Galaxy Note5 won’t connect to LTE network, showing “Network unknown” error after phone repair

Not all #GalaxyNote5 issues can be fixed on a user’s level. In this Note5 troubleshooting episode, we answer two cases when to stop looking for solutions and when to start contemplating getting professional help.

Problem #1: Galaxy Note5 won’t connect to LTE network

Ok here is my problem. I have AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that I have had on Straight Talk. I had it working fine for the first 8 months of last year. Then my job took me out of the country for the last eight months. Since they were providing a Sat phone I let the service lapse. This morning I went to try and restart my service online with Straight Talk. I found out my SIM card could not be reactivated. So I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a new sim card kit (same as I had when I originally activated it). I went online and followed the steps to set the service back up. It showed online that it completed the activation and gave me the number. When I went to restart the phone, it would not register with a network. Tried everything, shut off, waited, restarted it. nothing.

Tried clearing the cache, nothing …hard reset nothing…even a reset to factory nothing…so called customer service ..they tried everything nothing..they thought maybe a faulty card…so wanted me to try the T-Mobile card…which resulted in me having to get the network unlock code from AT&T …which I did got it unlocked, still nothing.

Around and around we tried it all and they thought maybe needed to give it more time for the system to get the info out …well six hours later and many power off and on still nothing it recognized the card but no network connection..during my wait i researched everything and tried it all…then remembered another phone i had with straight talk that in order to make the connection had to turn off the LTE. So I went to the settings and turned off the enhanced LTE and enabled the 2G service as well for poor connection…and bingo it registered right up…but now have no LTE service at all. Is there a way to get this fixed now that I have got service? There has to be a way cause sitting right next to me was my sister using her AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 with Straight Talk and blazing service. Please if there is anything you can do it would be greatly appreciated! — Darren Huey

Solution: Hi Darren. Based on the description of the problem above, there really is no issue about your device. The thing is, it is working and should be working normally if it can be registered to Straight Talk’s network properly. The problem apparently lies on the activation of your Note5 so you need to work with Straight Talk about it. Every carrier has its own unique way in registering devices on their network and only Straight Talk can help you with it. Make sure that you call them back and tell them that the device now registers to 2G but nothing else. We don’t work for Straight Talk so we can’t give any specifics on what needs to be done. Perhaps, your new account with them was not set up correctly, or maybe there needs to be changed on your phone’s software, such as the correct LTE configuration, in order for their service to work. Whatever it is, only a Straight Talk representative can help you.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note5 showing “Network unknown” error after phone repair

My Samsung Note 5 doesn’t detect the SIM-related services. In Settings/About device/ Status – network is shown as Unknown. Upon dialing a number message pops up saying “Network unknown” or not registered. Cant make or receive calls.

All Apps are working via Wifi and Music playing and everything is fine. Given to local repair shop, they tried everything to load the firmware. but it didn’t work. finally they closed the case by saying the main board has to be replaced. Didn’t try that. — Rex

Solution: Hi Rex. If your Note 5 was connecting to your network and did not have this network problem before you sent it to a shop, its firmware must had been tampered with. This means that the technician who tried to fix your problem may have attempted to flash the software incorrect firmware build, or deleted some network-critical information from the phone. Sometimes, ill-advised technicians may try to replace or modify contents in the EFS folder and in doing so, permanently bricking the device. We suggest that you get a second opinion from another shop or Android expert so its firmware can be checked.

If you previously sent your device to be repaired due to a hardware malfunction, it’s also possible that the issue has become unfixable, that’s why the technician recommended a motherboard replacement. Whatever the case, it’s for you to decide. We have no way of knowing what’s going on. We lacked a lot of necessary information from your system to help us tell you more specifically where the problem lies so let someone who can physically check the device do it for you.

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