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How to fix Samsung Galaxy Watch that won’t update

The Samsung Galaxy Watch should properly be updated once Samsung rolls out firmware updates. I cannot stress enough how important those updates are that’s why it’s recommended to get the firmware updated as soon as the new version becomes available. There are however users who complained that their watches won’t download or install the new

Galaxy S5 has bootloop issue after OTA update fails, among other issues

Hi everyone! Our post today provides solutions to the common problems like bootloop, random reboot, OTA update, screen failure, and connection issues that some #GalaxyS5 users are experiencing. We’re hoping that this article can give light to some of these questions. For more troubleshooting regarding the S5 device, don’t forget to visit this page. Galaxy S5

Galaxy S6 fails to boot normally after a failed update, other issues

As you may have already known, updates can sometimes cause problems instead instead of fixing some. That’s because there’s simply too many variables that developers cannot deal all at once. The interplay of operating system and apps can sometimes lead to conflicts that developers may not have anticipated. We hope that this post can help those looking

Galaxy S6 S Voice app not working properly, other issues

It’s been a week since the new #GalaxyS7 was released. We know a lot of Samsung fans are considering of maybe switching to the latest flagship so let’s say how that goes in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are some of the #GalaxyS6 issues we’ve received from members of our community. We hope

Android Marshmallow update bricks a Galaxy Note 5, other issues

More and more Samsung Galaxy devices, including the #GalaxyNote5, are receiving the Marshmallow update. Although the majority of users generally find the new Android OS fun and exciting, some are also encountering issues. Some of these issues are mentioned in this post. Galaxy Note 5 not receiving all MMS from iPhones Galaxy Note 5 won’t