WhatsApp Microphone Not Working

WhatsApp Microphone Not Working During Video Calls

This post will outline the solutions you can do about the WhatsApp microphone not working during video calls, as reported by some users. Such a problem can be due to a pretty minor issue with the app or the firmware, or it can also be a sign or a more serious hardware-related issue.  If it’s

Camera Not Working On WhatsApp

Camera Not Working On WhatsApp Messenger During Video Calls

Many users have been complaining because of the Camera not working on WhatsApp Messenger during their video conferences or calls. According to them, other users can hear them just fine but they can’t see them. While the calls continue, we always want everything to work properly, especially if there’s an important agenda being talked about

WhatsApp Group Chat Invite Links Are Being Indexed by Google

A report has revealed how Google has indexed WhatsApp group invite links that were not meant to be shared, raising concerns about user privacy. It is said that around 470,000 group invitation links were exposed due to the indexing. Facebook had received a complaint about Google indexing chat URLs a few months ago, but the


WhatsApp Update Making it Easier To Avoid Being Added to Groups

It seems like WhatsApp is getting some of the privacy features from Facebook. The instant messaging app has just been updated with a feature that gives you more control over who can add you to groups. You can choose “Everyone”, “My contacts”, or “My contacts except” which lets you individually select people from within your

5 Best Android Messaging Apps In 2020

The best android messaging app stock on many smartphones just aren’t up to par sometimes. With Samsung phones, often the messaging app will error out and put you in a continuous loop of errors, unable to receive or read your text messages. LG has had this problem before as well, and some phones just don’t

How to remove WhatsApp malware from your Android device

Some Android users have gotten the WhatsApp malware and are now dealing with advertisements that pop up when they open the app. Online reports suggest that around 25 million Android phones are infected with various kinds of malware that often serve up adverts. But we don’t know what those hackers can do to your device

WhatsApp keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

When a popular app like WhatsApp keeps crashing on a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you can almost assume that it’s a software-related problem. At least, that’s the case with similar issues we’ve encountered in the past. But the thing is, this problem can be fixed easily provided it’s not an issue