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WhatsApp video calling support now official

#WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps. While it has some of the features that most new IM apps have, WhatsApp has been somewhat lacking. It took a while for the service to bring features like end-to-end encryption, document sharing, and voice calling. The Facebook-owned app is now enabling support for


WhatsApp testing its own version of Snapchat’s ‘Story’

According to a new leak, Snapchat’s popular “Story” feature could be making its way to #WhatsApp soon. As you are probably aware, the feature has already been blatantly ripped off by #Facebook (on its own platform recently and Instagram previously). Since Facebook owns WhatsApp as well, it’s understandable why it would want to bring this feature


WhatsApp to share phone numbers with Facebook for targeted ads

#WhatsApp has made some big changes to its privacy policies, which includes the mention of WhatsApp Web, desktop clients and much more. The one that caught our attention, however, is the mention of sharing user phone numbers with #Facebook. Just so that you’re not alarmed, WhatsApp has made it very clear that this will be

Galaxy S7 camera features not working with Whatsapp, other issues

We bring you four more #GalaxyS7 issues today. As always, we hope that the solutions provided here can help users who contacted us as well as those with similar problems. Don’t forget to follow previously published S7 and S7 edge articles as well. Below are specific topics discussed in this material: Galaxy S7 GPS not

WhatsApp now has its very own desktop app for Windows and Mac

One of the world’s most popular IM clients, #WhatsApp, is now available as a standalone application for Windows and Mac machines. Previously, users were limited to using WhatsApp on the browser via WhatsApp Web, but this new addition makes it more convenient for users to communicate with one other on their computers. The app is


You can now have up to 256 contacts on a WhatsApp group

Well, if you’re on #WhatsApp and have been rather unhappy with the limit of 100 people per group conversation, the company has heard your concerns. A new update has found that WhatsApp has increased the group limit to 256 members instead. Now most users of WhatsApp (myself included) might not really benefit from this, but


WhatsApp ditches the $1 subscription fee, now completely free

#WhatsApp has now announced that it will be available completely for free, doing away with the $1 subscription fee that was previously available. WhatsApp had a system in place where the users would receive the first year of usage for free and then the customers would be asked to pay $1 to continue using the

Galaxy Note 5 WhatsApp messages not coming through, plus other app problems

Apps are the lifeblood of today’s smartphones and it’s almost impossible to imagine owning a powerful #GalaxyNote5 without them. Although the Note 5 is undoubtedly an amazing device hardware-wise, it also suffers from perennial app problems. If you’ve been using Android phones for a few years now, you may have encountered app problems sporadically. That’s

WhatsApp gaining video calling support soon?

According to a new leak, the world’s most popular IM client #WhatsApp might be looking to add video calling to its repertoire soon. A couple of screenshots have leaked out in the internet showing how it would look. However, this appears to be limited to iOS for the time being, but needless to say, an Android version


You can now report users as spam on WhatsApp

An update to the WhatsApp application now lets you report customers as spam. This comes as WhatsApp networks are now used by companies for promotional purposes and to keep customers informed about new features and services. In WhatsApp version 2.12.12 or higher, users will start seeing a “Report spam and block” option for messages arriving from new numbers. You

WhatsApp - Facebook

Facebook slowly starting to integrate WhatsApp with its mobile app

People have been wondering what Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp would lead to. Up until now, we’ve seen the two social networks function independently, but that seems to be changing if leaked screenshots of the Facebook mobile app are anything to go by. Although the feature hasn’t made its way to the recent beta yet, it is