Galaxy Note 5 mobile data not working after network unlocking, MMS not working

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Problem 1: Galaxy Note 5 mobile data not working after network unlocking

My service provider is Globe. After finishing my contract, they provided me unlocking code for my phone and the unlocking was successful but with the new service provider (Smart), I can only use the call and text features, not the mobile data, since the network mode is somewhat disabled and the signal for the said mobile data does not appear on my phone. I can not access/add also on the APN settings and even reset it to default because it says that Access is restricted for the current user profile.

I have already tried resetting the network setting and even hard reset (Factory Default Reset) it. Since it was a dual sim, I have also tried to interchange it by inserting to sim 1 and sim 2 slot. However, the network mode can only be accessible with my Globe SIM but I want to use my Smart SIM with all the call, text and data features since it was already unlocked. — Gerardo V Manzano

Solution: Hi Gerardo. We understand both Globe and Smart networks are using GSM technology so as long as network unlocking of your device was done correctly, it’s just a matter of inserting the SIM card for network services (SMS, voice calling, mobile data) to work. Exact unlocking procedure is carrier specific so you need to contact Globe again to make sure that your phone was unlocked properly.

We assume that your location (where Smart is operating) has a working mobile data network (either 3G or 4G) so what you need to do now is to have the phone checked by Globe so it can be used with Smart services. Some third party shops may be able to check the network status of your phone and unlock it if necessary but that would incur additional charges. Unlock codes for a network are not free and some third party shops will have to buy them from carriers as well. We strongly suggest that you call Globe again and ensure that they properly unlock your phone this time.

To be on the safe side, be sure to also contact Smart and ask them if there is working mobile data network where you’re located. If you’ve already checked that before contacting us, you must then ensure that your Note 5 is set up correctly by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap Connections.
  3. Tap SIM card manager.
  4. Under Preferred SIM card section, be sure to select the right SIM card for each service, especially for Mobile data.

Keep in mind that in some devices, doing a factory reset will relock the phone to its original network. Depending on the type of software and code you have, you may be able to use the same unlock code again after a factory reset. Be sure to talk to Globe about it.

Problem 2: Galaxy Note 5 mobile data not working, MMS won’t send

Hello. this is my third time trying to reach you because the button to send the form did not work the first time so I put all the information back and tried to leave it as a reply and it told me some error code with my email address that it looked like spam and to go back but when I went back my information was gone. So here’s the problem.

I bought a used Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from an Amazon retailer. It looked great it has all the apps that I love and I wanted to keep the phone so bad but when I left the house I never could get the internet to work. I had already customized it for 2 weeks before switching my number to it and it would make calls and send text but no MMS texts and no internet unless I was at home connected to the house WiFi. I sent that phone back and they sent me another one, and I am having the same problem. I am using the bring your own phone program at Walmart using Straight Talk who in their program have SIM cards for several companies and I was told to use AT&T which is what everybody uses around here. So my SIM card is AT&T and they do work with Straight Talk.

On the first phone and on this one I tried putting APN information in and it did not work on the first phone and on this second phone it made the phone worse so I took it out. I don’t get out much since I’m on disability so thought that this phone is working, but I left the house today, and went to the post office to mail something important and went in my Gmail to get the address but it did not work because it said I had no network and mobile data was turned on and the wifi was turned on and Smart Switch was turned on so that it should have switched when we left the house to the network but I never can seem to get it to hook to the network when I leave the house.

I’m thinking since I have had two of these phones and this problem that it must be something in the settings that maybe someone can help me with? I am desperate and really want to keep this phone. I paid $120 and I got $30 back for the weeks of trouble the first phone gave me and I do not want to return this and use my S3 that will only charge on an original Factory charger very slowly because it takes forever to charge and drains quickly. It will not work with cords that are high speed and high-speed wall Chargers adapters attached.

My boyfriend bought a new phone for $100 at Walmart and had no problems at all and we both use the AT&T SIM card and straight talk and when I was in the post office and my internet did not work on the Note 5, his internet did work so I know the signal was fine and the network should have been fine. I don’t know what’s wrong with the phone, I’m getting desperate and very upset with it. I don’t want to spend $100 on a Walmart phone when I could have kept this one which I love, for $120 minus the $30 for all the problems. Please help! You can email me and I’ll check it several times a day and would love to have access to someone who knew more about this than me.

I noticed this phone does have Google settings and I know nothing about those. I know that they can keep you from getting online as well. Please, be my hero and help me get this fixed so I don’t have to buy a crappy phone that is expensive still for me. I can’t afford a brand new Note 5 and I am in love with the phone.

There is one more problem with it that my old first phone did not have witches when I try to send a text that is an MMS text it will not send it it just keeps cycling but never sends and later I get a message that it didn’t send. so I looked online and saw someone with that problem, and they said they need to download Chomp and that would fix it. So I downloaded it and it wouldn’t let me send regular text, only MMS text, so I have to switch back and forth with Messengers now also. Please if you can help me get online outside of the house and get the texting problem fixed, I would be so so so grateful!

Thank you very much, I really hope that this goes through on my third try. Note, when I try to select all of what I have written here in this box I can select it but I cannot copy it and that would be helpful so that I could send the same information to someone else if I don’t hear back from you. Just FYI, thank you very much. — Desiree Harper

Solution: Hi Desiree. Your two issues are related. Basically, what you need going is your internet connection (mobile data) because it’s needed in order for MMS to work. MMS requires cellular data so not having it is the reason why you only get a loading screen when trying to send one.

Compatibility plays a role

Now, the thing with pre-owned devices is that they’re great if they work. They are also relatively affordable compared to a brand new one. However, and this is where the frustrating portion starts for you, is the fact that most of them may be problematic. Your situation is a common problem for those users who happened to purchase an incompatible device. Keep in mind that not all smartphones are universal. In the United States, carriers use two cellular technology — GSM and CDMA. Verizon and Sprint uses CDMA while T-Mobile, AT&T, among others, use GSM. CDMA phones are notoriously tricky to use in other CDMA or GSM networks. Depending on the software of the device, it may or may not work with other networks. GSM phones have a fair chance of working with other networks. However, they need to be properly unlocked before they can be used in a different network. Refer to our suggestion for Gerardo above to give you an idea.

Phone radio must be compatible

Apart from properly unlocking a device so it works in another network, it must also be equipped with the right hardware so it can communicate with the carrier’s system. Carriers transmit information in a set of frequency ranges. If your Note 5 does not have the necessary radio to work with a particular frequency for, say 3G or 4G, it’s mobile data/cellular data won’t work at all.

For more specific information about this topic, be sure to talk to your carrier.

Your account must have an active mobile data service

Assuming your Note 5 has been network unlocked properly and is equipped physically to work with your network, you still need to ensure that your account with AT&T/Straight Talk has an active mobile data subscription. If mobile data is not activated, you must talk to your carrier to activate it.


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