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Best Tablets for College Students

Thanks to its Retina Display and powerful processor, the iPad Pro 12.9 is one of the best tablets for college students right now. Apple has also worked extensively on the latest iteration of iPadOS to accommodate the new iPad Pro’s hardware features. Any student will need to consider factors like display size, accessories, and in

21 Best Portable Solar Charger For Camping in 2020

Given the sheer number of competitors available in the market, it’s usually hard to pick one. But based on expert reviews and onboard features, we highly recommend the Anker 21W PowerPort Solar Charger. It covers all the bases and makes very little compromises, making it one of the best in the business. With this in

WF 7710 vs 7720

Difference Between Epson Workforce WF 7710 vs 7720 Printer

Their names are similar, and they even look the same. So which one is really better, wf 7710 vs 7720? The Epson WF 7720 comes with a larger paper-sheet capacity, consisting of 500 sheets as compared to 250 sheets on the WF 7710. This aspect makes the WF 7720 the clear winner. Getting a personal

Amazfit GTS vs Verge

Amazfit GTS vs Verge Which Should You Get?

While both smartwatches come with features to envy a large bulk of the competition, the Amazfit Verge, despite its smaller display panel, appears to be the option. This is thanks to the inclusion of GLONASS as well as Amazon Alexa, features that are lacking on the Amazfit GTS. Smartwatches weren’t as popular a few years

Amazfit GTR vs Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTR vs GTS Which Smartwatch Is Better

If you’re torn between the Amazfit GTR and the Amazfit GTS, it can help to know that the GTR has better battery life whereas the Amazfit GTS comes with additional features like GPS and on-screen widgets. The Amazfit GTR is also available in two size variants, unlike the GTS. Amazfit is a company owned by

Best Mesh WiFi System

Eero vs Google Nest Best Mesh WiFi System in 2020

In terms of range as well as performance, it goes without saying that Google Nest Mesh WiFi system is the better of the two. Google Nest WiFi users also have the advantage of having each Nest Wifi Points or satellites act as a smart speaker. So the choice is fairly simple. Eero and Google Nest

Bluetooth Speaker for Home Gyms

9 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Home Gyms in 2020

Working out from home is an excellent option to make sure you get all the benefits of a gym without leaving your personal space. We know that every gym requires a speaker system so that you can stay motivated while lifting weights or casually exercising. But instead of investing in elaborate and expensive speaker systems,

Bluetooth Speaker for Gardening

10 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Gardening in 2020

Gardening is one of the most peaceful tasks you can undertake. However, gardening in your yard becomes a necessity if you have too much lawn or other plants. In any case, there’s no denying that gardening is one of the most extensive processes you can undertake at home, and there are several ways to make

Bluetooth Speaker for Garage

12 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Garage in 2020

When you’re at home working in your garage for long intervals, music can be a helpful tool. While it’s possible to get headphones for the purpose, it’s quite crucial to be aware of your environment too. This is why something like a Bluetooth speaker is extremely handy. Bluetooth speakers are available in abundance today, and

Moto G8 vs G7

Moto G8 vs G7 Best Cheap Phone in 2020

There are plenty of mid-range offerings available in the market today, and popular among them are the Moto G7 and the Moto G8 which you may have seen on multiple online platforms already. But given that both are mid-range offerings, there’s a fair bit of confusion among the customers as to which one offers better

LG Velvet

LG Velvet Release Date, News, and Rumors

The LG Velvet has been officially teased by the company already. However, the phone is yet to reach the markets. This also marks a huge shift for the company as it has failed to build any traction in the market with its high-end or mid-range devices. The LG Velvet is the company’s way of trying

OnePlus Z

OnePlus Z Release Date, News, and Rumors

A couple of years ago, OnePlus released its mid-range handset, the OnePlus X in some markets. While the phone didn’t take off as expected, the company is apparently looking to bring a successor to the device. Known as the OnePlus Z, this smartphone has been in the rumor mill for quite some time now. Today,

Poco F1

Pocophone Poco F2 Release Date, News, and Rumors

The Poco F2 by Pocophone is expected to succeed the Poco F1 from last year. Although quite limited to its markets, the F1 has seen a wide reach in and around Asia. Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and is only available in a handful of regions in the world. While the Poco F1 was

Huawei Mate 40

Huawei Mate 40 Release Date, News, and Rumors

The Huawei Mate flagship of the year usually builds up quite a bit of excitement and anticipation from tech fans. This year will not be different as the company is gearing up to release the successor 2019’s Mate 30. Considering Huawei’s consistent naming strategy, it’s likely that the flagship this year will be known as

Nokia 10

Nokia 10 Release Date, News, and Rumors

While Nokia was absent from the mobile industry for a few years, the company is back under HMD Global’s backing. We have seen multiple mid-range and high-end flagships launching since Nokia’s big comeback, and we’re going to talk about one of Nokia’s future flagships that could break cover anytime soon. This phone is expected to

Pixel 4

Google Pixel 5 Release Date, News, and Rumors

The Google Pixel 4 is one of the best Android phones you can buy today, particularly if you’re in the market for a high-end flagship with no compromises on the hardware or software front. However, the phone is over 6 months old now, which basically means the countdown for a successor has already started. It

Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, News, and Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to get a successor later this year. Rumors have so far pitched the name Galaxy Note 10, keeping in mind the version jump Samsung made from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20 earlier in 2020. The phone is expected to be announced in Q3 of 2020 and

Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Release Date, News, and Rumors

Samsung unveiled the sixth iteration of the Galaxy Tab S series in 2019 under the Galaxy Tab S6 moniker. The tablet continues to be one of the best Android tablets available in the market thanks to its combination of excellent hardware and notebook-style usability. However, it’s no secret at this point that Samsung’s tablet lineup

Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date, News, and Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy S20 only recently broke cover in the markets. The smartphone was launched in three variants, including a Plus (+) and Ultra variant with the latter having the best hardware among all. The company’s core smartphones have launched at somewhat predictable times. Keeping this in mind, there are rumors circulating about the features