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Samsung Galaxy S10e keeps showing “Gmail has stopped” error

Some owners of the Galaxy S10e have been complaining about the error “Unfortunately, Gmail has stopped” that reportedly pops up when the email client is launched. The error basically means that the app has crashed for some reason. Most of the time it’s just a minor issue with the app itself but then there’s also

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10e that keeps losing signal

When a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10e keeps losing signal regardless whether it’s cellular or WiFi, you can almost expect it to be an issue with the firmware. However, there are times when this problem is a sign of a hardware issue. In other words, there’s no way for you to know what

Nova Launcher keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus have been complaining because Nova Launcher keeps crashing on their phones. Some reported to be getting the error message “Unfortunately, Nova Launcher has stopped” when they touch the Home key while others said their devices would just freeze for a few seconds and show the default Home

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus touchscreen is not working

When your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus touchscreen is not working anymore, it could be a sign of a firmware problem or it points to a hardware issue being the cause. But the thing is, when it’s a hardware problem, more often, you can see some signs of traces of physical damage and since we’re talking

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows the “Phone has stopped” error

The error message “Unfortunately, Phone has stopped” means that the default phone app in your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has crashed for some reason. Most of the time it’s just due to a minor problem with the app but there are also times when it’s just a sign of a more serious firmware issue considering

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A10 that turned off and not responding

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is an entry-level device but it has some competitive hardware specs plus the fact that it runs Android 9 Pie out of the box. Compared to its competitors, you can easily distinguish its advantage. However, some owners of this device complained because it reportedly turned off by itself and not responding

How to fix No SIM card error on your Nokia 7 (easy steps)

A No SIM card error in mobile devices is usually associated with software problems if not due to a faulty SIM card or hardware damage like damaged SIM card tray and relevant components on the device. This can happen to both old and new devices regardless of brand and operating system. In this context, I