How to fix Galaxy Note5 texting issues: won’t send messages

Hello Android fans! Today’s #GalaxyNote5 troubleshooting article will answer some common texting and connectivity issues. As usual, cases mentioned below are taken from reports sent to us by some of you. The main issue we would like to address in this post is about one user being unable to send text messages. If you have a similar situation, check out our suggestions below.

Problem #1: How to fix Galaxy Note5 texting issues: won’t send messages

Hi. Just signed up with Consumer Cellular (AT&T) with my Samsung Galaxy Note5. After setting up APN with CC support, I am not able to send messages of any type. Error is “Message failed. Would you like to retry?” Contacted support again and verified APN setting, went through power resets, with and without wi-fi, etc., and they gave up. Here are my settings. Name: ccdata APN: ccdata MMSC:, also tried Multimedia message proxy: Multimedia message port: 80 MCC: 310 MNC: 410 APN type: default,mms,agps,supl,fota APN protocol: IPv4 APN roaming protocol: IPv4 Turn APN on/off: APN turned on (with check ib box) All other fields were “Not set”

Solution: Having correct APN won’t necessarily mean SMS will work. Other considerations like account provisioning, Message Center Number, or other carrier-specific information must also be correct in order to allow your device to send and receive.

To check if your phone has the correct Message Center Number, get the correct one from your carrier’s representative and compare it with the one you have, or edit the current one. Here are the steps on how to check the MCN:

  1. Open Samsung Messages app.
  2. Tap More settings at the upper right side (three-dot icon).
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap More settings.
  5. Tap Text messages.
  6. Select Message center.
  7. Compare or edit Message center number.

If changing the MCN won’t fix the issue, continue working with your network operator to identify where the problem lies.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note5 missing mobile networks option under Settings

I purchased a Samsung galaxy Note5 6 in August of 2017. I have been using wi-fi to connect to the internet ever since. Recently, I decided to invest in a Data Plan in anticipation of being out of WiFi range for work. I downloaded the Sugar Mobile App, inserted the sim card, and set up an account. I now need to go to settings-> apps -> and select “mobile networks” to configure and start using my data plan. Except for one thing: “mobile networks” is nowhere to be found on this phone. I reset to factory settings just in case “mobile networks” is still nowhere to be found. Could the “mobile networks” changed to something else? If yes, what, where is it and how do I configure my data plan so that I can access the internet, text and call in non WiFi locations? I don’t know which version of Android is installed on the phone. Thanks.

Solution: Mobile networks option should be under Settings > Connections. If you don’t have Connections under Settings, then your phone’s firmware must be modified or unofficial. Be sure to talk to your network operator so they can assist you further in checking possible incompatibility scenarios. Keep in mind that not all, even if network unlocked, can work work with any network. If your phone’s hardware is not compatible with your network’s frequency bands, you’re out of luck. Try to do some Google research to check what your phone’s specifications are by using the correct phone model.

Problem #3: How to fix Galaxy Note5 no signal issue: won’t detect any network

Hi. I recently bought a refurbished, grade A, Samsung Galaxy Note5.  It came unlocked and I put my Three sim card in it. I initially had a signal and I received a text from three saying they were going to send me call settings and to accept them.  Before I received this the network went down and hasn’t came back. The phone works on wifi but has no signal and I cant use my data. Three checked the imei and it is definitely unlocked and not blocked.  They sent a new sim but that doesn’t work either. They have had me reset the network, manually add the network, reset factory settings, but still nothing. The last person I spoke to sent me the call settings but obviously that didn’t work as I have no signal to receive messages.  The phone definitely recognises my sim as it has a pop up when I take the sim out. Any idea what could be causing this?

Solution: We can’t say for sure what happened there but it’s possible that the phone may have lost its network unlock key. This is the only reason that we can think of in this situation. Most Samsung devices are made for specific carriers and each carrier locks their device so it can only be used in their network. Network unlock is a special code that modifies a phone’s software to allow it to work without this restriction. Nowadays, many GSM phones are offered by carriers as factory unlocked, which means that they can be used with any network the moment it leaves the factory. You still have to meet certain conditions in order for a device to be allowed to work. If your refurbished Note5 was factory unlocked and was in good standing with its previous carrier (not blocked, blacklisted, no remaining balance), then it should be unlocked.

If the device was not originally unlocked when it left the factory, the previous user must make sure to have it unlocked first so that it can be used by the next user in a different network.

There’s no uniform way to unlock phones. To check if the phone is currently unlocked, be sure to talk to the store that sold it to you.

Problem #4: How to fix Galaxy Note5 intermittent data connection issue

Hi there! I’ve had my Samsung galaxy Note5 for two years now and never had any data problems. For the 1st year I was on the UK’s O2 network and for the 2nd year I was on the Vodaphone network. Never had any problems. About a month ago I switched back from Vodafone to O2 and started having intermittent mobile data connection. I am on a O2 pay as you go sim. What is strange, is the fact that at home I have no signal 90% of the time, but at work aprox 40 miles away I don’t have a problem with data signal. I have done everything including full factory reset. I have excellent 4G coverage at home. I personally feel that the problem is traffic related. I stay in a busy urban area but work in a small town. I have also noticed that I do get signal at home sometime during off peak times. Please can you help! Regards.

Solution: Having excellent signal bars or strength does not guarantee good quality service. There may be a problem with your network’s services in your home location. We suggest that you talk to your network operator about the problem so they can advise you on what to do. This type of problem requires assistance from your carrier so don’t hesitate to ask their help. This is clearly not a device problem so there’s very little to nothing that you can do at your level.


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