Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Troubleshooting

We have the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 4 user guide. All problems, questions, tutorials, troubleshooting guides and solutions will be added here each week. If you own a Note 4, I suggest you bookmark this page to make it easier to find in case you’ll encounter problems in the future.

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  1. I only been having this phone less than 2 weeks and been having problems with it since I got it freezing up

  2. Dear Sir. my Glaxy Note 4 last the networking signals and I changed Sim several times but unfortunately there is no Signals then I restore my phone after that it is not working and here is Sin inserted but say insert Sim . What to do Please guide me.

  3. I’m getting the same ‘Loading messages’ issue as Bernard Jones Dec23 and Paul Wright Jan17 On my Note4.
    Locks up when trying to ReplyTo an email.
    Any solutions yet?

  4. I have a problem identical to the problem left on Dec. 21, above:
    When trying to forward or reply to an email on my Galaxy Note 4, it works normally up until the mail I am trying to forward, is opened/shown on the screen, but it stops there with a
    notification panel opened on top of that screen stating ‘ Loading messages…” Nothing happens, except that a circle continues to move. The phone neither stops loading messages or allows me to forward or reply to an email. Is there a fix?

  5. My Galaxy Note 4 “stopped” being recognized by my computer . I have checked the cables I have made sure debugging is on . I have phoned #0808# i have rebooted . And yes I have the latest drivers . And my USB ports have enough power. I have tried Samsung Kies It still does not recognize it. I have tried just about everything. I am getting tired of have to remove my SD card to transfer my stuff.

  6. Hi, are you aware of this problem?
    When trying to forward or reply to an email on my Galaxy Note 4, it works normally
    up until the mail I am trying to forward, is opened/shown on the screen, but it stops there with a
    notification panel opened on top of that screen stating ‘ Loading messages…’.
    The notification box is white and about 6 long x 2 deep centimeters.
    It has a blue circle ‘timing meter’ rotating at the left of the text.
    There is stops and is ‘hung up’ in a loop.
    I can press the back button twice and I’m asked if I want to save or discard.
    I discard since I cannot interact with the normal screen which should now allow me to enter the
    recipients. Sometimes I can clear the notification panel from that normal screen, so I try to use the X (to delete the email I’m trying to forward) icon at the top of the screen where the option icons are situated, but the notification panel reappears.
    The only way I can get control of the phone is to hit the back button 2 or three times.
    I have installed various anti-virus apps with little or no success.

    Any advice/help would be appreciated – even a suggestion for a
    credible anti virus app, paid or free, I don’t mind.

    Thanks very much.


  7. I factory resettled my note 4 to solve a software issue and now when I am using the Internet I can’t tap on a picture and get it to full-screen

  8. I factory resettled my phone to solve a software issue and now when I am using the Internet I can’t tap on a picture and get it to full-screen

  9. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4, keeps turning off, it stays off for a while, and when I finally get it to start, it turns off again and sometimes a green robot appears on the screen. Right under it says Downloading… Do not turn off target!! on the top left corner it says Could not do normal boot, ddi: mmc_read failed Odin Mode ( high speed) Product name SM-N910T3 Current Binary: Samsung official, System status Custom, Fap lock on, knox warranty Void 0x0 Qualcom secure boot; enable (csb) etc. I have left this it on for a while, but nothing happens in order for the robot to go off I have to take battery off and try getting it to start again. Is there a solution for this??? I have this phone for a year and six months now and never had a problem before.

  10. My phone keeps turning of and on, when finally get it to turn on it works for a while and then it goes off again. Sometimes a green robot appears and right under it it says Downloading… Do not turn off target!! on the left top corner it says: Could not do normal boost- ddi: mmc read failed Odin Mode (High Speed) Product Name SM- N910T3 Current Binary : Samsung official system Status: Custom Flap Lock: On etc. I have let this on for a while and nothings happens. in order totake it off I have to take battery out. Is there any solution to this?

  11. My samsung note 4 went off and still now never came back on… I have gone to so many phone places to fix it but they dont know the issue…i have used this phone for just 1month and 28days

  12. Phone s then turns off. Have tried over and over again appears to be discharged and beeps and vibrate. does not charge

  13. hie
    my Galaxy Note 4 is failing to connect all short codes
    it reads (undefined command contact call centre)i have done it and tgey reconfiguref but the problem persist

  14. Hello sir i need your help because i cant change my data signal to 3g or Lte it is always g when i open everytime. Please help me to get some solution i am very thankful when you answer my question

  15. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has had multiple problems since the latest update biggest problem is freezing and not responding then the phone automatically restarts and brings back factory settings what is going on.

  16. Samsung note4 when plugged starts charging. However when unplugged there is no charge left and the mobile turns off.

  17. Samsung Note
    continuously message pop up
    “21: service error. Please report the situation to us. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

    can anyone help me out of this

  18. Iv just updated my note 4 with the latest update and since then it has been nothing but trouble it keeps re starting and coming up with an unable to restart with main start up it keeps freezing and can only be turned back on after battery has been removed and e en then it doesnt always work. It has only been since the last update please help.

  19. May Samsung j2 d ko ma open ang gallery ko lagi ko naman ni lilinis gusto ko mag redid d ako makapag edid ng picture ko.wla din ako tiwala ipaayos no strain lng nila lalo cp ko..pls help.

  20. My Galaxy Note 4 black stopped reading the 64GB SD card, since a drop from a shelf. Please advise solution. I am not tech savvy. But understand basics. Thank you.

  21. My Samsung Galaxy 4 black does not read the 64GB SD Card, after having dropped from a shelf. It was working fine prior to the drop. That SD card is readable in my computer. Have important data in the SD card. Please advise solution. Thank you.

  22. I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 that won’t connect to the 4G signal the phone only operates on 3G and 1X signal I can’t update the phone nor can I download any apps how can I fix this

  23. Galaxy note 4 shuts off while taking photos, it acts as if the battery is dead but when you plug it up it reboots and you battery power is the same as it was before it shuts off. This is not an issue with my phone because I was sent a another phone and I changed the battery. Thinking about an Iphone only because I REALLY use my phone for everyday business and problems such as this is nerve wreaking. I only upgrade my phone when it is really necessary and I thought that I would get a lot more years out of this device. I am unsure about the note 7 with it current issues and when I upgrade it is only for the most current phone on the market because I don’t plan on upgrading unless it is really warranted for I like to max my phone out or get it to a point that I have no other choice.

  24. Hi,

    I have an issue like this post:
    ” My Samsung Note 4 only works with the charger plugged in. As soon as it’s taken off the charger, it starts rebooting itself repeatedly (sort of in a loop), unless and until it is plugged back to the charger. Now I’ve bought a new battery but it continues to do the same. I’ve also wiped the cache partition but still no result and still the same problem. ”
    The phone is new, battery also new and ok, I made a factory reset, and problem still exist.
    Please any tips to back on good function
    my best regards !

  25. I have a galaxy note 4 and it says there is a software update. The thing is when I try to download it it says “download unsuccessful” with an error message that says either error 500, 510, or 550. I am currently running off of android 5.1.1 and live in the United States with Verizon. Please help me fix this problem it is quite annoying

  26. I have a notification issue on my phone what should I do? Sometimes have notification but sometimes don’t have…

  27. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have it set up with a 4 digit passcode. The small issue I have is that every time I enter the passcode the phone keypad screen automatically shows up. Is there any way to disable this as it is getting annoying?

  28. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note4. When I open e-mails on it it does not appear on my computer using windows mail. Earlier I had it as do not delete-mails on server but then my e-mails kept coming back on the cell phone. So i changed it but now I have the problem stated above.Thanks

  29. My son tried to use his finger swipe on his phone this morning and it wouldn’t take. Now he can’t figure out what his backup password is and I’m not sure how else to help him. We have given all possible ideas of what it could be. Is there any way to get it unlocked without doing a hard reset? I don’t want him to lose all of his contacts and games and pictures. TIA! 🙂

  30. While I’m trying to use my phone a message pops up freezes my phone and says ” unfortunately messages have stopped” it’s happening every min I’m trying to use my phone , I have to press the ok button on the message for my phone to start working again. Does anyone know what I can do to stop this?

  31. My note 4 finger sensor on screen stop working…. the screen only works with the s-pen.. the screen no recon my fingers touches… only spen.. can anyone help me?

  32. I have to tell you , I’m utterly fed up with this phone(Note 4)….. I had a note 2 for 3 years and no problem. I’ve had this for 3 weeks and nothing but trouble. The mnger at the verizon store was horrible, and basically said “too bad” one day over the 2 week period allowed to return….AFTER going through tech for resolve and caring for a,dying mother…. 18 year immaculate paying customer and treated like that …When this phone contract is finished so am I ! FB freezes constantly, error messages on stickers , sound quality when someone is speaking or I’m speaking just to name a few. NOT ONCE did I have this problem with the Note 2~ Don’t know if you can help but what a shame to spend so much money for a piece of junk !!!

  33. I keep getiing some sort of LINES that strech throughout my screen when i perfrm actions, They get worse when I play games like Mortal combat X. I feel as though the problem might have originated with the game. my screen flickers and makes lines. sometimes my keyboard gets flipped.

  34. Note 4 Samsung Galaxy wifi will not show on top of screen and will not connect to pocket wifi. keep getting authentication error message. Tried the forget and re entered password. did not work. tried factory reset and still does not work. Any Ideas?? Thanks

  35. i want to knw how to disable the whatsaop mesgs pop up…its not the whagspp app msgs popup that i have already disable..i m talking abt the popup keep on coming while doing anything like playing game…usinng n e other app etc

  36. Note 4-Samsung keyboard keeps crashing…literally makes the phone inoperable as the message “Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped” pops up literally every few SECONDS. I have changed my text method to ‘swipe’ in the meantime but really need to find a ‘fix’. Last time this happened I brought phone into Best Buy and after 45 minutes the Samsung rep finally fixed it. Surely, there is an easier way to fix as this guy really didn’t seem to know what he was doing as it’s now happening again.

  37. I have Note 4. Here is my problem: At random times, when someone tries to call me, they get the message saying that “Number not in Service.” I took my phone to Rogers and no resolution and I took it to Samsung Service center, twice. Each time, they told me that software is the problem and they reinstalled my software. I am still having issues… is anyone having similar problem?

  38. I am having the exact same issue 🙁 I really hope there’s a fix for this. It was working just fine about 2 months ago now nothing…

  39. My nOTE 4 has problens. Too sensative. Changs settings on it’s own. Operates and opens apps without me touching it. Also brings up voice mails to text that were previously deleted. Constantly freezes up in Facebook asking If you if you want close, wait, or report it.

  40. That’s easy when sending a picture you can send it as an attachment by clicking the paper clip and it will take you to your gallery then tap the ones you want to send.

  41. Since the last update I can’t play more than one or two songs without the mp3 player stopping. How can I fix this?

  42. I can’t download any apps from my note 4
    he only show the bar but nothing doesn’t work
    please I need help

  43. My galaxy note 4 the time on my received text messages are an hour different then the text message sent

  44. my note 4 keeps duplicating contacts some time up to 60 times each in a day I delete and they come back HELP PLEASE

  45. I am having the same issue. Also my battery suddenly drains incredibly fast and my “rapid” charger or any charger for that matter still takes hours to fully recharge, often the phone will die if I even touch it when it’s charging

  46. My bosses galaxy note 4 has been updating for hours now and isn’t getting any closer to finishing. What can I do to stop it?

  47. Hello, I am an owner of a Galaxy Note 4 and my phone has been experiencing problems
    recently ranging from a number of issues. One of which would be the phone would
    freeze for a long period of time in apps and in the lock screen which would
    prevent me from unlocking the device. This would often result in the device
    involuntary restarting. Other problems would be that when charging the device,
    there is often times where there is no response from the phone even when I
    unplug the charger, the red LED light would still be on despite the phone not
    being charged.

    I have sent it off to Samsung three times where they have reflashed the
    firmware twice and replaced the main board along with the battery yet the
    problem still persists. Also, when I try to place my phone into safe mode, it
    goes into download mode instead.

    Is there anything that you could recommend to me in order to fix this problem?
    Help would be much appreciated.

  48. Another small problem. Now when charging my Note 4, the red light does not appear. But when charge is complete, the green light does come on

  49. I have a brand new Note 4 and when I attempt to have Accessibility allow apps like Pushbullet or Omni Swipe or Clean Master to turn on, it will not allow. This is a new phone and on a previous phone I had this problem and the solution was to disable an app but I cannot for the life of me recall which one. Can anyone help? A wipe or factory reset is not in my future.

  50. Can’t get rid of drive mode screen which popped up randomly. Drive mode is turned off, but can’t access other apps. Won’t clear.

  51. When I open an attachment from any e-mail (pdf, excel, word, note), I can not close it anymore (no options), so if I go back to home-screen and try to open E-mail again, the same attachment is still there frozen. I must reboot my Note 4 in order to check the other messages. Any solution for this ?

  52. My Samsung note 4 phone is one week old and overheated and now won’t turn on. What happened? Do I have a defective phone?

  53. My wife’s Sprint Galaxy Note 4 has severe static over a bluetooth headset. We’ve tried several Plantronics Voyager Pro and Pro HD headsets. They all sound good on my Galaxy Mega, but all have a lot of static on her Note 4. I know, I know…I should ave the Note 4 for me, but that’s another issue. Any help on the static issue would be greatly appreciated.

  54. At starting up my phone, pop up show setting has stop? This happen only after I did a update yesterday.

  55. I set up a fingerprint screen lock on my Sprint Galaxy Note 4 and now it wont let me change the screen lock back to Swipe only.

  56. None of these helped with my problem. I was playing a game then my phone turned off then on to the logo then off over and over. It is now only turning on to the first logo then off, 5-7 times in a row then just off. I did the basics but still nothing. So if some one could help that would be great.

  57. I am using the Samsung Note 4. After the Lollipop update, I am unable to create albums in Gallery. Every time I try to create an album, I receive this error message: “File name already exists”. I’ve tried many different titles words but I get the same error message. Anyone else have this problem and found a fix for it?

  58. Hi,

    I have been facing the following small issues after updating to Lollipop (SM-N910C).

    1. Incoming call screen – it displays the swipe left or right to accept or reject the call. but the swiping don’t work. It is activated when I touch the answer or reject button. It causes problem while i take the phone from pocket. A single tap rejects or answers the call. How can I get the full swipe back. This might not be a issue which can be resolved since it looks like a bug in the firmware. However, if there is a solution please let me know.
    Note: The same issue is applicable to all Calendar Alerts & Alarms.

    2. Contacts – The link contacts fails. I have linked facebook, linkedin and google+ to my contacts. All my contacts are default saved to gmail. In my kitkat firmware everything worked awesome. In lollipop, after I select manage similar contacts and merge all similar contacts, it works for some days. Then again it gets reset and all contacts are separated. So I have to repeat it over and over again. Another frustrating bug is that though there is an option to make a number as default by tap and hold they have removed option to set as default, which enabled to use which picture to be used as default for the contact photo, which was a great feature I loved. Please let me know if there is a solution or work-around.


  59. I would like to use a custom mp3 for hangout sms notification but can’t find where adroid put the folder/ files.

  60. When my samsung 4 setting for sync is enabled i cannot get calls in on my mobile. Callers get 2 rings and then beeb beeb beeb. Can anyone
    help please? I dont know when it happens only when a mate texts to tell me!

  61. I have a Note 4 I’ve had for about a month now. I came from an Iphone 4S, which is way easier to operate, I’m almost beside myself learning the droid again. One thing it constantly does is not put my text messages in order. When someone messages me, I answer, my answers go above theres and they don’t get them? It’s always on my end, when I send mine, they all stack above the person’s that is texting me? Is there a way to correct it? I have to wait a full minute to answer back to get it to put them in order.

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