Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Troubleshooting


Welcome to our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 troubleshooting page! We will list down every tutorial, problem, error and solution here and it will be updated every week so that it will be easier for you to fix your problems and/or make the most of your device. So, bookmark this page now so that you can easily find it in case you need help with your new smartphone.

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  1. I’m having trouble installing oculus on note 5 VR GEAR as every one have note 5 . it not downloading the Gear VR oculus app I tried every think online that all costumer and tech said. and the other thing is when u go to the oculus home it redirect you to facebook nd went let you in the website ??????

  2. hello sir i have note 5 n920t and im facing some problems first when i try to open private mode it says failed to open private mode and im not getting any update for nougat and i always face this msg that sending software error failed need help.thanks

  3. white box pop up states “music keeps stopping”, has an X to close app, nothing closes when I hit the X and not sure what app it means

  4. Message in box states “Music keeps stopping”, it has a X to close app, but nothing closes and not sure what app needs to be closed

  5. I’m suddenly unable to copy music from my computer to my Galaxy Note 5. When I try, I get a message that my Note 5 is not responding or is disconnected, when it is firmly connected to USB. The computer recognizes the Note 5 but when the Note 5 is connected it indicates that the file is empty.

  6. Please help. I have a note 5 that was doing a factory reset but stopped before it was done. Now when it gets to reboot it says command failed and the Android is on its side with x’s in its eyes like it is dead.

  7. HELP!! My Screen Zoom is set on large, it does not allow me to adjust.
    The writing and icons on my home pages/screens is enlarged. How do I resolve this issue.


  8. My note 5 has problem that my finger censor is active but if I swipe screen it opens without asking for code or censor.

  9. Voicemail isnt working tells me mailbix is full . I deleted all voicemails so its not full. People cant leave me messages.

  10. When texting my auto cap first word in sentence does not work and neither does word suggestions. Does not have memory of repeat words. Please help. will not cap the word i.

  11. My husband upgraded his phone and gave me his galaxy note 5 but we cant get past the set up for email.He does not remember his google credentials. Waiting 72 hours fixed nothing it still comes up. We went to tmobile and they had no resolution. What else can we try?

  12. Hello,
    I bought my note 5 on 23/01/2016. On 26/07/2017 I forgot to put my phone on charging at night, in morning as expected I found it fully discharged. I connected it to the fast charger, it charged for a while but then went off again. I put it on my samsung battery pack, it charged for a while but on switching it on it went dead again permanently not showing any sign of charging thereafter. I took the phone to samsung authorised service center on 29th July who said that the phone motherboard is dead and replacement is required. I asked them for data recovery for which they refused saying that the same is not possible. I took my phone back from them. I need your support in recovery of data. The data include pictures of my 2 year old daughter since her birth.

  13. My phone keeps shutting down when I try to screen mirroring on my LG TV. It previously worked fine while doing this.

  14. Hello sir Im niaz I have samsung galaxy note 5
    Phone problem is while playing video or youtube suddenly its mute no voice and not able to play videos
    Then I suppose to restart my phone
    I have tired all the methods like clear all catch files and factory reset but not solve need your help thank you

  15. Help! My Note 5 audio for all apps just stops. I turn the phone off and on and all the audio works fine for awhile. Then it just stops working. It’s driving me crazy. After the phone is on for awhile, the phone doesn’t ring and the alarm clock doesn’t work consistently. It vibrates, but no sound. Help?

    It started several weeks ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled almost everything. I can’t think what makes it do this!

  16. After doing a reset my note 5 takes me through the start up menu and trying to get me to sign into my google account, it is saying that I need to use a account that was previously linked to that phone, which I am its just not letting me go any further on the screen making my phone useless to use

  17. I add a # to update contact list and save. Name doesn’t appear on contact list. I retype the name and #, I then get a message that the contact already exists. Have tried rebooting.

  18. note 5, marshmallow 6.0.1. I have amazon video installed, but it wont display any videos, and is basically not working. able to go into settings, but that’s it.

  19. Hey i need help with my Note 5, all the sensors (Proximity, Barometer, Gyroscope, Light, others) are gone, doesnt work, and its unconfortable being talking by the phone and the screen keeps on in my ear… i have tested trying the thing *#0*#, and they all sensor fails… i have done the reboot thing like a hundred times and it doesnt work… i did factory reset and nothing…one time my note 5 ran out of battery and when i plugged and charged it was working as normal…but at the end of the day no sensors again… im getting crazy and tired of it…pls help..

  20. Does anyone get a pop up when restarting their Note 5’s saying DOWNLOAD SVOICE PROVIDER??? I started getting this after the upgrade to Marshmallow. When I click on download it says my device isn’t compatible. Help, anyone?

  21. Yesterday my Note 5 gave me a message when I tried to unlock it telling me I hadn’t used it for 24 hours, even though I had just used it that morning. It then reset itself and when I try to set it back up it gives me a message saying the phone was on a 72 hour lock. I have looked everywhere and I can find nothing about this 24 hour no-use lock. Does anyone here know anything about this?

  22. I have problem of Push Notifications in my note5. No facebook notifications and also no email notifications. More often it shows not connected. Fixing these problems drom last 5 hours but still not working. Restarted phone several time and unistall apps but still problems.

  23. I am having the following error pop up on my Note 5….This app is causing your device to run slowly. To improve your device’s performace turn off auto open for this app

    10 errors occurred in 1 week

    you are given 2 opts. cancel or uninstall — if you press cancel it just removes the notification if you press uninstall it does nothing.

    This is my 2nd Note 5 – the first one was getting this error as well. Please help me it is driving me crazy!!!! I’ve even done factory reset and nothing is stopping this error.

  24. When I’m streaming music over bluetooth and touch my phone a certain way or have it in my pocket the bluetooth audio will drop out until it moves or whatever is touching it moves.

  25. I’ve currently got 2 issues with my 920c imported to the uk. Randomly a message pops up saying insert SIM card and restart. The second is dropping calls.
    Yes my risk buying a uae device but apparently I now know Samsung don’t offer worldwide support! really??? Supposed to 21st century isn’t it.
    Whilst my Samsung tv is also currently in the repair shop for the second time and the second Samsung tv this has occurred on,it’ll be my last.
    Serious quality control issues are going on in that organisation.

  26. I have google app on note 5….I have installed same on iPad….how do I sync so both calendars reflect same info….I am not phone or iPad savvy….thanks..

  27. My text notification stopped working. There is no sound for incoming text. The volume is up. Also, in settings i can’t get the options for notifications to sound. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks.

  28. I have the note 5 and my apps that I have downloaded either take forever to load or won’t work please help

  29. Hi, my note 5 drains approx 20% battery when switched off for 24H. . . . surely this it not normal???

  30. Can I convert from an international version to a USA version? To better get the most of what my phone can’t do internationally.

  31. Having note 5 .it’s 32GB. when calling to some one or in comming calls,reduce the sound after around one minute automatically. Can anyone please help me to fix this issue. Never reboot or reset settings. No idea how to do that. Thanks. Gayantha

  32. My note five keeps displaying a message saying not charging. The kicker is its not even plugged in . Battery seems fine but the notifications are very annoying.

  33. My mom and I both got this phone the same day. Mine works fine. Hers does not. The phone will not automatically sleep while it is charging. The screen will dim, but not fully shut off. Also her cell stand by drains a huge part of her battery and mine does not. Please tell me how to fix this. This is the second phone we have received with the same problems for her. Thanks!

  34. My husband and I have the same problem (we both have Galaxy Note 5s), after a few minutes of talking, it is like the phone auto mutes itself. I’ve experienced this problem both while holding the phone to my ear as well as when it is connected through my car’s blue tooth. I haven’t had the patience to see if the person I’m speaking with can hear me after a minute. I just hang up and call back. But this phone auto muting itself is extremely annoying.

  35. I’m on my second note 5 and third factory reset. Every time I talk on my phone, after three or four minutes the person I am speaking with can no longer hear my voice. It lasts up to a minute then they can hear me again. Is there a setting I am missing?

  36. Need help. my profile picture did not show up in SMS conversation. please share how to solve this if ever anyone experienced this already.

  37. My galaxy note 5 bought day before yesterday. When I am pressing fingerprint button the phone is being switched off ! Can I get solution

  38. My note 5 has a problem. Rebooted my phone last night and not the camera doesn’t work , throws up a warning saying camera can not connect
    Answers anyone ?

  39. more often than not, it freezes whenever I use it. it drops calls, I cant text, I cant make calls, it jumps from screen to screen without me even touching it. I just got it in May and its acting like its years old. Im so frustrated, I wanna hurl it across the room.

  40. I purchased a note 5 checked the esn number was good but didn’t know that I needed the original email and password to be able to activate the phone so now after verizon tried to activate it they need that info and the person I bought it from will not answer my calls so now my question is what do I do am i out my money or is there someone out there that can get into it to fix it?

  41. I just got the Note 5 64GB model and noticed when it was activated over the phone every time I made a call the phone would jump from 4G With 4 bars to 1x with 4 bars. I did a factory reset and that fixed it but now I noticed today 3 separate times I had 3-4 bars but the 4G icon was grayed out and I had no mobile data. I had the restart the phone for it to work. (Putting in airplane mode and back out didn’t work)

  42. Note 5 sometimes freezes while unlocking.

    Recently bought note 5 – 64gb and it freeze for few second when i press
    the home button (fingerprint) . Its irritating especially when you need
    to use the phone urgently. Wonder what is the problem. Anyone reset
    factory and its working fine ? Singapore

  43. Have note 5 32gb everything good but it seems it thinks a iPhone and won’t play custom sounds for fb … crazy

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