Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We have the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 4 user guide. All problems, questions, tutorials, troubleshooting guides and solutions will be added here each week. If you own a Note 4, I suggest you bookmark this page to make it easier to find in case you’ll encounter problems in the future.

85 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4”

  1. I only been having this phone less than 2 weeks and been having problems with it since I got it freezing up

  2. Dear Sir. my Glaxy Note 4 last the networking signals and I changed Sim several times but unfortunately there is no Signals then I restore my phone after that it is not working and here is Sin inserted but say insert Sim . What to do Please guide me.

  3. I’m getting the same ‘Loading messages’ issue as Bernard Jones Dec23 and Paul Wright Jan17 On my Note4.
    Locks up when trying to ReplyTo an email.
    Any solutions yet?

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