im still seeing this error message please help, i went to backup and reset in settings and went to restore factory settings

  2. I cleared the cache/data of Media Storage and of Download Manager, and it solved my problem. I also noted that my tablet ‘thought’ that it still had an SD card installed, while I had taken it out previously. After tapping the option ‘Disconnect SD card’ (text may be different, this is a literal translation of the Dutch option), that pecularity was solved as well. To what extent that contributed to the primary problem being solved, I don’t know.

  3. I have recently purchased the S4. I had an old samsung before and always played words with friends. On the new S4, the app now says “not available in your country”. I live in Italy but had no problem before. It just gives a spanish version!
    Any ideas?

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