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MetroPCS: When Being Fifth In Line Ain’t So Bad

The title of this post may strike most of you as rather odd. Why would one give a tech post such a name? The answer is simple enough. Do you know what company is the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network behind Verizon Wireless, AT$T, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile USA? The answer boys and girls is

Verizon Introduces a Social Gaming Platform For Android Phones

It was recently revealed that US mobile telecommunications network Verizon will launch a social gaming software built into the smartphones that they sell. The platform that the portal will be running on is the ever popular Playphone. The question that comes to mind when you find out about this is why didn’t Google think about

Android Malware that Targets Activists’ Phones

Everyone probably knows what a Malware is. For those that do not have an idea just like I was a couple of weeks ago a malware is a malicious software that is used to disrupt operating systems and collect information or gain access to private computer systems. One can call it a ninja in your

How Smartphone and Implants Can Save Your Life In

How many of the people out there have heard of a case where a person had a heart attack and no one knew what was going on? There must be thousands. All that is about to change thanks to the gadget in your pocket. Yes, I’m talking about your smartphone. You must probably be all

Bye Facebook, Start Getting Real Face-Time

Isn’t it annoying when you are trying to talk to someone but they have their face planted on a smartphone, or when you’re on a date but your date stops the conversation after every ten minutes to tweet about your hilarious joke. All that is highly frustrating and it takes a special kind of patience

The Secrets Behind Android Freeze Hack

Regardless of how shocking that sounds, it is the ultimate truth. By simply freezing your Android device, it is now possible to unblock it! This kind of information might not seem that much enticing to the ears of an ordinary user but trust me, hackers are having something to smile about. The authorities also have

Gaming: Unicorn Apocalypse Now a Real Game

The Unicorn Apocalypse game is now available to Android users in Google play store. Earlier on the game had featured in an Ad and people did not think that there was any possibility of creating a game out of the advertisement. Nevertheless the game is now freely available; it can be downloaded and installed in

Rumor: Google and Motorola Team Up for Motorola X-Phone

What’s heating up in the rumor mill is that Google is planning to collaborate with Motorola to release the Motorola X-phone. As it stands now it is only a mere rumor and we cannot read much into it. The source of the leak is not accredited hence cannot be fully trusted. As this rumor take

Neo N003: Cheapest Full HD 5″ Android Smartphone

Technology has its own side-kick. In most of the cases, awesome technological discoveries always demand some hefty payouts. This is the only limiting factor which separates doers from the followers. What if you can find a device which can meet all the ends? A device which is both cheap and has all the wowing features

Could HTC One Become the Best Smartphone?

HTC One is one beautiful device.  When HTC announced it in Barcelona last month, many were surprised that the phone surpassed their expectation.  The phone has a beautiful aluminum body and is the first smartphone to come with an ultrapixels camera.  The fight for the tag of the best smartphone in the market, especially in

Does ObamaCare let FDA Tax Smartphones, Tablets and Apps?

Everyone remembers how Obama fought for the healthcare reforms back in 2011.  The nation stood behind him as he battled with the House of Representatives to ensure that people got they healthcare needed to sustain a generation and hopefully earn him another term. Well, he surely got the second term and everyone was happy about

Smartphone Battle of the Year: Samsung Galaxy SIV Vs HTC One

Before 2012, the smartphone market was not a front for battle for most hardware manufacturers.  This is because most manufacturers made devices targeting specific user groups rather than a portion of the market.  However, the battle for high end smartphone market and the best smartphone tag’ heated up in 2012, and it’s getting even more

Brewing War: Top Samsung and Apple Nightmares

With the entire current rave about the Galaxy S4 this year, the S3 and the iPhone 5 last year people almost forgot that there are quite a number of smartphone manufacturers in the world. Unfortunately, the fact that we live in a world where people would rather buy brand as oppose to quality is probably

Why American Airlines Picked Samsung Tablets Over iPads

The war of Samsung Vs Apple did not end when Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California Court awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages over patent infringement.  The market is the most potent battleground – especially the US market.  Samsung has already won the global market when it comes to tablets and

Apple and Smartphones Conspire to Down Sony

Everyone in the USA must have at one point or another made use of a Sony product. Be it the cameras, televisions, smartphones, or even just downloaded a song distributed by their record label. All these are some of the things that make Sony the entertainment giant it is. To think that the company that

Beta ROM allows HTC One Droid DNA to Sample Sense 5

What sets smartphones apart from one another heavily relies on their manufacturers and some of their distinguishing features. Their operating systems, user interface and their design outlook are some of the features which make these devices standout. The news that the HTC One Droid DNA Smartphone will taste the Sense 5 technology could not come

Verizon HTC One to Hit the Stores Sooner than Expected

The Verizon HTC One is expected to be made available in stores in the next 3-4 months. The news comes only after it was announced that the HTC One Smartphone will be released to the American users on the 22nd of March this year. HTC One is scheduled to take over the HTC One X

HiddenApps: Best Way to Hide Apps in iOS

The dynamism in the Techworld is astonishing. It looks as if the technocrats are not getting any much sleep. They keep supplying us with astounding technology which as mere consumers we can only look at them bewildered. The telephony industry is not lagging behind in itself. Everyday something new is discovered and supplied to the