How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Call Related Issues

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting series that aims to resolve the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Call related issues. Do you own this device and are having problems with it especially in making a call? You have come to the right place as we will be discussing four issues of this nature and provide the necessary troubleshooting steps needed to fix the problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Note 4 Automatically Calls Last Person Called

Problem: My phone automatically calls the last person I spoke to after I hang up and set the phone down. This happens over 50% of the time. I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 two weeks ago. I have tried a factory reboot and I am now on my second phone. Both phones have the problem so I’m hoping it’s a setting. People are getting annoyed with me. Help!

Solution: Several other people are have also experienced this same issue and from different phone models as well. This makes it possible that it could be a bug in the phone software. If your phone is still running on KitKat then try to get the latest software update as this issue seems to be addressed already with the new software.

You should also check if the problem may be caused by a third party app installed in your phone by starting it in Safe Mode.

  • Turn the device off.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume down key.
  • Release the Power key when the Samsung logo appears but continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  • Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Release the Volume down key when you see Safe Mode.

Note 4 Call Cannot Be Heard For A Minute

Problem: When I make or receive a call, the other person can’t hear me after about a minute. I have to turn speaker on and off for them to be able to hear me for another minute or so. A headset work fine with no problems. Recording video has no audio issues, so I know it’s not the microphone. I tried a soft reset and a hard reset with no improvement. I’ve turned WiFi calling on and off with no change. Thanks for your time.

Solution: Try to check first if the problem is network related by placing a call in a different area. If you have another SIM then try using it as well and check if the call issue still occurs.

You should also check for any new software updates available for your device. If this issue is caused by a software bug then the latest update may resolve this.

Note 4 Call Cannot Be Heard

Problem: When on a call I can hear the person I am speaking with bet they can’t hear. Always in a good zone where the phone has worked before. Random occurrences where caller can’t hear me for a few minutes straight.

Solution: Try checking the microphone of your phone if it is functioning normally by recording a voice message using the voice recorder app. If you can hear your voice during playback then proceed with the following steps listed below.

Try to wipe the cache partition of your phone first then check if the issue still occurs.

  • Turn the device off.
  • Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time Volume Up key, Home key, Power key.
  • When the phone vibrates, release the Power and Home key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key.
  • Continue holding the Volume Up key until the Android System Recovery menu displays and then release. This step may take several seconds.
  • Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  • Press the Power key to select.
  • When the wipe cache partition is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  • Press the Power key to restart the device.

If the problem still persists then backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

  • Turn off the phone. If the phone will not turn off, remove and re-insert the battery.
  • Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time, Volume Up key, Home key, Power key.
  • When the phone vibrates, release the Power and Home key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up keys.
  • Press the Volume down key several times key to highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  • Press Power button to select.
  • Press the Volume down key until ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted.
  • Press Power button to select and start the master reset.
  • When the master reset is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  • Press the Power key to restart the device

Note 4 Cannot Make A Call

Problem: Since a couple of weeks my phone has been giving me troubles when I try to make a call. When I tap the dial button, it doesn’t dial, it just shows “”call ended”” on the top right corner of the screen. I have tried rebooting it twice (factory set up) and the problem is still there. Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you. Best regards

Solution: You should check if this is a network related issue first by placing a call in a different area. It’s also a good idea to call your carrier regarding this issue and inquire if there are any network issues. You should also have then check your account as this may also be an account related problem.

If the network and your account does not have a problem and you already did a factory reset then this may already be a hardware related problem. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

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  1. please tell me the solution .
    not coming any call in my note 4 and not going any call .
    i reset my mobile
    i flash my mobile
    i change battery .
    now what i will do?

  2. HELP! When I’m talking on the phone and someone else “beeps” in…….I do not get the beep.

  3. Can you please help me, i have note 4 and I’m facing an issue i can make outgoing calls most of time the dailing… Screen returns to keypad and the call is not recored in the call logs but some times randomly ot allows to make call seamlessly.

  4. Hi! The reciver didn’t heat me on NOTE 4. What a app is probaly? What causes the problem? The problem is eneded, whwn is make factory reset?

  5. With the directions above regarding the auto-redialing. What do we do once in Safe Mode?

  6. I read the above comments for the auto re-dialing. My Note 3 did it, I got a Note 4 in May and it does it too. However, my phone redials and random dials after texts as well as phone calls. I have had a factory reset done, it still does it. My software is up to date according to my phone. This is really embarrassing and needs to be fixed!

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