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The Division 2 players may occasionally encounter update issues. If you are currently facing an update issue yourself right now, check out this guide so you’ll know what to do.

Update problems is one of the easiest issues in this game and in fact, majority of the time, a player simply needs to wait. This is because the bulk of update issues for The Division 2 are server-related. If you were able to play the game recently and you did nothing to change the settings in your PC or console, there may just be a temporary server glitch.

What are the reasons for The Division 2 update errors and issues?

There’s a number of possible reasons why The Division 2 may not update or keeps returning an error during an update. Let’s discuss each of these causes briefly.

Server problems.

If you’re having trouble installing updates for The Division 2, or if you’re getting an error when updating, it’s possible that there may be a server issue behind it. Make sure that you take note of the error message or code and do a quick Google search for that specific error.

Sometimes, game servers may suffer from overcapacity issues. This happens when the servers are not capable of uploading updates to consoles and computers at the same time. If this is the case, you can wait for a later time to update the game. This type of issue disappears once the servers can cope with the number of systems downloading the update at the same time.

Corrupted game files.

For some, update issues on The Division 2 game occurs due to a problem with their console’s software. If there’s no on-going server issues but you are having difficulty updating the game, the cause may be unique to your console. 

Depending on the problem, a quick power cycle of your system may or may not fix it. 

In some cases, a full game reinstallation may be required to fix update issues.

Firewall, security software issues (PC).

If you are having update issues on your computer, it may be caused by your firewall or security software. Consider turning off your firewall or antivirus before attempting to re-download the update.

Local network glitches.

In some rare situations, an unresponsive modem or router may be at fault. Make sure that you have no issues with your local network before you try to update your game again.

How to fix The Division 2 update issues?

Below are some of the common solutions that you can try if you encounter issues when trying to update The Division 2.

  1. Check for server issues.

    To know the official status of The Division 2 servers, you can visit the official Ubisoft website.
    If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow their official Twitter page to know of real-time server issues and updates.ubisoft server status

  2. Clear system cache of your console.

    If you’re on the PS4 or Xbox One, one of the effective but simple troubleshooting steps when it comes to fixing game issues is by clearing the cache. You can do that by turning off your console, unplugging it from the power outlet for 30 seconds, then turning the console back on.
    Install software updates.
    Whether you’re playing The Division 2 on a console (PS4 or Xbox One) or PC, it’s always good practice if you keep the software environment always up-to-date. Make sure that you manually check for updates for your PS4 or Xbox One if you’re having any issue updating any game.
    If you’re on PC, make sure that your Windows Operating System is running the latest version.How to fix Xbox One slow game or app downloads.

  3. Power cycle your networking equipment.

    If you haven’t refreshed your modem or router, now is the best time to do it. To do that, simply turn off your modem or router and unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Then, turn the modem or router back on and try to install The Division 2 update again.back of router cable

  4. Re-install game.

    If you’re positive that there’s no on-going server issues and your internet connection is working fine, then the problem might be coming from corrupted game files. Delete the game from your console or PC and then reinstall it.The Xbox The Division 2 bundle

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