Samsung Galaxy S4 Calendar Problem: Unable To Add An Event

Emails from our readers poured in recently regarding calendar issues. In one of the emails, the user complained not being able to add a Calendar event on his Samsung Galaxy S4. The problem is minor but could also cause trouble to people relying on the capability of the device’s event manager. Here is one of the emails we received about this problem:


I can’t seem to add an even to my calendar. Of course, I know how to add an event, that’s my line of work and I add more than five events to my boss’ phone. He recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace his old reliable Galaxy S3 but it’s me that’s having a problem with adding events.

He let me bring his new phone for the weekend after I told him I wasn’t able to add a single event in it. So now, I’m facing this very big problem that concerns my job as an event manager. Can you help me with this, please.

I would greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks.



Possible Causes

Here are some possible reasons behind the problem. There could other reasons why an event couldn’t be added to the Galaxy S4 Calendar but as of this moment these are the ones that seem logical. After all, our reader hasn’t provided us with all details needed to troubleshoot the problem accurately.

  • It could be just a temporary device issue.
  • The phone does not have access to a mobile network that’s required for this service.
  • The device may have been set not to display the calendar event.
  • The Calendar sync may have been turned off (unintentionally) for the account you wish to add an event to.
  • The calendar database became corrupt.


The following procedure is a logical approach to solving problems related to adding calendar events. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work 100 percent because there could be other underlying issues causing the problem. It’s worth a shot, though.

Step 1: Soft reset the GS4. This is the first logical step we want owners to do in case they encounter problems with their device. Not only does it refreshes the phone’s memory, it will also bring the phone back to its ‘working state’ after the reboot. All that is needed to do is turn the phone off, take the battery out for 30 seconds and bring the phone back to life.

Step 2: Make sure mobile data connection is turned on. Again, I would like to reiterate that syncing to an online or ActiveSync account needs mobile data connection, so make sure it is turned on. Go to Settings, then tap Data Usage, and tap to check Mobile Data. Try to browse to see if you have an active connection to the internet.

Step 3: Make sure you set the phone to display the correct calendar. Launch the Calendar app then touch the Menu key, tap Settings then choose Calendars and go to Display. Check the box next to all the calendars you want to display and touch Done.

Step 4: Check to see if Sync Calendar was turned on. From the home screen, touch the Menu key, tap Settings, then Accounts. Now choose the account type you want the calendar items synced from. Touch the account name you want content sync settings viewed. Look for Sync Calendar and check the box to the right.

If there’s no account type on the list, you need to setup an account on the device. Touch Add Account to proceed with the set up.

Step 5: Everything was set up properly but the problem persists. In this case, it is safe to assume that the calendar app’s database has become corrupt. You need to clear its cache and data. Go to Application Manager and swipe to choose All tab, scroll to and tap Calendar then tap both Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Please note that all your settings will be lost after you tapped the Clear Data button so make sure you back them up before doing this.

Having problems with your phone?

Tell us about them by emailing us at [email protected]. Make sure to include as much details as possible so that we could understand the problem well and find the best solutions for you. If you can share a screenshot or two, that would be better.

We may not be able to respond to every email we receive but rest assured we do read them… yes, all of them even if some do look like spams.

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  1. Me and my friends are having a lot of trouble keeping our Note 2 (samsung calendar) synced. Some days we open our calendars and there’s nothing there. It requires clearing the calendar cache or restarting the phone or both to get the calendar back. I’m blaming it on Samsung’s calendar (which everyone prefers over Google calendar). I recently put ACalendar on my phone and the google calendar, waiting for the day now that the samsung one isn’t in sync so I can check the other two. According to the google apps manager site, the calendar has been having no problem (but lots of problems with Gmail today), so that’s why we think it’s the Samsung calendar. Anyone else experiencing this or found a fix?

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