Future WhatsApp Update Could Allow One Account to Be Used on Multiple Devices

  • A new beta version of WhatsApp has seemingly uncovered support for using one account on multiple devices.
  • Contacts of users will reportedly be notified that their account is being used on multiple devices and that their encryption code has changed, a practice that currently exists on WhatsApp.
  • There’s no ETA for this feature yet, but WhatsApp is said to be prioritizing the development of this feature with constant updates, indicating that it may not be far away.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has plenty of features that make connecting with your family and friends easier. But one feature that’s lacking on the app is multi-device functionality. This means users are only allowed to have a WhatsApp account on one device.

As per a new WhatsApp version uncovered by WABetaInfo, the aforementioned problem will be rectified by allowing a single user/phone number to have WhatsApp apps on multiple devices, though it’s not known if there will be a limit on the number of devices you can be signed into at a time. Perhaps this will also pave the way for a tablet version of WhatsApp.

The source also mentions that the WhatsApp development team has made this particular feature a priority, suggesting that users may see this feature over the coming months. Upon activation on more than one device, it is said that contacts will get notified that your WhatsApp is being used on multiple devices and that the encryption key has changed.

The beta also shows that self-destructing messages are now known as “Expiring messages”, which is a subtle change that users will get used to fairly quickly. While several instant messaging applications (including Facebook Messenger) allow the use of one account on multiple devices, WhatsApp has been somewhat late to the party.

This is primarily because every account requires a phone number, while most other apps don’t have this requirement, though it’s an option. Anyway, the feature is seemingly on its way, and it’s certainly going to be a great addition to the app.

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Source: WABetaInfo

Via: Android Central

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